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Kinmen County and New Taipei City expand cooperation to allow cross district payment of multiple taxes

Kinmen County and New Taipei City expand cooperation to allow cross district payment of multiple taxes
Reporter Weng Pi-Lien

Kinmen residents currently living in New Taipei City are in for a treat! After beginning cross-district household registration and land administration services in New Taipei City, Kinmen County Government is now expanding cross-district services to tax affairs. Magistrate Li Wo-Shih and Mayor Chu Li-Lun jointly hosted the opening ceremony yesterday. Tax services for 11 categories with 27 items will now be provided in New Taipei City for Kinmen residents, saving time and money originally needed for traveling back and forth between Kinmen.
Kinmen County Magistrate Li Wo-Shih and New Taipei City Mayor Chu Li-Lun jointly announced the formal launch of cross-district tax services of Kinmen County and New Taipei City. Attendees of the ceremony include Director-General Lu Wei-Ching of the Finance Department, Director-General Huang Yu-Min, Secretary-General Huang Ai-Ling, and Section Chief Huang Hsiu-Ling of the Revenue Service Office, Director Huang Hsien-Ping of New Taipei City Kinmen Association, and Director Li Tai-Shan of Taipei City Kinmen Association.
Kinmen County representatives include Confidential Secretary Cheng Chih-Chieh, Director Wang Han-Wen, Section Chief Chen Kung-Chao, and Li Tseng-Tan of the Tax Bureau, as well as some 30 reporters of Taiwan media, who were there to witness and celebrate the event. Cross-district tax services are convenient, customized local services of Kinmen County Government that reach across the Taiwan Strait, and are the first of such services to be provided in Taiwan.
Mayor Chu Li-Lun indicated cross-district land administration services were provided early this year, household registration services were expanded on August 1st, and land tax, house tax and land value increment tax services were expanded on September 2nd. He was very glad that the cooperation between New Taipei City and Kinmen County could serve as an example. Magistrate Li showed his gratitude and approval towards the cross-district services.
Magistrate Li said that the number of Kinmen residents currently living in Kinmen might be even less than in New Taipei City. Although some Kinmen people registered their permanent household in New Taipei City, their land and assets are still in Kinmen. Magistrate Li thanked New Taipei City for its assistance, which made it possible for services of Kinmen County Government to set foot on Taiwan, and also represented progress made by the government. Magistrate Li believes that “the purpose of government administration is to resolve any issues citizens may have.”
“Provide perceivably better citizen services” and “pursue excellence” were the administrative visions proposed by Magistrate Li during the 16th joint meeting of local tax agencies nationwide hosted by Kinmen County Tax Bureau, hoping to integrate cross-agency procedures, extend the reach of citizen services, and provide more comprehensive services with higher performance.
Director Wang Han-Wen of Kinmen County Tax Bureau pointed out that they jointly established implementation guidelines with New Taipei City Revenue Service Office to provide the new cross-district tax service. Kinmen residents may handle their tax affairs in New Taipei City via online application, video conferencing services and mail, saving them time and money traveling back and forth between Kinmen.
He indicated that types of cases citizens frequently applied for were included into the scope of services for the convenience of offshore island residents. The cross-district tax services will be provided by New Taipei City Revenue Service Office (including nine branches in Banqiao, Zhonghe, Xinzhuang, Sanchong, Xindian, Danshui, Xizhi, Ruifang, and Sanying) and Kinmen County Tax Bureau.
Service subjects are mainly Kinmen residents in New Taipei City or Kinmen County. Service items include registering houses, land, or vehicles in New Taipei City; service hours are 8:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:00 Mon thru Fri, excluding national holidays. Services are provided on site or by mailing application forms to Kinmen.
Main service items of cross-district tax services include: online application – tax affairs portal online application items (local taxes); video conference services – change of mailing address for payment forms, reprinting forms, payment certificate, tax statements, tax tables, and value of deed certificates.
Services by mail include 11 categories with 27 items, including applications for change of house use, special tax rates, tax reductions and exemptions, application for land tax rate applicable to agricultural land, land value increment tax statement, application for land value increment tax refund for primary residential land repurchase, application to withdraw current land value statement, application for vehicle license tax exemption for persons with disabilities, application for vehicle license tax refund, deed tax statement, application to withdraw deed tax, and authorization or termination of transfer payment.
Cross-district tax services provided in New Taipei City are the first of its kind in Taiwan, resolving the issue of inconvenient transportation between Kinmen and Taiwan, and showing the government’s unity and administrative performance. Kinmen residents currently living in Taiwan are welcome to utilize the services.

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  • Date:2013-12-23