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Meeting between Chen Fu-Hai and Chen Ciou-Syong to Increase Kinmen – Xiamen Agricultural Exchange

Meeting between Chen Fu-Hai and Chen Ciou-Syong to Increase Kinmen – Xiamen Agricultural Exchange
March 20, 2017
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/Xiamen

Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, County Council Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long, and Senior Executive Officer Wong Zih-Bao met with CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary Chen Ciou-Syong yesterday to discuss transportation, medical care, agriculture, and youth entrepreneurship in Kinmen and Xiamen, as well as expand exchange between Kinmen and Xiamen. After the meeting, Magistrate Chen, accompanied by Chen Ciou-Syong and Taiwan Affairs Office personnel, visited the Tong’an youth agricultural entrepreneurship base, where they plant and produce net-covered fruits and vegetables. Both parties believe that Kinmen and Tong’an can conduct agriculture entrepreneurship exchange so that youths in both regions can realize their modern agricultural business dreams.
Magistrate Chen and Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long were part of the Kinmen group, composed of representatives from different fields, who visited China for a religious exchange event. Before their return, Magistrate Chen and Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long met with CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary Chen Ciou-Syong. Magistrate Chen thanked Chen Ciou-Syong for his support and care of Kinmen-Xiamen exchange, and enabling both regions to work together as brothers in providing development for the Kinmen/Xiamen region, and to create prosperity for their respective people. County Senior Executive Officer Wong Zih-Bao, Jincheng Township Mayor Shih Jhao-Min, Jinhu Township Mayor Cai Si-Hu, and Jinning Township Mayor Chen Cheng-Yong also participated in the meeting.
During the meeting, Magistrate Chen and Chen Ciou-Syong exchanged opinions on Kinmen and Xiamen’s transportation, medical care, agriculture, and youth entrepreneurship. The Magistrate and the Deputy Secretary shared similar thoughts, and hoped to implement specific exchange and collaborate on different topics. Magistrate Chen emphasized that Kinmen must first be developed before cross-strait development can be improved! The special medical area planned for Kinmen can serve as an example. Chen Ciou-Syong states that this medical development can bring benefits to people on both shores, especially if transportation between Kinmen and Xiamen is more convenient, which will allow people from both Kinmen and Xiamen to enjoy advanced medical services. Furthermore, healthy living and health care can be integrated into Kinmen’s development of a special medical area so that the island can become a model for healthy living and health care!
After the nearly two hour meeting concluded, Deputy Secretary Chen Ciou-Syong and Taiwan Affairs Office personnel accompanied Magistrate Chen, Senior Executive Officer Wong Zih-Bao, the three mayors, Council Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long, and Council Member Jhou Zih-Jie to Tong’an, through a one-hour drive, to inspect the youth agricultural entrepreneurship base, where they grow net-covered greenhouse fruit and vegetable. This venture was supported and guided by the Xiamen City Government.
This agricultural foundation includes over 200 acres of net-covered fruit and vegetable farmland that is supported and guided by the Xiamen City Government (initiated after last year’s mid-autumn Typhoon Meranti). The area began with youth agricultural entrepreneurship, and currently has 250 net-covered vegetable planting areas. This project is also supported by the Xiamen Agricultural Bureau, and the project produces safe vegetables to supply markets on both shores. Demand has exceeded supply and the project has received good praise.
Magistrate Chen not only visited the Tong’an net-covered fruit/vegetable planting and production base, and saw modern irrigation systems and farming equipment with Chen Ciou-Syong, but also participated in the youth agricultural entrepreneurship exchange seminar. Tong’an youth agricultural entrepreneurship cultivation area will be expanded to 450 net-covered areas by September this year and can produce up to 10 thousand tons of safe fruits and vegetables annually. This will reach the expected total production scale and provide people with safe fruits and vegetables to eat. Chen Ciou-Syong stated that Xiamen is emphasizing ecological and environmentally friendly concepts in its promotion of agricultural development. The Tong’an base does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and irrigation water has been purified before use. By using youth agricultural entrepreneurship from both sides of the strait to drive local farmer employment, each farmer can earn an annual income of about RMB 50 or 60 thousand! Chen Ciou-Syong stated that he sees an agricultural entrepreneur vision where 250 acres will increase to 2,500 acres, and the venture will increase local employment and tax revenue.
Cross-strait youth agricultural entrepreneurship not only can spread advanced agricultural production experience, but can also build an outstanding marketing model. Chen Ciou-Syong indicates that the government will explore the next step in development to create better conditions and examples for agricultural entrepreneurship on both shores. This will allow development to become stronger and provide healthy foods for consumers. At the same time, Chen Ciou-Syong indicated that Kinmen/Xiamen promotion of agricultural collaboration and development has a significant meaning in cross-strait exchange. For Kinmen/Xiamen to develop as a living area, and for the purposes of agricultural development and better protection of consumer rights on both shores, industry exchange between both areas is necessary.
Regarding the question of how youths in both areas can build businesses in Xiamen, Chen Ciou-Syong indicated that there are currently about 1,000 Kinmen and Taiwan youths that have started businesses in Xiamen. These businesses have spread out in the construction, culture and creativity, and service industries. Xiamen welcomes further development, and hopes that more youths, especially Kinmen youths, will come and establish businesses in Xiamen. The objective is for 5,000 youths to start businesses in Xiamen. Chen Ciou-Syong points out that by living and working together, youths on both shores can establish a “one family” bond. For this reason, entrepreneurship and fusion of youths on both sides of the strait is very important.
After visiting and inspecting the Tong’an agricultural production base, Magistrate Chen indicated that Kinmen County is also working hard to promote the production of safe vegetables, which can provide local residents and students with safe and healthy foods. Tong’an is a net-covered vegetable production base that is supported by the Xiamen City Government. This project can serve as an example for development in Kinmen through agricultural and economic exchange.
The National Kinmen Agricultural and Industrial Vocational Senior High School has an agriculture department. Magistrate Chen believed that agricultural students from the vocational high school, and even students from the National Quemoy University, can visit Tong’an and learn about the production of net-covered vegetables. That way, Kinmen students can visit Tong’an and get a feel of the local youth agricultural entrepreneurship environment and conditions. Furthermore, Magistrate Chen hopes that youth entrepreneurial basis can be developed and implemented in the existing policy.
Magistrate Chen indicated that Kinmen will increase agricultural business cooperation with Xiamen, especially between Kinmen and Tong’an business basis. Magistrate Chen emphasized that both shores should become closer in regards to safe vegetables, and share the benefits of safe vegetables. Chen Ciou-Syong stated that youths coming to Xiamen to develop superior agriculture can bring new agricultural production technology and experience to Xiamen, as well as provide environmentally friendly and high quality vegetables to city folks.
Chen Ciou-Syong indicated that it is a very good thing for youths, including those from Kinmen, to build businesses in Xiamen. Businesses can promote youth development on both sides of the strait and provide happier living for the people. Kinmen and Xiamen should strongly support youths to build their businesses and pursue their dreams and make sure they succeed and set an exemplary model. At the same time, Chen Ciou-Syong believed that cross-strait youth business building requires combination of experience and knowledge sharing. This will not only bring youths closer through exchange, but also be beneficial to development on both sides. Thus, exchange should be encouraged and enhanced.
Chen Ciou-Syoug stated that exchange between Kinmen and Xiamen should be more frequent, and Xiamen City is working hard to create conditions for convenient transportation between the two areas. This will allow people outside of Xiamen, such as people from Fujian, who visit Xiamen to also visit Kinmen, thus promoting the tourism industry in both Kinmen and Xiamen.
Magistrate Chen indicated that there is a long history of outstanding exchange and cooperation between Kinmen and Xiamen to turn the Kinmen/Xiamen area into a living area. The magistrate stated that Kinmen/Xiamen will take the initiative in completing matters not covered in the policy. Kinmen and Xiamen will work together to develop safe and healthy agriculture, and cooperate on youth entrepreneurship development so that youths can achieve their goals in the future.

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