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County Government Team Brainstorms to Create a Better Future for the Cultural Park

County Government Team Brainstorms to Create a Better Future for the Cultural Park
Reporter: Dong Sen-Bao/Jinsha

Following Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai’s direction, the newly appointed Director-General of the General Affairs Department Chen Jin-Zeng led the County Government team in an inspection of Jinsha Culturla Park yesterday. During the briefing on the overall development and operation plan for the Park, he gave his opinions on the proposals to construct a lineage culture museum, a food court, workshops for artists and artisans, and other buildings. According to Chen, the most urgent task for the Park at the moment is to use the existing buildings efficiently. Agencies of the County Government would take the lead in order to draw more arts-related organizations to follow suit, in order to enable the sustainable development of the park and the Jinsha area.
 Director-General Chen was accompanied by Chen Jin-Wun, Deputy Director-General of the Education Department, as well as staff members from the Tourism Department, Economic Affairs Department, and Industrial Department Promotion Committee. After they arrived at Jinsha Cultural Park around 10 a.m. yesterday, they listened to the briefing given by Lu Gen-Jhen, Director of the Cultural Park Administration Office, and then inspected the three existing buildings to understand how they have been used.
The eastern building, shared by the Department of Ocean and Border Governance of National Quemoy University and the administrative staff of the Cultural Park at present, is sparsely visited on weekdays. Moreover, the building also shows wears and damages caused by typhoons. Chen stated that providing this building, a property of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, as classrooms for less than a hundred of faculty members and students of National Quemoy University has not been very beneficial to the development of Jinsha and the Park, and was unlikely to promote local economic activities. He suggested that National Quemoy University have one of its colleges be based in the eastern building. Should the County Government and the University fail to come to an agreement with each other, then the relevant agencies of the County Government should also be among the first to operate in the Park.
 Chen added that the domestic economy in the eastern part of the island would have been confronted with serious challenges following the withdrawal of the troops from the Jinsha and Jinhu areas if not for the Forestry Bureau, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection, Agricultural Research Institute, Livestock Research Institute, and other relevant agencies. In addition to requesting funds from the Ministry of Culture for the further development of the Park, Chen emphasized that the current priority of the Park is to address the lack of use of the eastern and western buildings. Without permanent organizations stationed in the Park, of the temporary activities and events would only spark a temporary fad and make no substantial, lasting contribution to the utilization and repurposing of the Park.
Chen Jin-Wun, Deputy Director-General of the Education Department, agreed that the existing spaces are not efficiently used. Before this issue is solved, it is highly questionalbe that the current personnel would be able to manage the addition of a lineage culture museum, a food court, and so on. To increase use of the buildings, the Education Department also promises to hold training sessions for faculty and staff members there in the future.
Director-General Chen concluded that after the inspection, related agencies’ opinions will be compiledfor Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai and other related personnel’s consideration and further discussion. The relocation of the Industrial Department Promotion Committee under the Economic Affairs Department and the Cultural Heritage Section under the Cultural Affairs Bureau to the Park will surely help maximize the future development of the Park.

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  • Date:2017-11-30