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County Administrators Looking for an Outlet for Trash in China & Taiwan, with Promising Result being Seen

County Administrators Looking for an Outlet for Trash in China & Taiwan, with Promising Result being Seen
Reporter: Jhuang Huan-Ning / Summary Report

Kinmen’s garbage disposal operation (transporting to Taiwan Island for incineration) is working well, according to the Kinmen’s Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Lyu Cing-Fu. According to Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai’s directive paralleling garbage disposal to a battle, not only the Environmental Protection Bureau has strived for support from affiliated counties and cities in Taiwan Island, but more importantly, Magistrate Chen led a delegation to visit important magistrates and mayors of other counties and cities on July 4th to secure their support. Kinmen’s garbage disposal problem (transport to Taiwan Island being suspended) thus saw a breakthrough. To date, 400 tons of waste has been shipped, while future shipments have been scheduled for continued transportation.
 The Environmental Protection Bureau expressed its thanks to Kinmen’s friends in other counties and cities during this transitional period for their support and thanks to the bureau staff for their hard work and assistance. However, Director Lyu Cing-Fu expressed that Kinmen’s interior landmass and facilities are not enough to handle the island’s current waste disposal needs. In the future, Kinmen will still rely on the central government and the Kaohsiung City Government for continued support and assistance for the offshore islands. The current solution is a temporary one that cannot solve the problem fundamentally.
 Lyu stated that the regional garbage disposal problem has to be solved via multiple channels and diversified strategies. As such, on July 12th this year, Executive Officer Wong Zih-Bao led a delegation of representatives to visit related government departments in Fuzhou City, China under Magistrate Chen’s order. There, they discussed the way to deal with the drift-away objects from China to the Kinmen coast. The discussion has seen a significant breakthrough. In order to make progress with the “returning the drift-away objects to the origin” initiative, Magistrate Chen invited central and local departments and bureaus on July 28th to review and study some feasible models. In response, Mainland China gave positive feedback and showed concern for this issue by sending Deputy Director of Fujian Province’s Taiwan Affairs Office and his delegation to Kinmen to understand the issue of “returning China’s drift-away objects to the origin”. Significant progress has been made, with intensive negotiations between the two sides that would hopefully lead to new breakthroughs in the near future.
 Magistrate Chen also hopes that the Environmental Protection Bureau will strive to solve Kinmen’s future garbage disposal problem in a forward-looking and innovative manner. Waste is a global issue, and waste reduction and recycling starts with individuals. Reducing waste at its source is the key to lowering the pressure of handling trash and mitigating environmental pollution.
 Reporter: Syu Jyun-Kuei / Summary Report
Yesterday, Legislator Chen Cang-Jiang released a press release on the issue of transporting the county’s garbage to Taiwan Island for incineration. Last week, Chen went to the Legislative Yuan to discuss the issue, and held a coordination meeting with the support of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Lee Kun-Tse. They successfully strived for the commitment of relevant counties and cities in Taiwan Island to assist in handling Kinmen’s waste with their incineration facilities before the end of October.
 The press release also indicated the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan has given its consent that Kaohsiung City will continue to incinerate Kinmen’s garbage if Kinmen can finish the outsourcing procedures for shipping back the incinerator bottom ash (IBA) before the end of October.
Legislator Lee Kun-Tse invited government officials from the Environmental Protection Administration to the Second Kinmen Waste Disposal Coordination Meeting at the Legislative Yuan a few days ago. Legislator Chen Cang-jiang and Director Lyu Cing-Fu of Kinmen’s Environmental Protection Bureau attended the meeting to explain the situation and requested help from the related departments.
After the meeting, they came to the following conclusions: 1. Four counties and cities in Taiwan Island with incineration facilities are requisitioned to help address Kinmen’s trash disposal problem and incinerate Kinmen’s waste before the end of October. 2. Kinmen’s Environmental Protection Bureau is required to complete the outsourcing procedures for shipping back the IBA before the end of October upon Kaohsiung City Government’s request. 3. Provided that Kinmen’s Environmental Protection Bureau has shipped back the IBA (at a ratio of 1:1.67, meaning that 1.67 tons of IBA would be shipped back for every tons of waste incinerated), the Environmental Protection Administration will coordinate with Kaohsiung City Government for continuing to incinerate Kinmen’s garbage.

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  • Date:2017-12-12