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7200 People from 16 Countries Run in Kinmen Marathon

7200 People from 16 Countries Run in Kinmen Marathon


Reported by: Yang Shuei-Yong at Jinning

“Fly with Kinmen!” The 2018 Kinmen Marathon (including 11.2km Road-Running, 21.0975km Half-Marathon, and 42.195km Full-Marathon events) was launched at National Quemoy University yesterday (14th). With the starting pistols fired by Kinmen County Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tien, Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long, and Secretary-General of the Provincial Government Wong Ming-Jhih, contestants from home, abroad, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau started a long-distance running competition that tested their physical strength, endurance and determination. After a fierce race, the Kenyans won both the men’s and women’s full-marathon championships. In particular, Samuel Mungara Kamiti broke the meet record set in 2014 with a new record for the Kinmen Marathon.
Following the 5km Health and Leisure group marathon, which took place a day earlier, the 2018 Kinmen Marathon kicked off at National Quemoy University at 7am yesterday, attracting a total of 7,200 runners to participate in this spearhead event in Kinmen. It is also a tournament that combines sports, tourism, culture, industrial marketing, and economic benefits. Participants are contestants from 16 countries and regions including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, the United States, Kenya, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Chile, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, France, and Taiwan.
Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tien delivered a speech saying that this year's Kinmen Marathon was launched at National Quemoy University with good weather and air quality. Many players from both sides of the Taiwan Strait as well as foreign friends participated in the event, making it an international sports tournament. Fellow countrymen in Kinmen County were all mobilized to enthusiastically support this extraordinary long-distance running event. They formed cheerleading teams to welcome the arrival of the marathon contestants and boost their morale!
Deputy Magistrate Wu thanked all the participants in this year’s marathon and the people that helped to establish Kinmen Marathon’s current foundation. He praised them, saying that “All your hard work has made history!” He also hoped that contestants can participate in the international event more often in the future, and promised Kinmen will organize its marathon better and better every year as long as players continue to participate. He wished everyone a good run, and expressed his deep gratitude on behalf of the citizens of Kinmen to all for working together to create miracles.
Sie Dong-Long, Deputy Speaker of the County Council, said that marathon has so far become a sport that Kinmen is well qualified to promote and it has already organized eleven games, which attracted more and more participants to compete. He made a spontaneous suggestion, proposing “to give one-year aged wine as the gift in the first year, and 12-year aged wine as the gift in the twelfth year next year”. He asked "OK folks?" and got a big round of applause from the audience. He also wished everyone to go forward without fear and win the championship!
The Kinmen Marathon attracted contestants from a total of 16 countries and regions this year. Among them, 800 are from overseas, including 22 elite athletes from Kenya.

The racing route starts from National Quemoy University, passing through streets in Jincheng Township, the ecological area on Cihhu Road (Jinning Bike Lane), the Guningtou Battle Zone, and straight down to the cultural area of the Cionglin Village, and the green tunnel area along Huandao North Road, Huandao East Road, Sanduo Road, Taihu Road, and Boyu Road. The scenery along the route is bright and colorful, full of diverse cultural and natural landscapes. It displays Kinmen’s features and is also a factor that attracts contestants.
After a fierce road race, Kenyan athlete Samuel Mungara Kamiti won the men’s full-marathon championship with the cheers of thousands of people on the spot. His 2 hours 17 minutes and 32 seconds record broke the meet record of 2 hours 17 minutes and 44 seconds set in 2014, awarding him a cash prize of NT$210,000. After the race, Kamiti said he’s happy that he broke the meet record and hoped to come back next year to challenge the record he had set. The women’s full-marathon championship was won by Teclah Chebt, also from Kenya, with a record of 2 hours 52 minutes and 19 seconds. She was awarded a cash prize of NT$200,000.
The domestic men's full-marathon champion was Kinmen local Li Yi-Syun, who finished in 2 hours 41 minutes and 43 seconds; the domestic women’s full-marathon champion was He Cing-Yan, a teacher from Tainan who finished in 3 hours 2 minutes and 31 seconds.

The Kinmen Marathon’s men's half-marathon champion was first time participant Chen Bing-Fong, who was sponsored by 361 Degrees International Limited and finished in 1 hour 11 minutes and 57 seconds; the women’s half-marathon champion was last year’s champion You Ya-Jyun, who is nicknamed “Jade Rabbit Goddess” and has made four consecutive years of victory in this competition group. This year, she won her fifth championship in this category with the record of 1 hour 22 minutes and 5 seconds. The runner-up was Jhang Jhih-Syuan, who finished in 1 hour 22 minutes and 37 seconds; Chen Yu-Syun ranked fourth with 1 hour 28 minutes and 43 seconds in the women’s half-marathon competition.

In addition, the Amphibious Frogman Unit of the Kinmen Defense Command gave a tremendous show, displaying active service tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery batteries on site for the audience to photograph, along with gunshot sound effects and Teresa Teng’s singing. For the first time, the 361 Degrees also launched a series of men's and women's camouflage sportswear to match Kinmen’s unique battlefield characteristics, so that each professional contestant can wear professional sportswear that reflects both fashion and practicality, symbolizing the battlefield features of the past. Other valuable gifts included Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.’s commemorative liquors and sorghum liquors equivalent to the contestant’s weight (other gifts were provided for those under 18 years of age), 361 Degrees’ international award-winning professional running shoes, Everrich Golden Lake Hotel’s accommodation vouchers, etc. for lucky draw. On site, there were also after-race supplementary beverages including hot tea and bananas, Vitalon drink and other sport drinks, Dr. Wang’s sport cream for pain relief and on-site massage services. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc., Taiwan’s 361 Degrees, Xiamen Media Group, Codoon Net, and Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited also continued to sponsor and co-organize the event, using their corporate influence and online media to promote Kinmen Marathon to become a benchmark event in Asia.

Due to the impact of Typhoon Meranti in 2016, a large number of trees on Kinmen Island were destroyed. In response to the tree-planting and safeguarding Kinmen event, the marathon organizer this year called on warmhearted participants to each donate NT$300 to adopt a tree seedling during registration. The Kinmen County Government will plant 233 adopted tree seedlings on the Arbor Day this year, sustaining the afforestation of Kinmen’s cities. The organizer also encouraged contestants to donate new running clothes in all road running marathon activities, for professional agencies to help with coordinating groups and organizations in need to make better use of these materials.

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