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Kinmen is a City of Happiness, Runners’ Heaven, and Island of Passion

Kinmen is a City of Happiness, Runners’ Heaven, and Island of Passion
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Jinning Township

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Kinmen Marathon was held in National Quemoy University yesterday. The ceremony was hosted by Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, who was accompanied by Council Speaker Hung Li-Ping and Legislator Yang Chen-Wu in firing the starting gun. Magistrate Chen said that Kinmen is a runners’ heaven, an island with history and culture, and the spirit of Kinmen of “persistence and never giving up.” He wished the runners health, hope, and challenge their own records on this island of heroes and historical memories, and made a deal to meet them again in the 10th Kinmen Marathon!
The opening ceremony of Kinmen Marathon, which is an international running event featuring battlefield military culture and is known as the “heaven for first-time marathon runners,” was held at 6:30 A.M. yesterday. In addition to 5,000 runners from around the world, Kinmen County Government once again invited four outstanding runners from Kenya, who became the focal point of the event.
During his speech in the opening ceremony, Magistrate Chen first welcomed runners from around the world to this major annual event in Kinmen, and then greeted everyone “Good Morning!” and asked “Isn’t the weather great!” He said that it is raining in Taiwan but there is good weather in Kinmen, which is a runners’ heaven, and thanked the heavens for providing such good weather, wishing the runners will exceed themselves and set good records.
Magistrate Chen indicated to the marathon runners that Kinmen is a city of happiness with good security, and humorously said: “the police will be pulling over anyone who is speeding, so you can’t run faster than sixty kilometers an hour or the police will pull you over!” The tense atmosphere instantly relaxed amongst the laughter!
Kinmen is an island of culture and history that is known as “Haibin Zoulu.” It is an island of heroes filled with historical memories. Magistrate Chen said that Kinmen was a battlefield during early periods and has the spirit of marathons of “persistence and never giving up.” He encouraged the runners to go “over the top” and experience that Kinmen is a passionate island in the friendly environment!
When being interviewed by the press, Magistrate Chen said having the marathon runners made Kinmen a better place, and he believed that future marathons will become better and better. Since Kinmen is a battlefield, many scenic spots were arranged along the route of the marathon, including Southern Fukien traditional architecture and ecological and cultural landscape, hoping that the marathon will not only allow runners to gain the best record, but also experience the beauty of Kinmen!
Magistrate Chen also said that runners who had received a heart transplant at Cheng Hsin General Hospital completed the Kinmen Marathon this year. He said that living in the present and running for health and hope gives special meaning to Kinmen Marathon! The runners included Chang Lung-Hsiung, Chien Shuo-Hua, Lin Li-Ping, and Yang Chung-Yu. They embody the universal value of health, while a marathon is a challenge of persistence and never giving up!
When Council Speak Hung Li-Ping spoke at the opening ceremony, she used the word “dearest” to call Magistrate Chen, and said that Magistrate Chen is the greatest source of happiness: “Fu-Hai means we will have happiness as immense as the East Sea,” so Kinmen has good weather for holding a marathon. She also wished the distinguished guests, runners, and residents a late Chinese New Year, hoped that they would set their own personal records, and will have a healthy and beautiful future!
Secretary General Li Chih-Hsiung of Fukien Provincial Government was also one of the contestants in the marathon and greeted everyone on behalf of Governor Lin Tsu-Chia. He said he was very glad to be a part of the marathon, hoped that everyone will go over the top and set a good record, and yelled “Go, go, go!”

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  • Date:2016-12-07