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Magistrate Chen Gives Important Administrative Instructions during County Administration Meetings

Magistrate Chen Gives Important Administrative Instructions during County Administration Meetings

Oct. 1, 2016
By Wong Weizhi, reported from the County Hall

Magistrate Chen pointed out in a recent county administration meeting that past experiences could serve as lessons in future undertakings. The efforts invested to protect water resources, prevent flooding and discharge water would not only make improvements today but also have long-lasting effects. Hence, all the subprojects had to be properly controlled, the corresponding budgets had to be obtained, and the timetables and benefits had to be specified. Available resources could be used when necessary, so that the established targets could be achieved step by step. At the same time, disaster damage had to be minimized.

Meanwhile, regarding the instructions given by the chairperson during the 8th County Administration Meeting in 2016, Chen Fuhai also designated Senior Executive Wong Zibao to sort through all related documents and turned them over to concerned bureaus and departments so that they could take necessary measures to ensure smooth lateral communication to enhance administrative efficiency.

1. Providing solid reasons and evidence to obtain funds from the central government

As a result of the efforts of Legislator Yang Zhenwu and different sectors, the ratio of the county’s copayment for the Rescue Aircraft Station Project has become reasonable. The experience can be applied as an example in the future when the county needs to acquire related funds for similar projects established by the central government.

2. Following the standard operating procedure in transportation of emergency patients from Lieyu Island

Clarification and implementation of the standard operating procedure are the key issue in transportation of emergency patients from Lieyu Island to Kinmen for medical care. First, it has to be understood whether Kinmen Hospital is capable of comprehensive coordination and personnel dispatch and when the Health Bureau should intervene.

3. Establishing and announcing regulations on dismissal of suppliers with poor performance

The Public Works Department is to establish a dismissal mechanism for suppliers with poor performance according to its authority and related regulations and announce the result. Everything must be carried out by the book and room for interpretation has to be minimized to prevent confusion.

4. Bringing in private developers to speed up urban renewal

he Dongmen Market Urban Renewal Project has been extendedly suspended. The Economic Affairs Department is to come up with solutions to the problems encountered, such as the feasibility of bringing in private developers to participate as well as offering better incentives to the occupants or proprietors. The same measures can also be adopted for the Ximen and Nanmen Village office building urban renewal products.

5. Holding public hearings on the Kinmen Procurement Bidding Office Parking Lot Project to solicit public opinions

Since the Procurement Bidding Office Parking Lot Project is finalized, public hearings and seminars can be held to gather and understand public opinions for reference.

6. Providing incentives to encourage supplier to set up more electric scooter battery exchange stations

The county has not been active enough in provision of subsidies for purchases of electric scooters. E-Moving will soon activate its battery exchange machines, meaning there is still room for expansion in the market. It should be found out first whether major electric scooter makers in the country are willing to set up more battery exchange stations before establishing incentive measures better than those offered in other counties and cities in order to promote use of electric scooters.

7. Giving new employees and staff members with outstanding performance priority to attend legal capacity enhancement workshops

The county government has to integrate resources provided by the central government and continue to attend legal capacity enhancement workshops. Sending nine people each year for such training is not enough. At least one person from each bureau/department should be sent. Different levels of advanced training must be classified and new employees and staff members with outstanding performance should be given priority to attend such training.

8. Considering giving gifts suitable for the elderly instead of free kaoliang liquor in towns and townships

Standardization of the amount of free kaoliang liquor for senior citizens has been adopted to prevent competition between towns and townships which would otherwise be contradictory to the original intention. As a matter of fact, gifts applicable in the daily life of the elderly can also be considered, such as massagers, well-made walking sticks, certified green health foods, etc. In addition, a number of items within a certain price range can be offered for senior citizens to choose something they see fit.

9. Encouraging towns and townships to develop feature sports and hold competitions

Towns and townships should be encouraged to develop feature sports and hold competitions. Kinmen is small and holding events in the entire county will not be difficult. However, if the towns and townships can host their own sports events they are good at, it can help them build up their own image.

10. Establishing templates for replies to petitions from private citizens

The General Affairs Department is to established templates written in colloquial language for replies to different petitions from private citizens. The templates will be adopted by all units and the wording has to be simple, to the point and easy for the public to understand.

11. Launching the Reader Island Project by inviting specialists to participate in discussions

The Cultural Affairs Bureau is to launch the Reader Island Project while the corresponding budgeting and manpower arrangements should be given top priority. Suitable county administration consultants can be invited to discuss the subprojects in order to keep up with the general trend and assure the project will be carried out as scheduled.

12. Establishing regulations on delegated management of public spaces to ensure flexible and proper use

All agencies and units are welcome to produce proposals to adopt and manage public spaced such as the Zhuzi Shrine. Senior Executive Wong Zibao has been designated to be the convener to round up the authorities of different public spaces to work out regulations on delegated management of public spaces and announce them to serve as the legal basis for subsequence operations.

13. Encouraging and subsidizing restaurants and eateries to adopt pest control measures

Prevention of pest control at dining places shall be consider a priority because it is directly associated with the county’s tourism business and image. The Health Bureau is to work with the Economic Affairs Department to inspect and provide guidance. Businesses intending to have negative pressure ventilation systems or air curtains installed may be given subsidies.

14. Inviting artists and writers from Kinmen and currently residing abroad and Kinmen folks associations in different places to contribute articles for the Overseas Kinmen Folks Affairs Column

Special interviews with overseas Kinmen folks with outstand achievements are to be conducted for the Overseas Kinmen Folks Affairs Column. Artists and writers originally from Kinmen and now residing abroad and local Kinmen Folks Associations can be invited to contribute articles about special local features.

15. Assessing the feasibility of finding communities and enterprises to adopt and clean up gutters

Besides using town and township and county government personnel to clean up gutters, the feasibility of finding communities and enterprises to adopt and clean up gutters can also be assessed. It will be easier to identify and solve problems at the earliest time possible when more people participate.
16. Seeking opportunities to host cross-strait enterprise summit meetings to express and talk about issues associated with the county

The Economic Affairs Department has been instructed to work on the possibility for the county to host cross-strait enterprise summit meetings and take the opportunity to express and talk about issues associated with the county.

17. Planning and developing local ecology observation activities

After repopulation and release of fireflies and dragonflies into the wild achieve a certain scale and level of stability, ecology observation activities should be planned and organized. If the work is done well, local sustainable tourism characteristics can be developed.

18. Enhancing legal counseling capacity in the county government to provide the staff members with strong administrative backup

Legal counseling capacity inside the county government has to be enhanced, especially counseling on laws and regulations associated with administrative procedures. A designated contact window and precise mechanisms must be established to provide staff members with the strongest administrative backup. The General Affairs Department is to work out a concrete plan and present it to be reviewed and discussed by the Policy Board.

19. Establishing measures to improve the problem of replies on the Residents Day being too few

The replies on the Residents Day were merely 30% and some of them were not even certain. This means there is plenty of room for improvement in administrative efficiency and the decision-making mechanism. The General Affairs Department is to study the problem, find out the reasons and come with improvement measures.

Chen Fuhai also gave the following instructions in writing after the meeting:

1. Reinforcing buildings that require more time to fully restore before the next typhoon

Typhoon Megi came before restoration of facilities damaged by Typhoon Moranti was completed. Damages at different places must be inventoried as soon as possible and large machines must be used to clear structures likely to cause immediate danger. As one typhoon comes after another, buildings that cannot be fully restored before another typhoon hits must be reinforced to minimized possible damage to protect life, property and safety.

2. Presenting post-disaster reconstruction plans and creating a reconstruction working group

The direction of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction after Typhoon Moranti was already decided at the 64th Meeting of the Policy Team. All units and towns and townships are to establish reconstruction plans in accordance with the direction and present them to the General Affairs Department to be consolidated. A reconstruction Working Group will then be created accordingly and reconstruction meetings will be convened.

3. Studying the feasibility of issuing household disaster kits and providing subsidies for purchases and installations of floodgates

The towns and townships can consider issuing household disaster kits and subsidizing purchases and installations of floodgates in low-lying areas to prevent disasters from happening again and again.

4. Investigating damaged public construction projects to see if jerry-building was involved

The opera stage at Houputou Cide Temple collapsed and street lining trees were wrapped with nonwoven fabric. The Public Works Department is to work with the Civil Service Ethics Department to investigate and find out within a given period whether poor supervision, inferior project control and jerry-building were involved, Disposal measures that are acceptable to the public must also be established.

5. Making preparations for the construction of the Kinmen Prospects Hall to preserve pictures and texts related to important administrative efforts

Pictures and texts related to important administrative projects that are in progress must be preserved as they may be used for publicity purposes in the future. The General Affairs Department is to study the feasibility of building the Kinmen Prospects Hall preferably in the New Administration Park.

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