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Artists at the Kinmen New Year's Eve Party contribute to keeping the audience pumped

Artists at the Kinmen New Year's Eve Party contribute to keeping the audience pumped
Reporter: Jhuang Huan-Ning/Jincheng

"Golden Love Together - Kinmen New Year's Eve Party 2017". Last evening, at the square situated behind the Kinmen Stadium, the County Magistrate, Chen Fu-Hai and his wife, celebrated the arrival of the New Year with the crowd. The stunning performances given by famous singers invited from the Taiwan mainland and the local arts performing groups together with the lucky draw set the show on fire, culminating in its climax when County Magistrate, Chen Fu-Hai, the honorable guests, the artists and the public present started the countdown to 2017. Everyone had their eyes staring at the sky at the spectacular fireworks display and happy to greet the arrival of 2017!
The Kinmen New Year's Eve Party "Golden Love Together" scheduled for seven o'clock in the evening at the square situated behind the Kinmen Stadium had the "Miss Sweet" presenting the opening performance after the warm-up performances by "Siao Jian Er" and "Ai Siao" bands to enliven the atmosphere on the stage and warm the audience for the rest of the evening show.
County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai pointed out in his address that after May 20th, the cross-strait relations have changed. Taiwan's tourism industry has fallen by nearly fifty percent but Kinmen, Xiamen, and Fujian inbound visitor statistics were 160,000 for last year and 200,000 people for this year. He especially thanked the Kinmen folks for supporting him and giving him the opportunity to serve them for over 20 years.
He praised the first five townships for their assistance in the implementation of the various policies. He said that three months ago, Kinmen was hit by the worst typhoon of the past 50 years, causing great havoc to the island. The county government and the township offices worked hand in hand to actively and rapidly start the reconstruction work. According to a TVB poll survey, Kinmen ranks highest on the National Happiness Index. He thanked the beloved folks for giving him the opportunity and he will definitely work together with the mayors of the five townships, the Legislator representing Kinmen and especially the Speaker of the Kinmen County Council, Hong Li-Ping, her deputy, Sie Dong-Long and all the Council members. The County Government will work with all the folks to create happiness on the island.
Heaven has graced Kinmen with many opportunities; we need to embrace them, be grateful and cherish them. County Magistrate Chen added that during these past two years, people can see that the county government has been serious in laying the foundation for Kinmen’s development. Hydro-electric power is an important basis for such development. Since water resources are scarce in Kinmen, the water diversion project will provide our folks with clean drinking water from the Mainland China upon completion. By the end of next year, both sides of the Taiwan Strait will drink from the same river. A month ago, the Ministry of Economics Affairs’ Taiwan Power Company was preparing to invest NTD3.5billion in Kinmen’s Shueitou Tashan power plant, thus power supply will no longer be a problem.
Magistrate Chen also said that the Kinmen’s road widening project is currently being carried out. In order to beautify the road environment and make the transportation more convenient, the construction works, may at times, bring temporary inconvenience to the inhabitants. He asked everyone to bear with it for the moment. The County Government’s quality team will definitely build a happier environment for Kinmen. He also mentioned that the TVBS poll on the city’s sense of glory is 81% for Kinmen, the highest among all Taiwanese cities and counties. He also expected the county government team and the five townships to be more serious and hard-working, so as to make all the people of Kinmen to be proud of being a Kinmen inhabitant and moreover, be honored to say “I am from Kinmen”!
Not only do we have the support of the Council and mayors to work for Kinmen, our legislator, Yang Cheng-Wu, who has the best performance in the central government, also has the capacity and enthusiasm to diligently serve the locals, said County Magistrate Chen. He coordinates with the central government on local policies and as the incumbent to fight and speak for Kinmen.
In 2016, although Typhoon Meranti devastated Kinmen, fortunately, there was no casualty. Magistrate Chen said that since the inhabitants gave him the opportunity, he will make it a must to seriously help Kinmen. The government may not be entirely perfect, but with modest reform, with modest self-criticism, it will become better and better.
County Magistrate Chen further mentioned that he wanted to show the example and the county government has promoted filial piety across the county. The ruling team’s goal is to embody the concept of Great Harmony in the “Conveyance of the Rites” across Kinmen. “Provision is made for the aged till their death” is to allow the elders of Kinmen to live happier lives, and improve medical care, retiree life, welfare, community care and so on. He would like to thank the Council for the adoption of bills that he proposed during the political campaign to raise the elders’ monthly allowance by NTD1,000 for those aged 65 years or above.
“Employment for Adults” is to enable young people to have a good working environment, so they can return to Kinmen to work, and graduates from National Quemoy University can also make use of what they have learned here. As for “Enabling youth to grow up”, this concept relates to providing a good learning environment, resources and talent training all the way from preschool education, primary, secondary to tertiary education, with the help of Legislator Yang Cheng-Wu in negotiating with the central government. “Widows, widowers, orphans, the old and the childless as well as the sick and the disabled are all well taken care of” is to enable all disadvantaged folks to be cared for, and take the initiative to actively help them. We must apply each of these policies so that Kinmen will become the door to the paradise of the Great Harmony.
“The leave of the monkey announced by the golden rooster”! County Magistrate Chen said that since 2017 is the Year of the Rooster and is also the year of action for the Kinmen County Government, everyone must join hands to create a better environment for Kinmen and allow the reputation of Kinmen’s happiness to spread throughout the country. He then wished everyone good health, peace and lots of joy in the New Year.
Subsequently, County Magistrate Chen and the honorable guests went up the stage to start the party. Chen picked the winner of the second prize for the lottery draw and donated 5 additional boxes of wine of cherishment and gratitude. Then, “Super Star Avenue” singer Judy Chou took the lead to the stage to sing, followed by Hsieh Chin-Ching, Wu-Jiang Dance Company, Watermelon Brother and Cherry Sister from the YOYO family, Huang Di-Jun (“Rookies’ Diary” Political Warfare Officer), Jhang Jing-Yun, the Gong Bei Po Folk Dance Association, ECHO (Li Chang-Jun), South Duet, Huang Shi-Ting and more. The performances of the well-known artists from the Taiwanese mainland and the local groups, the harmonious song melodies, and the stunning show overwhelmed the audience. Everyone got pumped and the New Year’s party went on merrily till the middle of the night.

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  • Date:2017-11-30