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Premier Chang Visits Kinmen to Inspect Constructions for Buying Water from China

Premier Chang Visits Kinmen to Inspect Constructions for Buying Water from China
Reporter: Tung Sen-Pao / Summary Report

Premier Simon Chang arrived in Kinmen yesterday to inspect the progress of constructions for buying water from China at Tianpu Reservoir. Director-General Chang Chung-Min of the Public Works Department gave a presentation on the construction as well as the water receiving pool and water treatment plant. A water buying agreement was signed with China on July 20th, 2015 under the joint efforts of central government agencies and Kinmen County Government, and pipeline construction was contracted out to China Ecotek Corporation for NT$878,850,000 on December 30th, 2015.
Premier Chang at around noon yesterday was accompanied by Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, Legislator Yang Chen-Wu, Speaker Hung Li-Ping, Minister without Portfolio Lin Tsu-Chia, Minister Hsia Li-Yen of the Mainland Affairs Council, Spokesperson Sun Li-Chun, Political Deputy Minister Yang Wei-Fu, and Hsu Ming-Neng to Tianpu Reservoir to inspect the progress of construction.
During the visit, Director-General Chang gave a presentation explaining that the water buying agreement between Kinmen County Waterworks and China, the diversion system was designed with a scale of 34,000 tons/day (expansion up to 55,000 tons/day), minimum purchase of water is 15,000 tons/day for years one to three, 20,000 tons/day for years four to six, 25,000 tons/day for years seven to nine, and 34,000 tons/day after year ten. Detailed designs are currently being prepared for the construction, and related documents have been submitted for review; construction is expected to begin between August and September 2016, completed in December 2017, and water buying will formally begin early 2018.
After listening to the presentation, Premier Chang indicated that Kinmen has flourished after the mini three links were established and water resources are already somewhat insufficient. He hopes that buying water from China will stabilize the water supply for Kinmen’s development. The construction has already been contracted out, and he will ask the Ministry of Economic Affairs to assist Kinmen County Government carrying out subsequent work so that the construction will be completed according to schedule.
Magistrate Chen and Legislator Yang thanked the Executive Yuan for finding the time to inspect Kinmen’s construction for buying water from China, and hoped that the central government will continue to provide Kinmen County Government with technical support, accelerate review operations, appropriate the central government’s subsidy for water price difference according to the actual amount as scheduled, and allocate a budget for tap water constructions and water resource development expenses not belonging to the local governments, so as to maintain normal supply for daily water use.
Furthermore, to maintain independent water supply ability, the approach of countries such as Singapore should be considered, and fully utilize economic, stable, and low energy consumption ground water resources. Magistrate Chen instructed the Public Works Department and Kinmen County Waterworks to gain approval from the central government to include Jinsha River Estuary Water Retention Plan in “Offshore Island Water Supply Improvement Plan (Phase 2),” so as to increase long-term water resources and ensure independent water supply reaches 75% and above. Efforts will continue be directed into improving the water quality in Kinmen, so as to provide sufficient high quality drinking water for residents.

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  • Date:2016-12-08