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KKL to Release More Face Masks after Receiving Favorable Market Reponses to Earlier Products

KKL to Release More Face Masks after Receiving Favorable Market Reponses to Earlier Products
Aug. 30, 2016
By Li Jinqiang, reported from Jinning

The “Jin Feng Yu Lu--Kinmen Kaoliang Lees Face Masks” marketed earlier by Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. were well received. KKL therefore decided to make further improvements and release this year new moisturizing face masks suitable for different types of skin They will be available at the sales outlets of the Welfare Committee of KKL. Consumers can contact KKL Welfare Committee for future information or call 082-325628 ext. 88461 or 6461 to place orders.
According to KKL General Manager Che Zhengguo, when the “Jin Feng Yu Lu--Kinmen Kaoliang Lees Face Masks,” produced with extract from sorghum liquor lees that only KKL has, was awarded the FG Label of Excellence from the Fashion Guide website in 2009, people rushed to buy and market responses were good. For this reason, KKL intends to market an upgraded version this year. The new moisturizing face masks are suitable for different types of skin. They are produced by KKL’s R&D team of specialists using the extract from sorghum lees in combination with “hyaluronic acid 40 water film” as a moisturizing agent and a variety of skincare formulae. They are able to tighten the skin which will become tender and smooth like silk after application. The skin will be well nourished in and out. The product will be indispensable for females who care about their looks.

According to Che Zhengguo, the lees are the residue from distillation of kaoliang liquor. They are rich in protein, amino acid, carbohydrates, vitamins and cellulose that are good for the skin and, therefore, excellent components in skincare products. Plus, the quality of Kinmen kaoliang is well-reputed around the world. The company has also just won a number of international awards this year. He believes the new KKL lees face masks can become a new specialty product in Taiwan and great gifts to be given anywhere in the world.

KKL has never stopped its innovative efforts to come up with new products. The goal is not only to make Kinmen kaoliang a product for the taste buds but also to offer more choices for consumers who enjoy Kinmen kaoliang. The new “Jin Feng Yu Lu” face masks will soon be available at the KKL Welfare Committee’s sales outlets. The price of each box containing 6 pieces will be NT$299. People who are interested can contact the KKL Welfare Committee for further information or call 082-325628 ext. 88461or 6461 to place orders. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your good looks and show your beauty with confidence.

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  • Date:2016-12-08