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County Magistrate Values the County Government’s Implementation of Overseas Chinese-Related Work

County Magistrate Values the County Government’s Implementation of Overseas Chinese-Related Work
September 30th, 2017
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/county government

Kinmen County government’s Overseas Community Affairs Office (OCAO) convened the third work report meeting in 2017 to discuss the third quarter’s overseas Chinese affairs, as well as the implementation of various projects that involve overseas Chinese youth returning home in search of their roots. Deputy Country Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean indicated that overseas Chinese affairs are a type of government service and administration unique to Kinmen. County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai values overseas Chinese, and has established the OCAO to integrate resources for implementation of overseas Chinese-related work.
Wu Cherng-Dean indicated in the OCAO work report meeting held at 2 p.m. yesterday that there are many Kinmen citizens in Southeast Asian countries. Overseas Chinese affairs are a special service and administrative work implemented by the Kinmen County Government. County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai places great importance on Kinmen’s overseas Chinese services, and established the OCAO last year. The OCAO convenes a work meeting every three months, and has frequent contact with overseas Chinese associations, including over 50 that they interact with via Line. Furthermore, the Kinmen Daily News has a special overseas Chinese column that keeps overseas Kinmen citizens updated about the economic development in their hometown.
Wu Cherng-Dean indicated that the OCAO has only been established for a little over a year, and is still in the beginning stage. There are still many overseas Chinese-related challenges that need to be overcome. If one day these overseas Chinese are going to return to Kinmen for study, make an investment and start a business here, or return to their roots in their old age, then the overseas Chinese service is worthy of implementation. This is something that other counties do not have.
The work report meeting convened yesterday was the third one by the OCAO this year. This quarter the OCAO will continue to compile introductory data on various associations and community leaders. The Kinmen Daily News also published six articles on overseas Chinese services between early July and the end of September. The OCAO will continue to establish contact groups with overseas Chinese communities via Line and WhatsApp. Currently, contact has been established with nearly 50 associations and over 520 people. Kinmen Daily News articles and overseas Chinese service related messages are sent to these contacts on a daily basis.
Since July of this year, the OCAO has helped overseas Chinese return home to worship their ancestors five times, helped overseas Chinese search for relatives 11 times, assisted with land affairs four times, assisted with ancestral homes four times, and provided other overseas Chinese services 14 times. The OCAO indicated that in early November, a group of 27 Singaporean Chinese will return home to visit their family, and are planning to visit the county government, the provincial government, the county council, and Lieyu Township. The Kinmen Association from Hong Kong is also expected to return to Kinmen for visitation and search for relatives at the end of November. In early December, overseas Chinese from Malacca are expected to return to Kinmen in search of relatives and to conduct ancestral worship at Bishan.
Donation of a building by the Singaporean Chinese community leader Huang Zu-Yao, proposals for future World Kinmen Day events, chartered direct flights to Kinmen from overseas locations, active hosting of related activities by the Yang Cing-Lian Memorial, display of cultural publications, and proposals for overseas Chinese youth returning to Kinmen to search for their roots were also discussed in yesterday’s OCAO work meeting.
Wu Cherng-Dean stated that overseas Chinese youth returning home in search of their roots is a very meaningful activity, and that Kinmen welcomes these youths home to get to know their roots, which will increase their affection towards Kinmen. The Education Department stated that this year’s overseas Chinese youth returning home to search for their roots event is expected to be held at the end of this year. Currently, related work is being conducted. Local characteristics are also being added to attract overseas Chinese youth, and to bring overseas Chinese from Kinmen closer to their hometown.
Because Kinmen is an island, many of its people moved to Southeast Asian countries in the early years. According to sociologists’ studies, there are approximately 600 to 700 thousand Kinmen natives living overseas, and about 300 to 400 thousand Kinmen natives living on the main island of Taiwan. Overall, there are over a million Kinmen natives across the world. Deputy Country Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean expects the OCAO to be in close contact with overseas communities, and to integrate resources so that the overseas Chinese services will be well implemented. Overseas Chinese services are helpful to the development of Kinmen, and more efforts should be put into overseas Chinese services.

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  • Date:2017-12-19