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Heads of Kinmen County Government and Council Visit China for Exchange with Zhangzhou City Government

Heads of Kinmen County Government and Council Visit China for Exchange with Zhangzhou City Government
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Zhangzhou

Various sectors of Kinmen County formed a group to China for a religious exchange event. Besides members of Kinmne County Government and Council, believers of over ten Baosheng Dadi temples also participated at their own expense and sincerely prayed for blessings during the event. The group led by Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai and Council Speaker Hung Li-Ping traveled in the rain to Baijiao Cijizu Temple in Lunghai City, Zhangzhou yesterday to offer incense. Magistrate Chen and Speaker Hung also led members of the county government and council to sit down with Zhangzhou City Government and engage in exchange, hoping for better cross-Strait exchange and cooperation under the blessing of Baosheng Dadi. Kinmen and Zhangzhou both hoped to “assimilate” and give Kinmen a “trial role,” giving this moment greater historical meaning!
Magistrate Chen and Speaker Hung led members of the county government and council, as well as various temples to Baijiao Cijizu temple to offer incense and complete the three rites. Afterwards, the group of county government and council members met with Vice Chairman Hsu Shao-Chin of Zhangzhou CPPCC, Director Tsai Li-Fen of the Taiwanese Investors Management Committee, and Director Chu Chen of the Taiwan Affairs Office on the second floor of the temple. The parties extensively exchanged opinions on cross-Strait exchange, economic and trade, religious culture, and youth entrepreneurship, and hoped to visit each other to improve their understanding and relations.
Magistrate Chen indicated that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are like family, and Fujian is even more intimate; Kinmen, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou are all family and very close. Baosheng Dadi has built this relation and allowed Kinmen’s cross-Strait exchange in religion to take the lead. He thanked Baosheng Dadi for blessing the success of cross-Strait exchange and said that they must step up their exchange for the two sides to be even closer and for exchange and cooperation to be even smoother.
Magistrate Chen also transformed into the spokesperson of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. and began to promote Kinmen kaoliang liquor, saying that it is “Fujian’s famous liquor” and also an international brand! Members of Zhangzhou City Government mentioned that they also used kaoliang liquor for making dishes since a young age and drank kaoliang liquor! Hsu Shao-Chin said that cross-Strait exchange is a good thing, and Magistrate Chen said that they should often each other and asked if he agreed! Tsai Li-Fen said that she often visits Kinmen and has been there several times, very few leaders of Zhangzhou City have not been to Kinmen before, showing the frequent exchange between Zhangzhou and Kinmen!
Magistrate Chen said: “Today we are here, some other day you come to Kinmen.” Members of Zhangzhou City Government said: “Absolutely, absolutely!” Magistrate Chen asked: “When?” They said they will definitely visit Kinmen and will as soon as possible… They noted that Magistrate Chen and Speaker Hung are both dedicated to cross-Strait exchange, and that Kinmen is close to Zhangzhou, Xiamen, and Qianzhou. Magistrate Chen took out his ID card at this time and told members of Zhangzhou City Government that it reads “Fujian Province Kinmen County,” they really are family! They indicated that there has always been frequent exchange between Zhangzhou and Kinmen with respect to culture, social, economic, and trade!
Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investor Management Committee indicated that over 160 Taiwanese companies have made investments in Zhangzhou; this is a national scale of investment. Magistrate Chen asked if there were any investors from Kinmen and the committee quickly responded yes, saying that they were not only familiar with Kinmen kaoliang liquor and knives, but also all matters of Kinmen. The discussion continued on in a pleasant atmosphere.
The number of travelers that used the mini three links last year set a new record, surpassing 1.7 million people. Magistrate Chen asked when there would be a direct link between Kinmen and Zhangzhou. In fact, there was a direct link many years ago but it stopped. Magistrate Chen then asked why it was not restored. Members of Zhangzhou City Government indicated there is currently a plan for Zhangzhou to Kinmen, but Magistrate Chen believes that it should be fully opened, saying that the political atmosphere will change after May 20th, but Kinmen will not change and step up cooperation. Members of Zhangzhou City Government also believed that cross-Strait exchange and relations will not change!
Magistrate Chen stressed that Kinmen is the best place for realizing the 1992 consensus, but Kinmen, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, and Qianzhou must also step up their cooperation. He indicated that there was originally a passage between Kinmen and Zhangzhou, but now there is not because of insufficient cooperation! If Zhangzhou City’s policy is more opened, we must also take the initiative! Hsu Shao-Chin intended to look into it while Magistrate Chen hoped to open a wide path for progress in exchange and cooperation between Kinmen and Zhangzhou, jointly making Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Qianzhou even better. Members of Zhangzhou City Government said that anything can be discussed as long as they have confidence and take action!
Magistrate Chen indicated that Baosheng Dadi has established good relations and more exchange will start from Baijiao! As relationship grow stronger, they will work together to achieve the ambition and spirit of Baosheng Dadi to “save the world and save humanity,” and let people in Zhangzhou and Kinmen live better lives, giving this moment greater historical meaning!
Also, Magistrate Chen pointed out the fact he visited Beijing on official business before the presidential election, saying that in the past everyone was concerned about the political atmosphere and were all waiting for policies to be announced. He indicated that Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Qianzhou, and Kinmen will wait no longer and implement the policy to step up exchange. Kinmen will talk to and engage in exchange with cities of Fujian to see areas where they can work together, and begin carrying out affairs that can be done first, especially things that they can decide, and continue their efforts in this direction!
Members of Zhangzhou City Government indicated that Magistrate Chen’s confidence and determination is a blessing to Kinmen people, and Kinmen will serve a trial role if they keep trying. Magistrate Chen pointed out that Kinmen must prosper for Taiwan to prosper, and then people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will prosper! After all, policies should be connected for Kinmen and Fujian to prosper. Members of Zhangzhou City Government said that they should all make frequent visits to better understand each other!
Magistrate Chen also asked about the status of youth entrepreneurship in Zhangzhou City, as well as economic and trade cooperation. Members of Zhangzhou City welcomed economic and trade groups to visit Zhangzhou, and said that drawing out a “Kinmen village” in the local “Taiwan village” is not out of the question. He indicated that Kinmen has many good products that can build relations with Zhangzhou, and hoped that exchanges and cooperation between Kinmen and Zhangzhou will become better and better with the blessing of Baosheng Dadi!
Furthermore, during an interview with local media, Magistrate Chen said that the two sides can use Kinmen in a “trial role”; Kinmen has the mini three links and can serve a “trial role” for many forms of exchange; in terms of future development, people can reach Xiamen through Kinmen to Zhangzhou and Qianzhou. Magistrate Chen also hoped to relax regulations on visas so that Chinese tourists can more conveniently travel to Kinmen. The two sides will jointly work in this direction to drive tourism development and allow local economies of both sides to flourish!

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  • Date:2016-12-08