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ATIEM Visits National Quemoy University for Discussion on Industry-Academia Collaboration

ATIEM Visits National Quemoy University for Discussion on Industry-Academia Collaboration
Reporter: Syu Jia-Tai/Jinning

A delegation from the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland (ATIEM) visited Kinmen alongside Ko Cheng-Heng, Vice Chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF). They attended a seminar regarding collaboration between National Quemoy University and industries across the strait yesterday. Various aspects of development and collaboration issues were discussed, laying a foundation for industry-academia collaboration and connection.
Led by ATIEM’s Honorary President Jhang Han-Wun, Chief Supervisor Jhang Wun-Tan and accompanied by SEF Vice Chairman Ko Cheng-Heng, the delegation of 18 regional presidents and principals from the Taiwan Business Association took advantage of the investment visit and exchange by visiting Quemoy University yesterday. The delegation was welcomed by the University’s executives, including President Hwang Chyi, Secretary-general Lu Li-Shin, and Dean of R&D Yu Tai-Kuei.
President Hwang started off introducing Quemoy University’s history. He introduced the different colleges and departments first, and then continued by discussing Quemoy University’s exchanges with both sides of the strait. He discussed the university’s distinct characteristics, student composition, number of mainland students, and employment of graduates. Professor Yu Tai-Kuei presented a special report on the number of mainland students, research focuses, previous industry-academy collaboration projects, and the internship and exchange student mechanism. Chief of Staff Wang Jhong-Sheng of the Kinmen County Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee explained Kinmen County Government’s efforts in the development and planning of the long-term care policy, which impressed the Taiwanese entrepreneurs in mainland China.
Vice Chairman Ko expressed his wish that Quemoy University students may look for development opportunities in Taiwan businesses on the mainland through the industry-academia collaboration or career matchmaking schemes. ATIEM members have worked hard in the mainland for some 20 or 30 years, said President Jhang Han-Wun, and this trip to Kinmen is for seeking investment opportunities while also giving back to the local community. He also mentioned that Quemoy University may take advantage of its geographical proximity to attract children of Taiwan entrepreneurs in the mainland to Kinmen.
During the seminar, SEF Deputy Secretary-general Luo Huai-Jia raised the issue of internships for Quemoy University’s collaboration with industry and the development of applications based on new technological trends. President Hwang responded by admitting that most Taiwanese entrepreneurs have affection for Kinmen, and the University usually receives positive responses when negotiating for internships and industrial collaboration. Examples include the internship collaboration agreements with Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital and UMC Xiamen Plant.
President Hwang is also concerned with Quemoy University students’ global vision while they make a foothold in Kinmen. Apart from the exchange student program with universities in Taiwan, the University has also established collaborative relationship with first-rate universities around the world including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and mainland China. Every year, students are selected for an overseas exchange program, of which results have been positive. In addition, the University has kept developing and strengthening its characteristics under the financial support of the Ministry of Education’s Featured University Program and the County Government’s relevant projects.
ATIEM Executive Vice President Ye Chun-Rong believes that long-term care may be the most promising segment of Kinmen’s development, but relevant government policies, university training efforts, and business investments must be aligned to attain this promising outcome.
For this visit, SEF Vice Chairman Ko led SEF members including Advisor Chen Rong-Yuan, Deputy Secretary-general Li Li-Jhen, Deputy Secretary-general Luo Huai-Jia, Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs Liou Ke-Sin, Chief of the Department of Economic Affairs Li Yuan-Cing, Senior Officer of the Department of Economic Affairs Li Hong-Yu, and Senior Officer of Secretariat Ding Mei-Jyun. Members of the ATIEM delegation include Honorary President Jhang Han-Wun, Chief Supervisor Jhang Wun-Tan, Executive Vice President Ye Chun-Rong, Executive Vice President Sun Fang-Shang, Executive Vice President Gao Jin-Le, Executive Vice President Wang Jian-Yuan, Advisory President Hai Jhong-Tian of Taiwan Business Association of Nanjing, President Wang Jhih-Jhong of Taiwan Business Association of Guangzhou, Secretary-general Jhao Wei-Nan of Taiwan Business Association of Dongguan, and Vice President Hong Wei-Teng of Taiwan Business Association of Xi’an.

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  • Date:2017-11-30