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Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Presents Kinmen Cultural Awards to Five Awardees

Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Presents Kinmen Cultural Awards to Five Awardees
Reporter: Dong Sen-Bao/Jinhu

As a commendation for local traditional craftsmen and cultural workers’ contributions to Kinmen’s cultural work, the Kinmen County Government recently selected recipients for the Kinmen Cultural Awards. An award presentation ceremony was held yesterday at Ever Rich Golden Lake Hotel. The five recipients this year included Hong Tian-Ying, Jhang Zai-Sing, Jhuang Si-Shih, Wong Shuei-Cian, and Chen Chang-Ching. They were each given a cash prize and a medal by Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai. Magistrate Chen expressed his expectations for the awardees to become models for younger generations and pass on the cultural heritage of Kinmen.
The award presentation ceremony, hosted by Magistrate Chen, was held last night at Ever Rich Golden Lake Hotel. County Councilor Chen Tsang-Chiang, Director-general Lu Kun-Ho of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and others attended the ceremony. The five awardees also brought their families to the ceremony to share their honor. Many family members of the awardees took the chance to express their gratitude and respect, giving thanks to the awardees for their contributions to their family and culture.
Magistrate Chen commended the five awardees as the foremost masters and dedicated storytellers in Kinmen. They spent their golden years on the construction and renovation of traditional buildings or the production of heart-wrenching works of war literature; these all represented their selfless contributions. He expects the awardees to be models of the younger generations, who would keep passing on the most precious crafts and stories of Kinmen.
According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen, the Kinmen Cultural Awards are given annually by the Bureau to those who have a registered household in Kinmen and are aged 70 or above. Nominees must have been engaged in cultural activities in Kinmen over a long period with outstanding achievements and contributions to their home town. A total of 11 candidates participated in the selection through an open recommendation process, and five of them were awarded after the careful review of a 7-member selection committee. The five awardees, in order of age, are:
Hong Tian-Ying, aged 86, a Cingci native, is now a serving adviser of county administration. He founded the Leiyu Nanguan Music Club in 2003, and was elected the first chairman and then re-elected for another term. In his 6-year tenure as the chairman, he contributed both time and money to the club, purchasing instruments and scores and leading the members to Taiwan and Fujian areas for more than 20 performances. He works devotedly to facilitate cultural exchanges among Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macau. He is also concerned with bringing in new blood to the club, and 22 new members have been recruited this year. He spares no effort in promoting the traditional arts of his home town.
Jhang Zai-Sing, aged 85, is a Houpu native. Jhang helped his father in engraving about a dozen of world-renowned stone tablets titled “Wu Wang Zai Ju” (meaning “never forget our lost territory”) when he was young. The inscription has become a spiritual pillar of Kinmen. Jhang has dedicated more than 40 years of effort to stone carving, with over 1,000 accomplished pieces of works including stelae and gravestones. He has not only served the Kinmen folks with his talent, but also participated in the renovation of stone carving works in temples such as Wan An Tang, Ma Tsu Temple, and Wu De Temple. Moreover, his sons Jhang Guo-Ying, Jhang He-Syuan, Jhang Guo-Gen, Jhang Guo-Rong, and Jhang Guo-Jhen have also made brilliant accomplishments in the artistic field under his guidance and influence. The father and sons have held joint sculpture exhibitions twice, which received great responses.
Jhuang Si-Shih, aged 81, is a Siputou native. Jhuang has been engaged in civil works for over 60 years. He has developed excellent skills in wall construction, plastering and tiling, and ridging, In particular, his ridging skill stands out among his peers. He specializes in building temples and ancestral halls, but he also works on ordinary residential houses. He is known for his meticulous work and attention to details. Upholding his craftsman’s pride, he never compromises on his work or the materials used. With his widely recognized skills, he was named the “National Living Treasure” by the Ministry of Culture in 2016.
Wong Shuei-Cian, aged 80, is a Dingbao native. Wong started learning major carpentry at the age of 23. He has developed excellent skills in dimension planning, gao-chi (gao scale) design, cun-bai (architectural dimension) calculation, and the use of wen-gong ruler, and is well-versed in all types of tenon and their making. With nearly 50 years of professional experience, he has participated in the repair work of traditional ancestral halls, family shrines, and other structures all over Kinmen. He was designated as the National Living Treasure for major carpentry preservation by the Ministry of Culture in 2016.
Chen Chang-Ching, aged 71, is a Bishan native. Chen dropped out of school during his first year of junior high school due to his family’s financial strain. He then finished his education through self-study. Chen has been engaged in literary writing for more than 40 years, paying special effort in literature concerning frontier people and life. He has a unique writing style and his works always express his true feelings. His works also show his concern for the society as well as for the island literature. He has been distinguished for the quality and quantity of his work. Chen founded the Kinmen Literature quarterly in 1973 with his friends, and became the publisher and proprietor. He is also the chairman of Cai Fong Cultural Development Association of Kinmen, and has spared no effort in promoting young writers. He has written 33 volumes of works, including long novels, short novels, and anthology of essays. One of his works, Kinmen Tea House, has won the Taiwanese Documentary Award given by Academia Historica.

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  • Date:2017-11-30