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Mid-term Report of Consulting Company for the Jinhu Tourism Development Plan

Mid-term Report of Consulting Company for the Jinhu Tourism Development Plan
Reporter: Chen Kuan-Lin / Kinmen County Government

Kinmen County Government convened the 4th Task Force Meeting yesterday (4th) to review the mid-term report for the “Jinhu Township Tourism Development Action Plan.” The meeting was hosted by Director-General Li Tseng-Tsai of the Tourism Department, and Jinhu Township Mayor Tsai Hsi-Hu, Director-General Hsu Chih-Chung of the Economic Affairs Department, and representatives of related departments listened to a presentation given by the contractor Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. However, most representatives that attended the meeting thought the presentation was too vague, attempted to cover too many issues, “too many key points resulted in none of them actually being key points.” In the end, Li Tseng-Tsai rejected the mid-term report and hoped that the planning company will propose at least 3 action plans to choose from in the next meeting.
According to the presentation of Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd., one of the “Key Area Selection” and development plan for tourism in Jinhu Township is “Heart of Gold,” which includes three parts:
1. East Kinmen leisure service experience, building diverse leisure, health, vacation, executive meetings, and culture and creativity.
2. City and streets, lakeside corridor from Shanwai to Rongyuen linking together business in the urban area, government agencies and leisure areas, and a blue belt ecosystem from Bitan, Taihu to Bailong River, creating a waterfront space in Jinhu Township.
3. Gateway for visitors, combining business, art, culture, leisure, and waterfront spaces with Shanwai Station as the transportation hub of East Kinmen; develop the business district from the old township office to Everrich, revitalize the public land to create the “Heart of Gold” for tourism services in Jinhu Township.
Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. selected key areas for short-, mid- and long-term plans: The short-term plan (2016 to 2018) is the area around the old township office, leisure and activity corridor around Xinshi Park, and activity corridor from National Kinmen Senior Vocational School; the mid-term plan (2019 to 2022) is a “low density lakeside business district” from the Health Bureau, Shanwai River corridor and Lake Tai; the long-term plan (2023 to 2026) is Shanwai Station and the area around the square.
Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. pointed out that investments must be made to develop tourism in Jinhu Township over the next decade, including Xinshi (the core of travel services), Kinmen Airport (airport gateway for visitor services), Liaoluo Bay (coastal gateway, naval museum, coastal activity base), and Livestock Research Institute (base for green and healthy lifestyles), and can be developed into a corridor along with Jinsha Township for the Kinmen-Xiamen international travel market featuring green and healthy lifestyles, battlefield culture, and sea travel. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation, Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. believes that “Xinshi Business District” and corridor redevelopment should be the first step in short-term development, and will subsequently drive the abovementioned developments, forming a friendly township for leisure and vacation.
Attendees of the meeting gave their opinions after listening to the presentation from Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. Director-General Li believed that the planning company should focus on which parts of Jinhu Township need to be redeveloped, or how to link together routes, some are existing tourist attractions, and the key should be linking together these routes, such as bicycle paths, sidewalks, or tourism bus routes. Director-General Li said that they should grasp the spirit of “mountain and sea.” He stressed that it is necessary to separate Jinhu from Jincheng Township, and believes that Jinhu Township is the “most qualified” to develop “parent-child travel,” e.g. Ceramics Factory DIY experience, Livestock Research Institute Zoo, baking sweet potatoes at the Agricultural Research Institute, and beaches. Director-General Li also reminded the planning company to check if the amount of accommodations in Jinhu Township is enough for tourists. If not, what is the feasibility of increasing the number of hotels in Xinshi Village? Director-General Li pointed out that the presentation “doesn’t need this and that,” and “having too many key points resulted in none of them actually being key points.”
Mayor Tsai felt that the presentation showed planning was going well, but there were only “conceptual” project, no “concrete” projects. If the feasibility of these projects is not clarified, they will only be talk. Director-General Hsu thought that planning corridors based on the characteristics of scenic spots goes against the habits of regular tourists, who will not strictly differentiate between tourism routes. He thought that they can plan a bicycle corridor and choose a few important scenic spots, then make a list of all resources; “linking them together” is the most important, and he hoped the planning company will list action plans for everyone to choose from. The national park representative reminded the planning company to take note of the legal regions and transportation routes.
Other departments and attendees pointed out that Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. made careful plans but covered too many aspects and can easily lose focus; resource integration must be carried out at first and departments must be horizontally integrated. If there is a groundbreaking plan, then its feasibility must be carefully evaluated. With regard to policy plans, such as Mt. Taiwu gondola recently proposed by Magistrate Chen, the planning company must immediately respond with full vigor and urgency. Others reminded the planning company to check resources in each place and find those with value for development. Someone recommended investing in Bailong River and Xibian. And someone believed that business and parking models in Xinshi can be reconsidered as there is great potential.
Some opinions pointed out that even though the presentation was clear from a micro perspective, implementation will require cooperation between departments, so the planning company must formulate a plan for division of labor. The Agricultural Research Institute, Forestry Institute, and Livestock Research Institute that current progress made in their respective industries prevents the plans from being only talk.
Finally, Director-General Li decided to “Reject” the mid-term report of Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd., and hoped the company will propose at least 3 action plans to choose from in the next meeting; time is urgent as budgeting for the project will be carried out in June. The “Jinhu Township Tourism Development Action Plan” was contracted to Chen Moon and Engineering Consultants Ltd. on June 30th, 2015, the preliminary report was approved on September 23rd, 2015, and the project is currently in the mid-term phase.

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