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Haze Weather Observing Experiment Kinmen Weather Station Opened Today

Haze Weather Observing Experiment Kinmen Weather Station Opened Today
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Summary Report

Haze weather is a key factory that affects transportation in the Taiwan Strait and surrounding areas! The Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University jointly implemented the Ministry of Science and Technology research project “Influence of Aerosol Physics and Chemistry on Haze Weather in the Taiwan Strait and Surrounding Areas,” and will begin a month of intensive aerosol (suspended particles) and trace gas observing research in Kinmen Weather Station, Central Weather Bureau starting today (15th) to April 15th, investigating the atmospheric composition and meteorological conditions of haze weather in Kinmen.
Deputy Director Chou Chung-Kuang of the Research Center for Environmental Changes of Academia Sinica, who is responsible for the experiment project, explained that observation instruments for intensive observation of “haze weather” include aerosol mass concentration and chemical composition monitoring instrument, aerosol particle number concentration and particle sizer, aerosol sampler, aerosol Lider and optical coefficient monitoring instrument, haze particle sizer, and haze sampler.
Chou Chung-Kuang indicated that the instruments were delivered to the weather station early March and began installation, testing, and calibration, and that observations will begin today. The instruments will gather data of atmospheric components around the clock, and Kinmen Weather Station will provide meteorological observation data for atmospheric physical and chemical analysis.
Director Wang Yao-Hua of Kinmen Weather Station indicated that the station will fully cooperate with this intensive observation experiment, and results of the project will not only be used for academic discussion, observation data and analysis results will also be provided to the Central Weather Bureau for evaluating visibility changes in Kinmen during spring and further improve its forecasting ability for haze weather in Kinmen.

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  • Date:2016-12-08