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Three Noes in Cockroach Prevention to Improve the Living Environment

Three Noes in Cockroach Prevention to Improve the Living Environment
Aug. 30, 2016
By Zhuang Huanning, general report

Cockroaches are common pests found the environment. While looking for food, they go in and out of dirty places, moving around humans, food and garbage. As a result, they are likely to spread the pathogens of various diseases and create direct impacts on the quality of living environment. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Kinmen County has publicly announced three effective methods, the three noes, to get rid of cockroaches: “no cockroaches coming,” “no place for cockroaches to stay” and “no food or water for cockroaches.” In other words, people are advised to keep the environment clean so that cockroaches will stay away.

The Environmental Protection Bureau has pointed out that the key to cockroach prevention is cleaning up the environment. The first effective method to keep cockroaches away is “no cockroaches coming.” Besides not leaving any cracks in doors, windows and pipelines, if there is any damage, it must be repaired right away. The second effective method is “no place for cockroaches to stay.” People should not stack up old newspapers, cardboard boxes and other junk so that cockroaches will have no place to hide. The third effective method is “no food or water for cockroaches.” All food should be put away properly, garbage and kitchen waste must be appropriately disposed of and trashcans and kitchen waste containers must be lidded to make sure cockroaches cannot get anything to eat. Kitchen counters must be kept clean. There should be no puddles inside the home. The indoor should be kept dry so that cockroaches cannot have any access to water which they need to survive and reproduce.

The Environmental Protection Bureau has also added that, other than the three effective methods, there are three other ways to cope with cockroaches. Use of chemicals at the right time and the right place can help exterminate cockroaches. There are a number of cockroach control products approved by the Environmental Protection Administration. The first way to cope with cockroaches is to spray a 10cm wide band of a cockroach control product up around areas where cockroaches are likely to be found. Cockroaches will die when they come in contact with the chemical. The second way is to use cockroach bait stations to entice cockroaches to enter the stations to eat the bait. This can be rather effective as well. The third way is to use anti-cockroach gel. This chemical has been designed according to the tendency of cockroaches to live and seek food together. It can be applied in cracks, corners and fissures and has been used by many families. If the living environment is also kept clean to assure that cockroaches can get no food, the possibility of cockroaches eating the gel chemical will be heightened and the results will be even better.

According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, the public can visit the Environmental Chemical Permit and Pest Control Business Search System at http://mdc.epa.gov.tw/MDC/search/search_License.aspx to find out which environmental chemicals are legally registered. People should also carefully read the instructions to understand the correct and safe ways to use such chemicals before applying them. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Administration has also set up the “Environmental Chemical Use Safety” website at http://mdc.epa.gov.tw/EVagents/EVSecurity/EVIndex.aspx to teach people about household pests, simple but effective ways to clean the environment, how to use environmental chemicals and things to consider when purchasing such products. People are welcome to visit the website.

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  • Date:2016-12-08