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Kinmen-Xiamen Transportation App Lets You Smoothly Travel Across the Taiwan Strait via the Mini Three Links

Kinmen-Xiamen Transportation App Lets You Smoothly Travel Across the Taiwan Strait via the Mini Three Links
Reporter: Hsu Chun-Kui

The mini three links provides great convenience to businessmen and travelers. The Institute of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) developed a smart phone App that integrates transportation information of the mini three links, so that travelers can have a pleasant trip after learning transportation and meteorological information in advance.
Between March and May is the fog season in Kinmen, and the unpredictable weather often creates chaos for travelers using the mini three links. There are always long lines at the airport and port hoping for a departure, and it often delays their schedules. Some passengers encounter massive waves at sea and sea sickness ruins their trip. The App developed by the Institute of Transportation can be used on both Android and iOS, and integrates the schedule of the mini three links, bus schedule, and flight schedule, even showing the number of passengers on each ship for travelers to have a pleasant trip.
The App is tailor made for Kinmen, not only providing meteorological information for travel by sea, but also traffic information in Kinmen; air transport information includes arrivals and departures at Kinmen Airport; the schedule for the mini three links and passenger ships between Kinmen and Lieyu are provided for sea transport; the bus schedule for Shanwai to Jincheng and from Jincheng to Shuitou is provided for land transport, integrating information for all means of transportation. The blue road system that it developed can see where ships of the mini three links are in real time, allowing passengers to use their phone at any time and see how long it will take to arrive. Passengers will no longer need to worry about ships and better arrange their schedule.
To promote the Kinmen-Xiamen transportation App, the Institute of Transportation, Kinmen County Tourism Department, and Kinmen County Harbor Office held presentations at Shuitou Port and Kinmen Airport from February 2nd to 4th so that people will know the convenience the App provides. Secretary General Huang Ching-Shun was accompanied by Deputy Director-General Hsu Chi-Hsin of the Tourism Department to Kinmen Airport at 10:00 A.M. yesterday, and Chiu Yung-Fang, Director of the Harbor and Marine Technology Center, Institute of Transportation and convener of the central harbor construction task force personally explained the App’s functions and how to use them.
Chiu Yung-Fang indicated that the App combines marine forecasts, marine observations, ship monitoring, transportation information, and meteorological information. Travelers from Taiwan to Xiamen or from Xiamen to Taiwan or Kinmen can use this App, even mainland Chinese can use the App without restrictions from the Chinese network. When travelers arrive in Kinmen, they can use their mobile phones to conveniently gain information on ship, bus and flight schedules.
If you have any questions about the App, please visit the “Harbor Environment Information Website” of the Harbor and Marine Technology Center, Institute of Transportation, MOTC (http://isohe.ihmt.gov.tw/ station/Route_V1/Index.aspx)

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  • Date:2016-12-07