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Kinmen County Government Convenes Meeting on Controlled Items of Major Administrative Projects

Kinmen County Government Convenes Meeting on Controlled Items of Major Administrative Projects
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Kinmen County Government

Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai convened a meeting on controlled items of major administrative projects of the county government yesterday, and heard reports by the Harbor Office, Economic Affairs Department, Public Works Department, Education Department, Tourism Department, and Cultural Affairs Bureau on the current progress and improvement measures for major administrative projects. Magistrate Chen hoped that the county government will broaden its administrative efforts and let citizens see the government’s efforts; carry out administrative plans once a policy is set, and make a perceivable difference in citizens’ lives to jointly realize the “Kinmen Dream”!
The county government’s meeting on controlled items of major administrative projects will held in conference room one of the county government at 10:00 yesterday morning. Attendees included Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tian, Secretary General Lin Te-Kung, Secretary Chen Yung-Ming, Senior Executive Officer Weng Tzu-Pao, and directors of the Economic Affairs Department, Public Works Department, Education Department, Tourism Department, Cultural Affairs Bureau, and Harbor Office.
During the meeting, Magistrate Chen listened to reports on the new construction of a large passenger service center in Shuitou Port, housing policy in Shangyi and Cihu, Southern Fukien architecture area in Anqi, phase one reconstruction of buildings of Jinhu Elementary School, construction for purchasing water from China, Jincheng parking lot, and the preliminary planning and survey study of cultural landscape in Mt. Taiwu, including the project progress and planned work items, they discussed projects that are behind schedule and improvements, and he asked the opinions of related departments.
After listening to the reports on major administrative projects, Magistrate Chen hoped that the responsible departments will carefully handle every project, and personally visit the sites to see what issues there are, or form a “task force” when necessary to strictly control project execution; related departments must carry out integration to properly control work items and allow the projects to be completed on schedule, so that residents will see the results of their administrative efforts.
Magistrate Chen said that government administration shows its consideration for citizens through “patience,” by taking the time to explain each item that citizens want to them. He stressed that the county government must first be sufficiently prepared before giving any explanation, and carefully think things through so that citizens will understand the county government’s administrative guidelines and policies. Once a policy is established, it must be strictly executed with clear budget control.
Additionally, Magistrate Chen hoped to take into consideration the opinions of experts not in the county government when formulating, discussing and establishing policies, jointly participating in policy discussions to make plans more complete and consistent with administrative objectives.
Magistrate Chen indicated that Kinmen is richly endowed by nature and can complete many administrative results. Every day before work he will search only for what other counties and cities are doing, as well as any creative administrative concepts. These good experiences and ideas are opportunities for us to challenge, and we can be even better than them! One day people will hold our products and say: “Kinmen made this!”
Magistrate Chen also said that Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tian providing services in the county government gives him the opportunity to visit rural areas and survey public opinion. He discovered that “once you step outside the opinions of citizens will come in”; the opinions of citizens he received when visiting Jinhu, Jinsha, and Jincheng were all very meaningful, and gave him an outline for administrative priorities. This is different from sitting in the office or discussing priorities in a meeting, and is closer to the public’s opinions and expectations!
Magistrate Chen said that visits to rural areas and blending in with the residents was a good feeling, and he will make policies that residents are concerned about more transparent and open under this atmosphere! He also indicated that when implementing the county government’s policies, some belong to the locality while others belong to the central government, and even though some cannot be fully implemented from the start, the residents understood the situation and were willing to communicate, making the visits very meaningful!
Furthermore, Magistrate Chen shared his experiences with talking to residents above county administration over the past week, and felt that their discussions about tilted roofs, lifting restrictions on building height, and urban planning were all very meaningful. He learned their thoughts and perspectives of government administration, interacted with them, talked about daily life, and clicked like on Facebook. It was a warm experience!
It is not possible to know the atmosphere in communities without going outside to visit them! Magistrate Chen indicated that residents offer an opportunity to treat every issue seriously, and once you solve minor issues, they will have confidence when it comes to major issues! He also pointed out that residents do not understand major policies, so once you solve their minor issues, you will gain support in major issues.
Finally, Magistrate Chen said that the purpose of visiting rural areas is not only to learn about public opinion, but also encourage basic level employees, and ley them understand that county government’s attitude and thinking from the people’s perspective of the next five years, ten years… and even a hundred years, from minor to major issues, hoping that the county government will broaden their perspective and let citizens know where we are focusing our efforts in!

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  • Date:2016-12-08