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Kinmen Marathon Draws Spectacular Crowd of 16,000

Kinmen Marathon Draws Spectacular Crowd of 16,000
January 15th, 2017
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/ Jinning.

“Grand Event by the River Wu Shines on Kinmen!”
The two-day “2017 Kinmen Marathon” kicked off early morning yesterday with the 11.2 km road run and 5 km health and leisure run leading the way. Although temperatures remained at a chilly 11℃, the event still managed to attract approximately 16,000 passionate marathon runners and local residents. They helped warm-up and introduce today’s (the January 15th) opening ceremony for the professional events of the half and full marathon. Needless to say, marathons have become the nation’s healthiest sport while also promoting tourism, boosting local industries, and generating economic benefit.
This event marks the 10th year of the Kinmen Marathon. The first day’s events began with the 11.2 km road run group and 5 km health and leisure run. The road run group saw 1,000 participants who competed on stamina, endurance, and speed; Lu Yun-Bo took first place in the men’s group with a record of 40 minutes and 23 seconds while second place of the women’s group was claimed by Yang Yu-Syuan with a record of 49 minutes and 14 seconds.
The health and leisure group saw approximately 16,000 local participants who joined at early morning.. Although the temperature was a mere 11℃, it was not enough to douse the passion of local participants. Elders and children, husbands and wives, or friends banded together at the break of dawn at 5 AM when the first registrations for the 5 km health and leisure run began. The line reached as far as the eye could see and excitement was aplenty. When the first shot was fired, participants walked, ran, supported the elderly and young, or even pushed strollers to enter the run. Families attended the health and leisure run joyfully and completed the event. “Surpassing oneself is the mark of a winner!”
Kinmen Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai also attended the early morning event, arriving at the site before the start of the race to greet constituents and meet the many athletes who traveled to Kinmen for the race; the Magistrate was welcomed warmly and the crowd lined up eagerly for photos. After an African drum performance by Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. and the warm-up exercises, the 11.2 km road run and 5 km health and leisure run started at the opening shot of Magistrate Chen, County Council Speaker Hung Li-Ping, Legislator Yang Chen-Wu, Secretary-General Wong Ming-Jhih, and Chinese Taipei Road Running Association Chairman Cao Er-Jhong, and runners dashed out in a spectacular rush .
Other participants of the opening ceremony of the 2017 Kinmen Marathon included Deputy Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean and Director-generals of the county government; County Council Deputy Speaker of the Shieh Tung-Long , Councilors Ouyang Yi-Syong, Jhang Yun-De, Lee Ing-Wen , Jincheng Township Mayor Shih Jhao-Min, and Jinning Township Mayor Chen Cheng-yong, among others; they encouraged participants young and old in the road run and health and leisure run to perform well and make a record.
Magistrate Chen began his speech with buoyant lifted spirits by greeting the marathon athletes and participants with: “Good morning everyone!” and thanked all for their eager participation, mentioning that after the 9th annual Kinmen Marathon last year, this year brings us the 10th; in order for the Kinmen Marathon to continue into the future, a little bit of differentiation is needed, so the one-day event was extended to two days in response to the passion of friends and residents who love marathons. He asked everyone to join and together make a wondrous and spectacular event.
With more than 16,000 participants joined the marathon’s road run and health and leisure events yesterday, Magistrate Chen hoped that the Kinmen Marathon would catapult Kinmen onto the global stage through international competitions so that the world can see Kinmen’s passion and energy. Yesterday’s exciting runs warmed up the field and gave a heads-up for today’s full and half marathon professional events. Magistrate Chen welcomed everyone to join as the opening shot is fired today!
Magistrate Chen stated that this year’s Kinmen Marathon was attended by elite athletes from ten different countries, making the event better with each passing year! Also, he said he asked Chinese Taipei Road Run Association Chairman Cao Er-Jhong about the optimal temperatures in a marathon, and got the answer of between 10 to 15℃. He pointed out that the morning’s (the 14th) temperature was 11℃, going up to 15 degrees as the sun rose , making it perfect for hosting a marathon.
Magistrate Chen pointed out that Kinmen’s passion and energy are the pillars that will improve the quality and reputation of the Kinmen Marathon; Kinmen has seen the 10th annual event now, and there will be the 20th, 30th, or even 100th annual marathon to come as that is Kinmen’s resilient fighting spirit. Also, this year’s many sponsors such as Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc, EverRich, and Vitalon have improved the marathon event so it became grander and more lively . Magistrate Chen expressed gratitude for their support and sponsorship!
With continued effort Kinmen Marathon has become a celebrated nationwide athletic event! Magistrate Chen stated that hosting a healthy marathon event has shown citizens nationwide a path to good health and brought hope to the area’s tourism, culture, and travel industries through triggering economic and industrial development; the event is very meaningful.
“It’s wonderful to have all of you!” Magistrate Chen once again thanked the passionate marathon athletes and participating residents, and as the year of the rooster was near, he wished everyone new hope and the best of luck in the coming new year!
Afterwards, Fujian Provincial Secretary-General Wong Ming-Jhih welcomed the opportunity to host the 2017 Kinmen Marathon and he represented Provincial Chairman Jhang Jing-Sen in wishing everyone the best, reminding athletes to keep warm in the cold morning and to put on their jackets after they cross the finish line, as well as to seek medical attention if they feel ill. Although exercise is important, life is even more precious. Finally, he wished everyone good health, a happy new year, and the successful completion of the event!

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