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Early Bird Application for the Kinmen Citizen Card Started; Limited Special Designs Available on First-come-first-served Basis

Early Bird Application for the Kinmen Citizen Card Started; Limited Special Designs Available on First-come-first-served Basis
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih/ County Government’s Report

The Kinmen Citizen Card that extends the glory and happiness of Kinmen is available for application from now on. Residents may apply for the limited-edition card at the Household Registration Offices from June 1st to August 15th. There are four special designs to choose from. Kinmen Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai urged residents to apply early as the limited-edition cards are limited in number.
The General Affairs Department of Kinmen County Government, which was in charge of planning, stated that the first batch of Citizen Card comes with an “early bird” special offer in order to raise residents’ interest in participation and boost the number of applications. From June 1st to August 15th, residents can choose their favorite Resident Card from the 4 designs by making an application appointment at a Household Registration Office, which requires the original copy of the National ID Card and a recent 2-inch, half-length, full front hatless color photograph taken within one year. The Citizen Card can be collected with the original copy of the National ID Card and an authorization document (if collecting the card for someone else) at the Household Registration Office where the Card was applied for, starting September 1st.
It is known that the four designs selected by the County Government for the front side of the card include the Rail Stockades (at Little Kinmen), the Otter, the Jyuguang Tower and the Wind Lion, and on the back is a gradient warm color design which was most popular choice among voters. The card categories available for registered Kinmen County residents are, according to their identity: the general card, the student card, the senior card, the disability card, and the employee card. Residents may apply for any one of the 3 types of card based on personal needs: the basic card, the advanced card, and the mobile card.
The Kinmen Citizen Card is issued for the first time and comes with functions such as e-wallet, consumer benefits, transportation passes, employee or student IDs, library card, public services, etc. The convenience and benefits will be continually extended so that residents may enjoy the endless convenience and fun of having the Card. Among the categories, the employee card for the government agencies and schools will be officially launched for testing on July 1st, and the Citizen Card available to all residents and the student card available to students in Kinmen County are scheduled to be officially launched on September 1st, corresponding to the start of the new semester. In addition to the “early bird” application period, the on-site immediate application period will begin in the Household Registration Offices as well on September 15th this year. The application website, “Kinmen Citizen Card” will be launched simultaneously at https://card.kinmen.gov.tw to offer the maximum convenience for residents.
Kinmen Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai places high emphasis on the promotion of the Kinmen Citizen Card and specially requested that the Card should be perfectly managed with best functionality, provided that it remains easy to apply, flexible to use and an honor for the residents so that the happy residents of the blessed Kinmen Citizen Card as early as possible.

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  • Date:2017-12-01