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County government executive meeting honors five models of probity with awards

County government executive meeting honors five models of probity with awards
Oct. 20th, 2017
Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih / County Government
The Kinmen County Government yesterday convened the 29th executive meeting in 2017, where deputy magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean, on behalf of magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, honored five models of probity—Public Works Department technical specialist Yang Cin-Hang, Economic Affairs Department technical specialist Li Cheng-Yuan, Fire Bureau firefighter Li Biao-Long, Land Administration Bureau officer Huang Ying-Siang, and Land Administration Bureau assistant technical specialist Wang You-He—with a medal and a NT$5,000 voucher each at the 2017 ceremony, with the aim of motivating the staff’s sense of honor and shaping a honest government culture.
Wu Cherng-Dean made a speech after awarding the prizes, saying that adhering to magistrate Chen’s principle of honesty, the county government has persisted in promoting anti-corruption policies. For the work performance and integrity of the award recipients, he not only gave them high praise for setting a benchmark for probity, but also hoped that their behavior could provide positive incentives for all government departments and that this honest culture would become the mainstream of the administration in the future.
In addition, he pointed out in the meeting that recently, he found the work reports submitted by each department were loaded with meaningless, unfocused accounts, hoping that each department director would add some explications and comments, so as to show the significance of the work.
As the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is in full swing, Wu believed that this would certainly have an impact on the county. How they engage in politics and lead the country showed their pragmatic and attentive approach to governance. Similarly, looking at the governance of the county, Wu said that the county government team seemed to have lost a bit of enthusiasm and some morale lately. Therefore, he hoped that everyone could perform their roles, making efforts for the team and facing problems as early as possible.
During the meeting, Wu Cherng-Dean exhorted frontline workers of each unit to be gentle with members of the public and to maintain the image of the county government by adopting proper handling measures according to the emergency and severity of requests.
As for inadequate parking space and interrupted traffic flow at Jiugong Dock resulting from the increasing frequency of traffic and visitors entering and leaving, the Tourism Department plans to invite relevant units to conduct a survey and discuss the follow-up overall supporting and improvement measures, so as to accommodate the increasing number of people entering and leaving the Jiugong Dock area.
On the other hand, as traffic accidents are on the rise, the Tourism Department, in addition to promoting road safety every year, has launched a campaign via local cable television, radio stations, print media, outdoor advertising media, and other channels, in the hope of through the collaboration with regional media, urging road users to comply with traffic safety regulations and raise the awareness of accident risks.
In this regard, the County Police Bureau pointed out that road safety promotion is an ongoing task. Therefore, the bureau not only promotes road safety with respect to traffic laws, traffic law enforcement, and accident handling via the media, but also goes to schools and military camps to encourage students and soldiers to believe its importance by citing accident cases, in a bid to strengthen promotion effectiveness.
Furthermore, in response to the formation of the Kinmen-Xiamen living area, Wu Cherng-Dean said that following the 19th National Congress, he would pay close attention to some changes, and he believed that the relations between Kinmen and Xiamen would surely have room to be strengthened. Last week, he requested each department to draw up a Kinmen-Xiamen development plan for the next five years. Although this is just an idea, he still hoped that everyone can try their best.
As for how to connect with each other and how to build a framework, he said that a program is not a product of one’s imagination but that of mental and physical efforts of the team. With everyone shouldering their duties and raising the team's morale, the efficiency of either work or programs can naturally be boosted.

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