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2018 Kinmen Marathon to Kick off in Mid-January Next Year

2018 Kinmen Marathon to Kick off in Mid-January Next Year
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/County Government

The 2018 Kinmen Marathon will kick off in mid-January next year. Registration is first open to 1,000 citizens with a registered residence in Kinmen County on October 8th (150 for the marathon event, 650 for the half marathon event, and 200 for the road running event). Every interested person is allowed to register for only one of the events. Online registration will start on October 30th. No further registrations will be accepted before the deadline once the capacity is reached. Yesterday the Kinmen County Government convened the first marathon preparation meeting to discuss the assignment of tasks to different teams and coordinate the efforts of various agencies. Deputy Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean called for more efforts to make the competition a success so that people will think of Kinmen when it comes to marathons.

The Kinmen Marathon, a competition organized by the Kinmen County Government, will officially celebrate its 11th anniversary from January 13th to January 14th next year. The first press conference will take place at the Media Center of the Kinmen County Hall on October 2nd at 10 am. The second press conference will be held at Pien Tien Chuang in Taipei City on October 13th at 11 am. The third press conference will take place at the center of Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited in Xiamen, China on October 18th at 10 am. Marathoners on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and all over the world are invited to join this grand event.

To thank local residents for their support over the past decade, registration for the 2018 Kinmen Marathon is first open to 1,000 citizens with a registered residence in Kinmen County (150 for the marathon event, 650 for the half marathon event, and 200 for the road running event). Every interested person is allowed to register for only one of the events. After a discussion at yesterday’s preparation meeting with the crowd of people returning to Kinmen for the Mid-Autumn Festival taken into consideration, registration is scheduled for October 8th (Sunday) this year from 9 am to 4 pm. Once the capacity is reached, registration will close before the deadline. Please refer to the announcement made by the Registration Office for the latest information. To sign up, please go to the Kinmen County Stadium. The enquiry hotline is 0922-053012.

The organizer reminded Kinmen residents of the necessity to carefully assess their own capabilities before registration. Once the registration process is complete, they must not request a change of name or event for any reason, and they should not transfer their registration to others when they cannot participate in the competition. Those who have not completed registration will not be eligible to participate, and are strictly forbidden from sneaking in or running alongside other participants. In case of an accident, any person who participates in the name of another or transfers his/her registration should be jointly responsible for paying insurance claims and assume legal liability.

Regarding the age limits, participants who sign up for the marathon and half marathon events of Kinmen Marathon should be born after 1949 and before 2001; participants of the road running event should be born after 1949 and before 2011. Materials required for registration include: 1) a registration form; 2) photocopies of the front and back sides of the ID cards of all participants (may be replaced by photocopies of their household certificate or household registration transcript); only those with a registered address in Kinmen County are qualified for early registration, and people who were born in Kinmen without a registered address in Kinmen will be deemed disqualified; 3) an authorization letter (required if a person cannot register at the Registration Office in person); and 4) registration fee (which should be paid at the place of registration during the registration period mentioned above). All the required materials should be submitted. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis.

If any of the materials is missing when a Kinmen resident registers for the competition, their registration will not be accepted until all the materials are presented. Each resident who signs up in person may register up to five people (including themselves; they may register for four other people at most if they themselves are excluded). Due to limited capacity, and in order to sort out the sequence of all submissions, all interested locals should sign up at the Registration Office. Registration by mail, telephone, fax, or means other than that specified will be deemed invalid.

Online registration for the 2018 Kinmen Marathon is open to the general public (Kinmen residents who have signed up for the competition must not register again), as follows: For the competition events (marathon, half marathon, and road running events), every person is allowed to register for only one of the events. The registration period is from 2 pm on October 30th to 5 pm on November 15th this year. No further registrations will be accepted before the registration deadline once the capacity is reached. Please fill out a registration form at the online registration section of the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association website (www.sportsnet.org.tw), and choose any of the following payment options to pay the fee:

◆ Paying online with a credit card: MasterCard, Visa, and JCB are accepted. No limits on amounts or cardholders are set. Enter the credit card number to pay online. Please do not click on the confirmation button repeatedly. After payment is made, the payment information will be displayed on screen. Please call your credit card company to check the status of credit card authorization if no payment information is shown on screen.

◆ Paying at 7-ELEVEN ibon (the maximum amount per transaction is NT$20,000; if the transaction amount exceeds NT$20,000, separate registrations should be sent; a NT$18 service fee will also be charged for each payment): If anyone who has completed the registration process and paid the fee needs to cancel their registration for any reason, they should call the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association at 02-25855659 during its office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 12 pm and 1:30 - 5:30 pm) by November 15th this year to apply for cancellation, and should submit a refund application form by November 30th this year. 80% of the total registration fee paid will be refunded (a NT$30 service fee will be deducted from each refund if the applicant chooses to receive the refund by bank transfer). No further refund applications will be accepted for any reason after the deadline.

For runners who signed up for any of the competition events of the Kinmen Marathon for ten consecutive years from 2008 to 2017, Chen Hua-Heng, Secretary-General of the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association, announced that they are guaranteed a place in the 2018 Kinmen Marathon (limited to any of the competition events and payment of the registration fee required). The qualified runners should submit a registration form by October 23rd this year. Failure to register before the deadline will be deemed as giving up their place in the competition. They should complete registration through the online registration system for the general public.

Chen also introduced the medal for completing the events of the Kinmen Marathon next year. The shape of the medal is based on that of an artillery shell. The front side shows a three-dimensional arc. The red color symbolizes the highest level, while the black color symbolizes the lowest level. Roman numerals are used to refer to the 11th anniversary of the Kinmen Marathon. The back side displays the event completed and competition date in a way similar to military dog tags. A string will be used to match the military style of the medal.

According to Deputy Magistrate Wu, the Kinmen Marathon has built a great reputation after ten years of efforts. He expected the Kinmen Marathon to keep going and become better and better. Moreover, he said that the preparation meeting for the 2018 Kinmen Marathon enabled all parties concerned to gather and brainstorm ideas. In addition to finding better route combinations for the marathon competition, the characteristics and spirits of the competition, which include running on the battlefields in Kinmen, will be more strongly demonstrated, thus enhancing the significance and quality of the Kinmen Marathon.

Chen revealed that the staff of several media will team up to participate in the Kinmen Marathon next year, and ten anchors at Formosa TV have decided to wear a qipao while running the marathon. In addition, delegations from South Korea and Japan will join the competition in Kinmen. The organizer has been actively contacting these delegations in order to bring the Kinmen Marathon to the international stage.

Li Wun-Liang, Director of the Education Department of the Kinmen County Government, added that Kinmen was hit by Typhoon Meranti on the Mid-Autumn Festival last year. He expressed his hope that Kinmen will contribute its efforts to the environment while hosting the marathon by launching a public welfare campaign that invites the marathon runners to plant trees. Deeming this proposal feasible, the Forestry Bureau stated that it will plant a tree on Arbor Day next spring for every public-spirited runner who willingly participates in the tree planting campaign and pays the registration fee. Runners who would like to take part in tree planting in person are also welcome to do so. The road running event combined with the meaningful public welfare campaign has enriched the Kinmen Marathon and improved its brand image.

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  • Date:2017-12-19