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Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Demands the Construction of the Park Avenue on Huandao North Road to Meet the Deadline and Quality Standards

Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Demands the Construction of the Park Avenue on Huandao North Road to Meet the Deadline and Quality Standards
Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang / County Government Report

The reconstruction of Sections 3 and 4 of Huandao North Road, both the main roads between Jinsha Township and Jincheng Township, has been an important road project most highly valued by Magistrate Chen, Fu-Hai since he took office. At ordinary times, the existing 8-meter 2-way roadway has high traffic flow, in which there are usually large vehicles, motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles in the same direction, vying for the same lane, and frequently causing hazardous and dangerous situations. Also, in this construction the problem of insufficiency of water cross-section area regarding Jinsha No. 2 Bridge should be improved as indicated in “The Implementation Plan for First Phase of Flood Management in Flood-Prone Areas”, so as to prevent a high-level backwater in the upstream from causing a serious flood in such an area. In view of these problems, since February 22nd, 2016, Kinmen County Government has gradually executed the widening construction of certain roads.
Currently, Kinmen County Government is implementing the road widening construction of Section 3 of Huandao North Road (between Gaoyang Rd. intersection and Yangshan Rd. intersection). The construction between Gaoyang Rd. and Doumen Rd. was completed and open to traffic on December 10th, 2016. The road section between Doumen Rd. intersection and Yangshan Rd. intersection, of which the total distance is 1,200 meters, is now under construction. The first layer AC pavement construction for most road areas has been finished. The second AC pavement construction has also been carried out since May 20th, 2017, and can be scheduled for completion and open to traffic by the end of June 2017 if the weather condition is good.
As for the road widening construction of Section 4 of Huandao North Road, (between Yangshan Rd. intersection and Chenggong Rd. intersection), presently the pre-casting of abutment and pre-stressed beams of Jinsha No. 2 Bridge has been completed. Some main constructions, including the water discharge channel RCP culvert pipe installation and the new RC sheet pile revetment construction on the south side of the road, are ongoing. However, for the aforesaid construction, it is necessary to dismantle the existing bridge and revetment facility; thus the existing road is cut off and impassable temporarily. Moreover, this construction requires removal and new establishment of corresponding public pipelines, as well as improvements on related access roads. As a result, the entire construction is executed by temporarily closing roads.
So far, about 29.619% of the construction work is done. Since the main construction site is located in Jinsha River area, where the construction has been greatly influenced by the weather conditions, large geological variations on the construction site, and poor construction conditions, this construction project faces certain difficulties and uncertainties that led to a slower progress in the early phase of this project. However, the County Government continuously demanded the construction supervisor and the contractor to seize the time and keep up with the schedule. In addition, they need to cooperate with other units to eliminate the construction blockage and to make the construction go smoothly. After completion of Jinsha No. 2 Bridge, which is scheduled for the end of October 2017, the follow-up AC pavement work and improvement of access roads will begin. Therefore, the whole road is expected to be open to traffic by the end of 2017. Magistrate Chen especially required the authorities concerned to pay attention to the construction quality while building the Park Avenue on Huandao North Road in Kinmen County, as well as to finish this construction as soon as they could to minimize the public inconvenience caused by this work.
During the period of road closure, the County Government will continuously investigate and inspect relevant notices, road signs and warning equipment, along with other measures, and enhance pavement maintenance of alternative roads in order to ensure the smoothness of alternative routes. In terms of construction progress control and management, the County Government will also intensively review it with the construction supervisor and the contractor, and discuss the possibility of shortening the construction schedule so as to minimize the corresponding influences. Furthermore, during the construction period, the County Government sincerely asks our local people for their precious comments and opinions on any imperfect facilities or improper planning and promises to immediately urge those construction units to make improvements.

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  • Date:2017-11-30