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Initial consensus reached between Magistrate Chen and Chinese authority over disposal of marine debris

Initial consensus reached between Magistrate Chen and Chinese authority over disposal of marine debris
Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih / County Government
In order to expedite the process of transporting back marine debris from Mainland China for disposal, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai yesterday morning (Aug 9th) led a delegation consisting of Kinmen County Executive Officer Wong Zih-Bao, Deputy Director of the Kinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau Yang Jian-Li, and others to visit the officials of the Xiamen Municipal People's Government in Xiamen City such as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, Chen Ciou-Syong, Director of the Fujian Province Taiwan Affairs Office, Wang Ling, and Director of the Xiamen City Taiwan Affairs Office, Huang He-Ming, for discussion of the issue.
In this regard, thorough exploration was done, and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Fujian Provincial Government dispatched officials to Kinmen for on-site inspections from August 2nd through 4th and has understood the actual situation. Deputy Secretary Chen Ciou-Syong and Director Wang Ling highly praised Magistrate Chen for his going back and forth across the Taiwan Strait in an effort to resolve Kinmen residents’ well-being issues. A preliminary consensus has been reached on the plan to transport marine debris back to the mainland for disposal. As for the technical aspects and the implementation details, the relevant departments of the two sides will conduct further discussions.
The Kinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau said Kinmen is located in the Jiulong River estuary of Fujian, China. Because of the monsoons and tidal currents, there are about five or six hundred tons of marine debris every year from the coastal waters off Fujian, which lays scattered along the whole shore and beach, affecting the environmental landscape. As a result, the county has invested plenty of manpower and funds in salvage and cleanup every year. Given that there are no local treatment facilities for ocean trash in Kinmen, which has caused treatment problems and difficulties, it is urgent to seek a breakthrough in resolution.
During the visit to Kinmen paid by the delegation led by the deputy director of the Fujian Province Taiwan Affairs Office from August 2nd through 4th, the delegation expressed its intention to convey it back for disposal after on-site inspection of the Kinmen coastline. In order to take advantage of such an opportunity, push the plan forward, and enlist the support of mainland China’s high-level officials for this case, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai made a special trip to Xiamen yesterday morning to express the difficulties faced by the county. Considering that Kinmen County belongs to Fujian Province and based on the notion that "both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family," the mainland China government should assist Kinmen residents in solving their well-being problems by facing the issue like we are “one family,” said Magistrate Chen, who was gratified by the preliminary consensus on the resolution of the issue.
Meanwhile, with the aim of expanding the scale of exchanges between Fujian coastal areas and Kinmen and continuing the cooperation on the basis of “Mini-Three Link,” Kinmen County has continued to open itself wider to the mainland China and supported the upgraded policy of the “Mini-Three Link,” encouraging the mainland’s tourists to visit Kinmen. Chen also called on the mainland to offer more preferential measures to Kinmen, suggesting that mainland China should (1) continue to map out the “Kinmen-Xiamen tourism route,” developing a tourism program that encourages non-Fujian residents to visit Xiamen for extending their trip to Kinmen and encouraging tourist groups to stay at least one night when they go to Kinmen; (2) grant as soon as possible a one-year multiple-entry visa to Xiamen or Fujian residents who have traveled to Kinmen before and hold a Mainland Resident Travel Permit; (3) assist in allowing travel agencies not targeting Taiwan tours in all provinces to locally promote and recommend Kinmen tour packages; (4) help permit more mainland Chinese residents to go on independent travel in Kinmen and allow them to apply for a visa in a foreign place, while promoting the policy for mainland enterprises to go to Kinmen for company trips or incentive tours, as well as jointly promoting MICE tourism. The above suggestions have also received a positive response from mainland China.
In July 2015, a delegation led by the governor of Fujian Province visited Kinmen for exchanges and completed the signing of the cross-strait water supply contract, pioneering cross-strait cooperation on people's well-being. Moreover, in order to meet the long-term development needs of Kinmen and create a green vision of a low-carbon island, and relieve the burden of power generating costs of the central government, Magistrate Chen also suggested at the meeting that the two sides simultaneously start the assessment and argumentation of the parallel power grids in Kinmen and mainland China and establish the respective task forces and points of contact, so as to accelerate the implementation of the project of parallel power grids in Kinmen and the mainland.
According to Magistrate Chen, in order to ensure that mainland Chinese fishing boats performed safe operations pursuant to law, Deputy Secretary Chen Ciou-Syong on August 8th went to the Wotou frontier defense area of Xiang'an District for investigation, requesting that the authorities further provide more education to fishermen, strengthen the lawful operations by fishing vessels off the coast, raise their awareness of safe production, as well as adhere to mass prevention and mass treatment and adopt multiple measures to prevent fishermen from crossing the border illegally to Kinmen for catching fish by effectively utilizing a remote vessel positioning early warning system. He also requested the authorities to increase inspection efforts to ensure safe operations of fishing boats and fishermen in Xiamen and Kinmen waters and enhance the harmonious atmosphere of cross-strait non-governmental exchanges. Regarding Xiamen City’s effort in promoting and maintaining lawful and safe operations in Xiamen and Kinmen waters by fishermen on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Magistrate Chen showed positive reaction and said he was sure such measures would reduce the frequency of either inadvertent intrusion or cross-border fishing by mainland Chinese fishermen. However, he also pointed out that as long as mainland China has educated fishermen well and imposed regulations on cross-border fishing, the Kinmen coast guard would not drive away mainland Chinese fishing vessels for legal operations, so that misunderstanding and conflicts between the two sides could be avoided, a win-win-win situation achieved, and a harmonious and friendly relationship maintained between the two sides.

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  • Date:2017-12-12