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County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Praised Meritorious Education Volunteers

County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Praised Meritorious Education Volunteers
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/Jincheng

The 2017 Kinmen County Meritorious Education Volunteer Award Ceremony is an event that was organized by the Kinmen County Education Department. In this event, Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai praised and gave awards to 24 meritorious and outstanding education volunteers and one meritorious education volunteer team. County Magistrate Chen also presented flags to the education volunteer teams of Duo Nian Elementary School and Shang-Chyi Elementary School, and encouraged people to join the education volunteer teams. That way, everyone can help create an excellent education environment and turn Kinmen into a happy island!
The first Kinmen County Meritorious Education Volunteer Award Ceremony was held at 10 am yesterday at the Kinmen Art Center on the campus of Jin-Cheng Junior High School. After a performance by the Kinmen Chinese Orchestra and the opening ceremony, County Magistrate Chen handed out awards and praised meritorious and outstanding education volunteers and a meritorious education volunteer team. The magistrate also presented flags to the newly formed education volunteer teams at two schools. County council members Ouyang Yi-Hsiung, Tang Li-Hui, and Hsu Hua-Yu (also an award recipient), Education Department director Li Wun-Liang, principals of the schools, and other VIPs attended the event.
“Warmhearted helpers, thank you!” The following are this year’s outstanding and meritorious education volunteers and education volunteer team awarded by the Education Department: ◆Outstanding education volunteer: Hsu Hua-Yu and Yang Li-Juan (Gu Cheng Elementary School Caring Mom Club), Li Siao-Juan (Jhong Jheng Elementary School volunteer team), Li Huei-Ling (Jinsha Elementary School volunteer team), Jhang Su-Jiao and Chen Syue-Yin (Jhong Jheng Elementary School volunteer team), a total of six awardees. ◆Meritorious education volunteer: Chen Yu-Pei (Family Education Center volunteer team), Luo Ming-Huei (Jhong Jheng Elementary School volunteer team), Syu Li-Jhu (Gu Cheng Elementary School Caring Mom Club), Syue Jhih-Ya (Jinhu Elementary School volunteer club), Lin Sin-Yi (Jinhu Elementary School volunteer club), Chen Neng-Mei (Jhong Jheng Elementary School volunteer team), Wang Jia-Ci (Jinhu Elementary School volunteer club), Jhang Yu-Ying (Jinhu Elementary School volunteer club), Wu Sih-Tong (Jinhu Elementary School volunteer club), Shih Siou-Fong (Jinsha Elementary School volunteer team), Wong Li-Yue (Jhong Jheng Elementary School volunteer team), Dong Wan-Jyun (Gu Cheng Elementary School Caring Mom Club), Hong Jhen-Ni (Jhouhuan Elementary School volunteer), Dong Ya-Wun (Jinhu Elementary School volunteer club), Hong Ya-Sin (Sian An Elementary School education volunteer service team), Huang Jin-Mei (Shumei Elementary School Volunteer Mom Club), Chen Huei-Ling (Shumei Elementary School Volunteer Mom Club), and Chen Nian-Ciang (Shumei Elementary School Volunteer Mom Club), a total of 16 awardees. ◆Meritorious education volunteer team: Gu Cheng Elementary School Caring Mom Club.
The Education Department stated that the subjects of this year’s meritorious education volunteer selection include organizations and school volunteers that are involved in promoting school education, social education, physical fitness, and youth development. Award categories include meritorious education volunteer teams and individuals and outstanding education volunteers. Award winners are publicly commended to celebrate their voluntary service and selfless contribution, as well as to encourage more people to participate in education volunteering.
In his opening statement, County Magistrate Chen said that Kinmen has been moving towards a good direction in the last three years, and he thanks the folks for their support over the last 30 years, as well as for giving him the opportunity to do more for this land and its residents. Magistrate Chen stated that he himself has volunteered, and he hopes that everyone will join in the volunteer field. For his closing, he stated, “Once a volunteer, always a volunteer,” as an encouragement for everyone to fulfill their dreams.
Education is one of the main development themes for Kinmen County Government. County Magistrate Chen stated that building a strong foundation for education is something that never ends, and is one of the government’s policies. The goal is to fulfill the educational goal of school principals. Whether this is in the form of providing more hardware support or building a better learning environment, all come at the cost of hard work by the school principals.
County Magistrate Chen pointed out that this is the first county-wide meritorious education volunteer commendation. In the future, there will not only be education volunteer moms, but also education volunteer dads. Magistrate Chen also encouraged everyone to participate in education volunteering, and help promote the development of education in Kinmen. At the same time, he indicated that he will “never be stingy” when investing in Kinmen’s education industry, and will do his best to organize the education budget and help turn Kinmen into a happier island!
County Magistrate Chen said that values in Taiwan and across the globe are changing. He urged people to take on the responsibility of recovering Kinmen’s value, starting with education. Education, on the other hand, starts with school.
County Magistrate Chen recounted his learning experience, and stated that in the past, once the parents sent their children to school, the children became the responsibility of their teachers. Today’s teaching methods and approaches are no longer like those in the past. School education, family education, and social education are all equally important. People must be willing to be responsible for children’s education. Everyone’s hard work not only can fulfill education workers’ educational goals and drive the entire education, but can also cultivate healthy citizens with competitive abilities who can serve society and Kinmen.
In addition, the meritorious education volunteer commendation organized by the Education Department invited Director Wu Yin-Yu of LITEON to share her feelings and experiences on how to become a happy education, family, and physical fitness volunteer based on the “add points to your own life” theme. Happiness can be learned. Wu Yin-Yu said that by practicing in life or serving others, we can increase our own happiness. However, the happiness formula must interact with lifestyle to exert its effects. Volunteer service is about the most beautiful heart and mind and requires practices.
Wu Yin-Yu believed that when people participate in education volunteer service, they will discover that many things are not as they thought. When you have enough social encounters, you will discover that society is full of diversity. Moreover, when a person volunteers, the experience can help them think on a deeper level, and develop empathy in a different way. Thus, volunteers treasure everything that they possess right now, and learn how to give more to people who need help. Therefore, volunteers will be more spiritually and mentally satisfied than normal people.
As a person’s social circle expands, the person will have more opportunities to learn! She said that when volunteers participate in volunteer service, they not only can learn about social work concepts and techniques, but can also get to know people from all social levels. Volunteers can gain much information and knowledge through interactions with others, and during such intangible interactions or provision of assistance to others, they can continue learning and move towards self-realization. Volunteers can learn a profession and find a job that they are good at and enthusiastic about.
Wu Yin-Yu also shared her experiences in adult education. She hoped that she can apply and integrate community adult education better by using practical experience. The goal was to create more community-based learning organizations and promote life-long learning. Furthermore, Wu has always firmly believed that “investing in children is investing in the future; investing in parents is investing in society; investing in education is investing in the future of the nation; this is because education changes a person’s entire life.”
The 2017 Kinmen County Meritorious Education Volunteer Award Ceremony organized by the Education Department lasted about one and half hours. The ceremony concluded after the “light song and romantic dance – blessing” performance by the Kinmen Education Center volunteer team. County Magistrate Chen hoped that next year’s meritorious education volunteer commendation will be bigger. That way, volunteer service that emphasizes admiration of others, kindness, love, equality, respect, and benevolence can be promoted.

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  • Date:2018-01-02