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Magistrate Chen Meets With Lin Kuo-Chin, Leader of Overseas Community in Brunei

Magistrate Chen Meets With Lin Kuo-Chin, Leader of Overseas Community in Brunei
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Kinmen County Government

Lin Kuo-Chin, leader of overseas community in Brunei, was accompanied by Deputy Magistrate Lin Te-Kung and Director-General Ning Kuo-Ping, who are from the same township as him, to a meeting with Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai yesterday, and exchanged opinions on the timetable for opening Dadan and Erdan Islands for Tourism, as well as the development of Lieyu Township.
Magistrate Chen said that Kinmen is at a key point of its development in history, in order for Kinmen to prosper, policies must first be formulated, and he hoped to gain support from the new government after May 20th to improve infrastructure and create a better environment that will attract a portion of the 60 million tourists that visit Xiamen each year to visit Kinmen; there can be high expectations for the future of Kinmen’s tourism if just 1 million Chinese tourists visited Kinmen each year.
On the topic of opening Dadan and Erdan islands for tourism, Magistrate Chen indicated that he wanted high quality travel and not just flying visits; Lieyu Township has a unique environment and gathering of talent, giving it great potential for development. After the military control from the past fades away, he is confident of developing Kinmen into a non-military zone and special economic and trade zone of cross-Strait peace, and will show the essence of Lieyu at the same time.
Magistrate Chen only had good things to say about leaders of overseas communities who returned to their hometown to make donations or build schools. He praised Lin Kuo-Chin for fully understanding the situation of his hometown, and hoped that leaders of overseas communities will serve as an example, not only frequently returning to their hometown with witness the results, but also attract even greater investment.
He specially returned to his hometown to witness the completion of a lecture hall built using donations from Li Yung-Chen, who is also from Lieyu Township. Lin Kuo-Chin indicated that he has always been concerned about the development of his hometown, and believed that the greatest charity in life is education. He hoped that more Kinmenese people living overseas will also show concern about the development of education in their hometown.
Lin Kuo-Chin is from Lieyu Township and traveled to Southeast Asia when he was 19, becoming a successful businessman in Brunei. At present, Lin Kuo-Chin is the president of Haihuang Goods Company in Brunei, and is known as the “king of goods” in Brunei along with Lin Kuo-Min, his second older brother who operates Diyi Goods Company.
Besides witnessing the results of donations from leaders of overseas communities for building schools during this trip home, Lin Kuo-Chin indicated that he will continue to encourage more people to make donations to education in their hometown when he returns to his place of residence overseas.

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  • Date:2016-12-08