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County Magistrate Chen Urges New Staff to Devote Their Efforts to Local Development

County Magistrate Chen Urges New Staff to Devote Their Efforts to Local Development

Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/County Government News

Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai met with sixteen people who passed the 2016 local special examination and were assigned to the Kinmen County Government. In addition to speaking with them one-on-one and getting to know them, he took the opportunity to understand their life and work situations. He asked the Personnel Department to provide a "friendly contact channel" in an effort to help them utilize their strengths at their posts and to create a relationship of cooperation in the development of Kinmen County.
The Personnel Department stated that the sixteen people who passed the 2016 local special examination and were assigned to vacant positions in the county government come from all over the country and their familiarity with Kinmen's environment varies. But they believe that they will be able to dive in, adapt to local life very quickly and serve Kinmen for a long time. The new personnel include:
Six level three examinees: Education Department member Li Song-Yan, Accounting and Statistics Department member Huang Shu-Jhen, Land Administration Bureau member Jiang Siao-Ying, Land Administration Bureau associate technical specialist Li Ya-Ning, Water Works associate technical specialist Huang Ren-Guo, and Forestry Bureau technical specialist Lyu Pei-Min.
Nine level four examinees: Harbor Office clerk Lin Ruei-Ci, Tourism Department clerk Jheng Tian-Huei, Lieyu Township Office clerk Chen Jyun-Ren, Tax Bureau assistant revenue officer Lin Han-Yi, Civil Service Ethics Department clerk Hong Wei-Cang, Land Administration Bureau junior technical specialist Jhang Yi-Shan, Harbor Office salesman Syu Wei-Li, Public Works Department junior technical specialist Huang Sheng-Yu, and Jinning Township Office junior technical specialist Huang Yu-Si.
One level five examinee: Social Affairs Department member Hong Jian-Wei.
When Magistrate Chen met with the sixteen new members, he emphasized on the transformation of Kinmen and the current cross-strait situation, chiefly the fact that Kinmen and Xiamen have a long history of helping to achieve friendly cross-strait cooperation. This has given Kinmen opportunities to develop and create a good environment. He also pointed out Kinmen's crucial role in promoting reconciliation and maintaining a friendly and peaceful relationship.
Kinmen was a battleground in the past, but today's Kinmen is very different! Magistrate Chen stated that Kinmen has built a foundation for its development, but it needs young talents to play fundamental roles. He said that it’s the destiny that brought him and the sixteen new members together and asked the Personnel Department to establish a mentor system to help them blend into the county government team as fast as possible, utilize their strengths at their posts, and make a contribution to Kinmen!
Magistrate Chen said that the government team is like a family, but every government job is a challenge. The new members might not be very familiar with their jobs at first, but he encouraged them to show their strengths. He believes that they are meant to come and work in Kinmen, and when they come to Kinmen, they become a part of Kinmen.
Moreover, Magistrate Chen said that during his term as Jinhu Township Mayor, he asked local residents to take pride in being a part of Jinhu. With help in terms of human resources, everyone was happy to work and provide their services, which in turn created valuable services! In addition, when he spoke to the Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor workers, he listened to everything that they said and helped them to feel proud of being part of the company. When he became the county magistrate, he also hoped that every government employee would be proud of working for the county government, and he himself has set an example.
During the meeting, Magistrate Chen performed a roll call and got to know each individual member. He sought to understand their posts, work environment, and living environment at present. He asked them why they wanted to take the examination and work in Kinmen. Some said that they had heard former schoolmates who had worked here sing the praises of Kinmen, and that this had made them want to come to Kinmen. One of the new members said that it was because he liked Kinmen that he took the examination and choose to come here and become a new resident of Kinmen. Another examinee stated that his grandmother lives in Kinmen, and passing the examination means that he can live with her. Several of the examinees are local residents, and Magistrate Chen said that they, along with the others, are all top notch personnel and will bring a new atmosphere to the county government.
Kinmen has a rich cultural heritage. Magistrate Chen hoped that every new member can have a joyful learning environment, form ties with their teams, and diligently serve the people. He believed that Kinmen is a blessed island and encouraged these new personnel to contribute to Kinmen, society and the country. He asked the Personnel Department to provide a "friendly contact channel" and connected with the new members on LINE, inviting them to offer suggestions at any time.
Finally, Magistrate Chen gave each new member a "lamp of light" to congratulate them on winning top marks in the examination. He once again welcomed the new staff to the team of the county government, and urged them to work together to help create a better and healthier environment in Kinmen and to help promote its crucial role in cross-strait relations. Kinmen can then serve as a successful example to other cities and counties of Taiwan and promote a peaceful cross-strait relationship.
In addition, the Personnel Department indicated that some of the new staff are on the front lines of service for the people and are responsible for listening to their needs and helping solve problems. Some will help carry out development projects and strengthen the county's software and hardware foundations. Others will aid communication and coordination and offer suggestions to senior officers in policy making based on their professional knowledge and analyses. But no matter what role they play, they should embody the core values of being "upright, faithful, professional, effective and caring" for civil officials, and consider issues from the people's perspective. This will help them to be proactive, be responsible, communicate, respond swiftly and contribute to the overall development of the county government.

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  • Date:2017-11-30