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Mother and daughter from Kinmen receive gold and bronze at national environmental knowledge finals

Mother and daughter from Kinmen receive gold and bronze at national environmental knowledge finals
Reporter: Jhuang Huan-Ning / Summary Report
Entering the seventh year, the National Environmental Knowledge Competition took place on November 18th at National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (NKFUST). Top five contenders each in the elementary school group, the junior high school group, the senior and vocational high school group, and the adult group selected from the 22 cities and counties across the nation competed for a total of up to NT$770,000 prize money. Kinmen County also sent a team for the competition in Kaohsiung for the highest honor. Fu Shu-Fang in the adult group and her daughter Yang Jia-Hua from Kinmen County Jin-Hu Junior High School took first and third place in their respective groups in the finals, which was an inspirational story.
In order to win the 2017 Environmental Knowledge Competition, schools at all levels have organized their own preliminaries since September this year and selected contestants representing their schools to participate in the competition preliminaries at county level on October 14th. The contestants were divided into four groups: elementary school, junior high school, senior and vocational high school, and adult. Theses contestants, regardless of gender or age, were all eager to have a try. The number of participants in local preliminaries has been increasing year by year, showing the public and school teachers and students' increasing attention to environmental education. Finally, in line with national finals’ rules, a total of 20 contestants who were the top five in each team represented the county to strive for prizes in the competition.
After getting through the knockout stage of the competition on the morning of November 18th, the county contenders competed in the sudden death play-off in the afternoon. All the accompanying persons and teachers at the relay room cheered them on, hoping that they would have good performance and win glory for Kinmen. With fierce competition with other rivals, the county contestants did their best and finally, Fu Shu-Fang in the adult group and Yang Jia-Hua in the junior high school group came in first and third in the national finals, respectively. Although other contestants did not finish in the top five places, they still contributed enormously to Kinmen County and thus they would each receive a certificate of commendation and a reward of NT$1,600 or NT$800.
In an effort to strengthen the comprehensiveness, integrity, and correctness of environmental education, correct environmental knowledge should be delivered and verified through edutainment and interesting and exciting competitions, according to the Environmental Protection Bureau. The topics of the competition are all-inclusive, including current events and policies, designated films on the “Environmental Education Lifelong Learning Website” and environmental knowledge-related topics, in the hope of promoting the ideas of environmental education to every corner of society by learning environmental knowledge, developing a sense of responsibility for the environment and putting it into action. The Environmental Protection Bureau added that in 2018, this event will continue to be held for people from all walks of life who should pay attention to the activity information.

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  • Date:2018-01-02