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Over 700 People Joined the Tourism Half Marathon in Lieyu Township

Over 700 People Joined the Tourism Half Marathon in Lieyu Township

Reporter: Syu Jia-Tai / Lieyu

The 1st session of the 2nd Charming Kinmen—Tourism Half Marathon in 5 Townships started in Lieyu yesterday. In the cold weather against the chilly wind, over 700 runners rushed ahead. County Government Secretary-General Lin De-Gong passed Magistrate Chen’s blessing to the runners and wished them to have good results. County Council Speaker Hong Li-Ping also wished the runners health and happiness. Lieyu Township Mayor Hong Cheng-Fa welcomed runners from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and said that road running was not only good for health but also could give runners a chance to tour around the township to experience its culture and customs and appreciate its beauty.

The 2nd Charming Kinmen—Half Marathon in Lieyu road running event held by Kinmen County Tourism Association took place yesterday. The cold wind did not dampen the enthusiasm of the runners. At 6:30 am, the runners took the ferries and arrived at Jiugong Dock Square in succession. They geared up to prepare for the upcoming start of the race. The vigorousness of the participants heated up the event.

County Government Secretary-General Lin De-Gong expressed the greetings of Magistrate Chen. Lieyu Township Mayor Hong Cheng-Fa, Council Speaker Hong Li-Ping, Deputy Council Speaker Sie Dong-Long, County Councilors Wang Bi-Jhen, Syu Yu-Jhao, Ouyang Yi-Syong and Jhang Yun-De, Director-General of the Tourism Department Chen Mei-Ling, Executive Secretary of Kinmen County Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee Wang Jhong-Sheng, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Lieyu Township Elected Representatives Hong Ruo-Shan and Hong Yan-Yu, Lieyu Township Elected Representatives Fang Jyun-Yang and Chen Siou-Jhih, Manager of Legislator Yang Cheng-Wu’s Service Office in Lieyu Hong Syue-Wun, Director of Lieyu Township Service Center Hong Jhih-Fang as well as Secretary of Lieyu Township Office Fang Siao-Ping all attended the event in person to cheer the runners on. They were welcomed by Chairman of Kinmen County Tourism Association Wu Jia-Jiang, Secretary-General of Chinese Taipei Road Running Association Chen Hua-Heng, volunteers and event workers.

Lin De-Gong expected the runners to show the marathon spirit of “perseverance and never giving-up” and to exceed their limits by exercising their potentials.

Hong Li-Ping expressed that nowadays marathon was more and more popular, and all kinds of road running races were held one after another. This exercise was not only beneficial to one’s physical and mental health, but also brought a culture which was full of a happy atmosphere. She encouraged everyone to do more exercise and enjoy the joy and health brought by exercise.

According to Hong Cheng-Fa, the infrastructure had been well developed in Lieyu Township in the past few years thanks to the continued subsidies from the central government and the county government. The barracks areas such as Tie-Han Fortress, Brave Fortress, Ci-Lin Mountain, Luo-Cuo Highland, the area near Maokong Rock, L18 Artillery Base, Sha-Si Fortress, etc. had also been revitalized and transformed into tourist spots with the military relics. He welcomed people to visit Lieyu, experiencing its customs and enjoying its local taro cuisine.

Wu Jia-Jiang stated that road running had become one of the specialties in Kinmen. This year, the theme of the road running event was the Wind Lion God. He expected that this half marathon activity featuring leisure and tourism would bring the runners to appreciate the beauty of countryside and attract different groups of people to participate in the event and buy goods and services in Kinmen. According to Wu, a female entrepreneur from Xiamen also brought a team to participate in the activity.

At 7:30 am, more than 700 runners started running from the Jiugong Dock after the starting guns were fired by the guests. It was very crowded and lively.

Head of the Jhuo-Huan Ultra Running Club Chen Li-Hong and its members Lin Yi-Lan, Syu Cai-Yu, Cai Su-Jhen, Chen Ya-Ru, Lin Shu-Fen and Tan Jia-Yin all wore a cheongsam to attend the race. Their style was very eye-catching. Led by Chen Li-Hong, the members of the Jhuo-Huan Ultra Running Club completed the distance of 10.7KM. After that, they took a group picture happily. Chen Li-Hong hoped their club could drive more people to do exercise.

Yesterday, the temperature plunged, and the runners all shivered before the race started. However, after starting running for a while, they felt warmer. In addition to running for the race, the runners saw the unique beauty of the villages in Little Kinmen and received enthusiastic cheers from viewers along the route. All of these left them a lot of wonderful memories of Lieyu.

Wu Jia-Jiang pointed out that since the theme of the 2nd Road Running Event was the Wind Lion God, every runner would receive a Wind Lion Medal representing the township which held a session of the marathon event. Participants who attended all of the 5 sessions of the event would receive 5 medals, which could be pieced together to make a big statue of the Wind Lion God. It was very special.

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  • Date:2018-01-02