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Kinmen Lantern Area of the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taoyuan is a Hit

Kinmen Lantern Area of the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taoyuan is a Hit
Reporter Li Tseng-Wang / Kinmen County Government

The “2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taoyuan” will be held in Qingpu District in front of Taoyuan Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) from February 22nd to March 6th. Kinmen was not absent this year and took part in the lantern areas along with three offshore islands, displaying works under eight themes with Southern Fukien, ecological, and battlefield culture features. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai specially went to Taoyuan yesterday afternoon, and was accompanied by Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan of Taoyuan City, Kinmen’s sister city, to show appreciation to chairpersons and workers of Kinmen Associations.
Magistrate Chen thanked Mayor Cheng for providing assistance with Kinmen Lantern Area and promoting Kinmen, as well as caring for Kinmen people currently residing in Taoyuan. He hopes to increase exchange and interactions between sister cities, and hopes that Mayor Cheng will help Kinmen gain benefits from the central government.
The Night of Kinmen event will be held on the arched stage next to Kinmen Lantern Area at 7:00 P.M. on March 4th. Magistrate Chen will not be able to attend the opening ceremony that day due to official business, and thus went to Taoyuan yesterday to see the lantern exhibitions.
Magistrate Chen was accompanied by Director Lu Kun-Ho of Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau to Taoyuan City yesterday. Besides making an informal visit to Mayor Cheng of Taoyuan City, the sister city of Kinmen, they also went to encourage workers of the Kinmen Lantern Area of Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taoyuan, which was being held in Qingpu District in front of Taoyuan Station of THSR.
Magistrate Chen was accompanied by Director Lu to Taoyuan City Government at 4:00 P.M. yesterday, and Mayor Cheng accompanied them the entire visit. The two parties exchanged gifts, Magistrate Chen told Mayor Cheng that the visit during the weekend was an informal visit, and welcomed Mayor Cheng to visit Kinmen.
Mayor Cheng indicated that he strongly supported channeling water from China to Kinmen while he was serving in the Mainland Affairs Council, and he often received guests from Kinmen while serving as the head of the Government Information Office. He has a great impression of Kinmen. Taoyuan City has the most Kinmen residents behind Zhongho and Yongho in New Taipei City, and he often comes in contact with Kinmen people. He is grateful to the assistance provided by Kinmen residents. Many supervisors and directors of the two Kinmen Associations in Taoyuan also arrived at their meeting to give their regards.
Mayor Cheng welcomed the world famous Kinmen kaoliang liquor to set up an office in Taoyuan. In response to the visit by Chairman Li Ning-Yuen and directors and supervisors of the Wujiang Kinmen Association in Taoyuan, he indicated that he will urge the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau to find a location for building the “Southern Fukien Culture Museum” in the suburbs of Pingzhen Township or near Taoyuan Station of the THSR. He recommended that when Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport completes runway expansion in 2 years, runway No.4 for the three direct links will also be used for domestic flights between Taoyuan and Kinmen.
Kinmen County and Taoyuan City became sister cities on September 17th, 1996. Since then there has been frequent exchange between the heads and personnel of the two areas. This agreement has developed a deep bond over the years and increase political and economic exchange between the two areas.
It is for this reason that when Taoyuan City gained the right to host the “2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival,” the largest tourism event in Taiwan, it invited Kinmen County to take part, and Kinmen County did not hesitate. Mayor Cheng signed a cooperation agreement with Magistrate Chen and Director Lu before Chinese New Year, exchanged keepsakes, and worked together to build the spectacular Kinmen Lantern Area.
Kinmen Lantern Area displays works under eight themes with Southern Fukien, ecological, and battlefield culture features. The Cultural Affairs Bureau indicated that Kinmen Lantern Area is located in the Diverse Exchange Lantern Area, and it designed a cute version wind lion god that leads visitors through the Kinmen Lantern Area. The eight themes, namely Kinmen ecology, Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gambling culture, Huapei and Kinmen kaoliang liquor, third mansion, wind lion god, Western style buildings of overseas Chinese culture and to not forget national humiliation in times of peace and security, and the famous tourist attraction Jyuguang Tower, allowing visitors to see the beauty of Kinmen through the lantern festival.
Mayor Cheng also accompanied Magistrate Chen to the lantern area to wish a late happy Chinese New Year to the visitors and residents admiring the lanterns. Magistrate Chen showed gratitude to the workers in Kinmen Lantern Area sent by Kinmen Associations, and thanked them for working during the Chinese New Year holiday to serve visitors.
Mayor Cheng pointed out that many people from offshore islands come to Taoyuan, and Taoyuan City Government invited Penghu, Kinmen, and Lienchiang County Governments this year to organize the first “Taiwan-Penghu-Kinmen-Matsu Lantern Festival” in history in the year of the monkey, allowing visitors to see features of all three offshore islands. The Kinmen Lantern Area offers features of Kinmen’s battlefield, history, culture, and ecology, as well as the world famous Kinmen kaoliang liquor and Huapei lanterns. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. designed a liquor glass and Huapei cloth, which has been used for eight hundred years in Kinmen to carry infants, and believes it will successfully promote Kinmen and become a topic of discussion in the lantern festival.
Director Lu indicated that the lantern festival will be held until March 6th, and will offer guided tours and an experience of moon cake gambling during the Mid-Autumn Festival. March 4th is the Night of Kinmen, and everyone is welcome to experience the diverse customs of Kinmen.

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  • Date:2016-12-07