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Magistrate Chen Declares Brand Building for Kinmen’s Agriculture during the “Farmers Day Commendation Ceremony”

Magistrate Chen Declares Brand Building for Kinmen’s Agriculture during the “Farmers Day Commendation Ceremony”
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Jinhu Township

During the 2016 Farmers Day Commendation Ceremony in Kinmen yesterday, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai indicated that under the leadership and efforts of Chairman Tsai Shui-You and cadre members of the Farmers Association, as well as the hard work of all farmers, Kinmen’s agricultural development is full of potential and hope. He further declared a new agriculture movement that will light up Kinmen’s agriculture!
Magistrate Chen pointed out that they must build a “Kinmen brand” to light up Kinmen’s agriculture. After all, Kinmen has so many safe and healthy agricultural products, and Kinmen can only rely on Taiwan’s market due to the small size of its own market.
Kinmen plays a key role in cross-Strait peace. Magistrate Chen pointed out that he believes the DPP may have a different way of thinking for Taiwan when the new government takes office on May 20th, but Kinmen will not change and will only be even better! He also said that in order to make Kinmen better, policies are very important. Hence, where is Kinmen’s future agriculture market? It is in Xiamen. And Xiamen has 13 million tourists a year, which is a market with great development potential and vision.
Food safety is also a topic of concern and Magistrate Chen pointed out that building a “Kinmen brand” is also an important topic in the agricultural development and production process. Kinmen has good agricultural products, but has low production due to the small market. The Farmers Association and sales and production team play an important role in the future prospects of agriculture.
Magistrate Chen indicated that Kinmen did not have the conditions in the past and could only grow kaoliang and wheat for making kaoliang liquor, which was one of the sources of income for farmers. In the future, with the support of Kinmen County Council, the county government will fully support the development strategies and ideas of the Farmers Association and farmers. The government will use its power to help agricultural development, including the development of new agricultural products!
Magistrate Chen commended the Farmers Association for sparing no effort in promoting agricultural policy, and thanked farmers for their hard work in agriculture. He believes that the capabilities of the government will create synergistic effects and make Kinmen’s agriculture even better!
Magistrate Chen thanked Kinmen residents for their support for the county government, especially the county council, which has strongly supported government policy. He also declared that Kinmen’s agriculture will light up, and all agricultural products represent the “Kinmen brand,” because it is good for Kinmen to have them and they will light up Kinmen’s agriculture!
Also, Magistrate Chen indicated that passenger transport during Chinese New Year was a success under the cooperation of Kinmen County Government and new legislators, successfully transporting all passengers stuck in Kinmen due to the fog. Even President Ma Ying-jeou knew it was an impossible mission!
Furthermore, Magistrate Chen was accompanied by Chairman Tsai Shui-You of the Farmers Association to see the agricultural results exhibition in the basement of the Social Welfare Building. In the exhibition, he saw that the wide variety of agricultural products were very good, and saw the potential and hope for Kinmen’s agricultural development!

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  • Date:2016-12-07