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Kinmen Scout Jamboree Starts on November 15th

Kinmen Scout Jamboree Starts on November 15th
Reporter: Li Jin-Ciang / Jinning

The 34th Scout Jamboree in the Kinmen area will be launched with a bang on November 15th. Organized by the Kinmen County Government, the Kinmen County Scout Association and the Jinning Elementary and Junior High School, this three-day event will be held at the Central Training Field from November 15th-17th. Not only welcoming members of all the schools in our County, this jamboree is also open to fellow scouts from Tainan City and Penghu County. It is hoped that through camping activities the scout troops from all schools will have the opportunity to exchange experiences directly; the Kinmen County scout movement can enhance its development through outdoor living experiences, and warm up for the upcoming 11th National Scout Jamboree of the Republic of China from June 30th to July 6th in 2018.
Director of the activity camp and Principal of Jinning Elementary and Junior High School, Chen Ya-Lan, stated that with limited allocation of resources and the lack of manpower, her school has been under tremendous pressure to organize this camping event. Since early June, the preparatory team had started to actively carry out the relevant planning and negotiation of acquiring camping sites, receiving support and assistance during the process from various agencies including Jinning Township Office, Kinmen County Maintenance Construction Office, Kinmen Forestry Bureau, Kinmen County Waterworks and Environmental Protection Bureau. She would therefore like to express her utmost gratitude.
Principal Chen announced that the theme of this Jamboree is "initiative, enthusiasm and expansion", hoping to encourage young people to participate in outdoor activities, interact with others and exchange ideas, promoting the development of their physical and mental health. A number of modular activities are designed for this Jamboree such as scout skills, fun activities and field games, to engage scout members in various challenges. These activities also incorporate proficiency badge tests and challenges on scout skills, prompting them to embark on a rich journey of discovery. In addition, Kinmen’s historic and artistic features are well employed to provide further exploration of the county, hoping that a deeper understanding of Kinmen will bring intellectual inspiration to the younger generation to foster their outlook of the future.
There are a total of about 370 scouts, 350 cub scouts and 100 staff members enrolled in this Jamboree. Activities are designed around six principal axes including national defense, service, environmental protection, skill, physical fitness and first aid. Participants will start checking in at their campsites from November 15th onwards to carry out campsite construction; an evening party will be held at the Central Training Field on the evening of that day; a campfire gathering, the climax of the Jamboree, is scheduled for the afternoon of November 16th; all activities will end on November 17th after the closing ceremony and striking camp.

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  • Date:2018-01-02