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Magistrate Visits Minister of the National Development Council for Support for Kinmen’s Major Construction Projects

Magistrate Visits Minister of the National Development Council for Support for Kinmen’s Major Construction Projects
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Summary Report

Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai led Director General Cheng Tung-Lai of the General Affairs Department, Director Chen Tien-Shun of the Health Bureau, Deputy Director General Lu Ching-Fu of the Tourism Department, and Chairman Chen Yung-Ming of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. to visit Minister Lin Tsu-Chia of the National Development Council (NDC) yesterday (24th) afternoon, in hopes of gaining assistance from the NDC to resolve issues of Kinmen.
Even though there will be a new government on May 20th, during his visit on March 9th to Kinmen, Premier Simon Chang suggested that Kinmen County Government compile a list of matters requiring assistance to Lin Tsu-Chia, Minister of the NDC and Governor of Fujian Province, before government transition, and the central government will do whatever it can to help resolve the issues. If the matters cannot be completed, they can implement a new project to be continued by the new government. Moved by the sincerity of Premier Chang, Magistrate Chen addressed the issues Kinmen has faced for many years and requested assistance from the NDC.
Magistrate Chen expressed his gratitude to Vice Premier Tu Tzu-Chun when he served as minister of the NDC, during which he provided Kinmen with great assistance as the governor and minister. Magistrate Chen believed that Minister Lin use the same perspective and thought, as well as the experience gained from being the deputy ministry of the Mainland Affairs Council, to assist Kinmen.
Magistrate Chen also pointed out that the salary of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. employees is only NT$25,900, far lower than the NT$30,000 of state-owned enterprises such as Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, resulting in high performance but low salary. The salary adjustment plan proposed by the county government was evaluated to be feasible and can also raise the morale of employees. Hence, he specially asked Minister Lin for support and assistance in gaining approval from related departments. Furthermore, if the Executive Yuan approves the restructuring of Kinmen Hospital into the Kinmen Branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the county government is willing to bear any losses sustained when the hospital is first restructured; if an international medical policy is in place for offshore islands in the mid-term to long-term, attracting Chinese and international visitors to Kinmen for medical care will allow the hospital to become financially independent and create a win-win situation.
With regard to the Kinmen Industrial Park Plan, the county government submitted the plan to the Executive Yuan in 2013 for approval as a major construction and investment plan on an offshore island, but the plan has not been approved after 3 years. During this time the county government has already resolved drainage issues addressed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but Ministry of the Interior still objected due to lack of understanding. Besides requesting assistance from Minister Lin, Magistrate Chen also asked Legislator Yang Chen-Wu to explain to the Ministry of the Interior in hopes of making a breakthrough.
The NDC indicated that it will follow the instructions of the Premier and consider issues from the perspective of offshore islands, using the attitude to provide service and assistance to satisfy Kinmen’s requirements. With regard to the proposals of Kinmen County Government, the NDC will actively coordinate departments and bring the proposals up in the most recent work group meeting of the Offshore Island Development Advisory Committee when necessary.
The General Affairs Department pointed out that proposals cover construction, medical care, port, and employee salaries of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc., including:
1. Request to approve the major construction and investment plan “Kinmen County Industrial Park Plan.”
2. Request to approve the phase four comprehensive development plan “Jincheng Medical Care Park.”
3. Request to approve “Power Generators No.9 and No.10 of Kinmen Tashan Power Plant.”
4. Request to approve the “Kinmen Domestic Commercial Port Construction Plan (2017-2021).”
5. Request for helicopters of the National Airborne Service Corps to be stationed in Kinmen.
6. Request to accelerate review of subsidy for the construction of a joint office building in Kinmen.
7. Request for the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration to approve the salary structure adjustment of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.
8. Request to approve the relaxation of conditions and lower fees for Chinese residents to apply for on arrival visa in Kinmen
9. Request to appropriate the subsidy for losses from water price difference of Kinmen County Waterworks.
10. Request to restructure Kinmen Hospital into the Kinmen Branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

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  • Date:2016-12-08