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Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Forum Scheduled in May 2018 11/21/2017

Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Forum Scheduled in May 2018
Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang/Summary Report

To promote mutual learning and exchanges of ideas between traditional culture and emerging industries in Macao, Xiamen and Kinmen, and to enhance developmental potential and innovative ability of young people in these three regions, the second Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Forum will be co-sponsored by youth organizations in the three areas, including the Macao Youth Federation, Ha Mun Friendship General Association of Macao, Xiamen Youth Federation, Xiamen Youth Career Development Association, Kinmen County Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee, and Kinmen Youth Entrepreneur Alliance. The Forum will be held prominently in Kinmen in May next year (2018). The Kinmen Forum Preparatory Committee (KFPC) held its first coordination meeting on November 19th at the Kinmen-Xiamen Young Entrepreneurs Base in Lianhua Township, Tong’an District of Xiamen City.
The first Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Forum was held in Macau from January 6th to 9th last year (2016), gathering over 200 youths and representatives of related enterprises from the three regions. Centering on its theme, "Three Innovations in Three Regions - Building a Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Cooperation and Development Experimental Zone Together”, with a focus on the respective advantages of the three regions, namely, the Belt and Road Initiative, the Free Trade Zone, and the Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the discussions aimed to take advantage of the forum to accelerate cooperation among the three regions, integrate their resources, extend their advantages, and facilitate tourism, cultural exchanges and industrial cooperation among the three regions, so as to jointly promote their international status.
The first coordination meeting called by the 2018 forum organizer, the Kinmen Forum Preparatory Committee (KFPC), was held in Xiamen, gathering over twenty representatives from organizations including Ha Mun Friendship General Association of Macao, Macao Youth Federation, Macao ASEAN International Chamber of Commerce, Xiamen Youth Federation, Xiamen Student Federation, Xiamen Guangcai Liang’an Youth Venture Group, Kinmen County Three Innovation Development Association, Kinmen County Youth Development Association, World-Zone Organic Lifestyles Association (WOLA), Kinmen-Xiamen Young Entrepreneurs Base, and Kinmen Office of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). Apart from gathering for meals and exchange of ideas, the participants have confirmed that next year's forum will be held from May 18th to 21st.
The KFPC put forward the theme of "Ecotourism, Farm-to-table Agricultural Innovation, and Sharing Economy" as the topics for the tripartite discussion, which was unanimously approved. After the banquet, the participants held a preliminary discussion on the details of the event. The KFPC suggested that the Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Forum should be open to other cities across the Taiwan Strait and allow them to join in as observing members, so as to work together towards creating a "Kinmen-Xiamen-Macau-Others" platform for the development of youth entrepreneurship and new ventures across the Taiwan Strait. This proposal was approved by all of the representatives.
The 2018 KFPC of the Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Forum was formed by local youth associations and related organizations. In his speech, Chairman of the KFPC (and the Kinmen County Three Innovation Development Association), Wong Chao-An, expressed his expectation that the Kinmen-Xiamen-Macao Youth Forum is not only a three-day annual symposium but also a platform to promote cross-strait exchanges in brands and industries. Through the convergence of the three regions and participation of the cities in the surrounding areas, it is hoped to maintain a normal exchange and interacting mechanism, specifically consolidating high-quality cooperation to foster talent among the three regions.

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  • Date:2018-01-02