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Magistrate Urges the Team to Strengthen the Administration in the Year of Action

Magistrate Urges the Team to Strengthen the Administration in the Year of Action
Mar. 1st, 2017
Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih/County Government

“The support for youth entrepreneurship shouldn’t become a writing contest!” Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai recently said at the County affairs meeting that it is the government’s indisputable responsibility to foster the development and future of young people. However, considering that Kinmen has small-scale industries with restricted scopes, there are limitations. He hoped that relevant bureaus and departments will visit China and learn from its establishment of Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Base, or integrate resources and create referral systems. In this way, concrete results can be expected in a short time.
With respect to the instructions given by the chairperson at the first County affairs meeting of 2017, in order to facilitate the communication between all departments and strengthen the County Government’s administration in the “Year of Action,” Magistrate Chen also instructed to collect and compile the relevant written documents in a unified manner and deliver them to all departments to comply with.
1. The modification of the organizations shall reflect the actual operations, while the organizations and manpower should be simplified and merged.
The modification of the organizations mainly reflects the actual operations and aims at simplifying manpower and merging organizations. Apart from adjusting their services, the said bureaus and departments are also required to offer specific suggestions according to their needs. After the Personnel Department collects and organizes all suggestions, a special meeting will be held for discussions. The goal is to implement the reform of the organizations early next year.
2. The access road project at the Lieyu end of Kinmen Bridge shall be combined with the zone expropriation project.
The budget for the access road at the Lieyu end of Kinmen Bridge can be separated from that of the zone expropriation project. Nonetheless, its construction can be combined with the zone expropriation project. Tasks such as the communication with the general public and changes to urban planning are supposed to be done in the first place and irrelevant to the combination. In terms of the project schedule, the construction can be done in stages. However, construction shall start as soon as possible since the longer it takes, the more uncertainties will arise. We ask the team to collaborate with Lieyu Township Office and work on this matter actively.
3. The maximum administrative cooperation shall be available for the relocation of the ready-mixed concrete plant at the Lieyu end of Kinmen Bridge.
In regard to the relocation of the ready-mixed concrete plant at the Lieyu end of Kinmen Bridge, we respect the opinions and consensus of the contractors. On the premise that the benefit of the project is maximized, all bureaus and departments shall offer the optimal administrative cooperation.
4. Lieyu’s demand for guest cars shall be prioritized.
All Township Offices shall ask the Civil Affairs Department to approve their feasible scheme according to law for their guest cars. In practice, Lieyu Township Office has greater needs, which shall be prioritized. The budget for the other townships will be planned by year according to their actual needs.
5. The implementation of the monitoring plan for coastal erosion shall be reviewed and determined.
Since China imposed heavy penalties for illegal gravel mining, cases of violation and penalties have significantly decreased, showing that the approach has a certain deterrent effect. However, the key to this case still lies in cross-strait negotiation and law enforcement by the Coast Guard. In addition to the continual request for improvement and reinforcement, the County Government shall also evaluate and present the data of scientific monitoring, so as to support and promote cross-strait negotiation and strengthen law enforcement. We ask the Economic Affairs Department to put forward a specific proposal.
6. Local characteristics and creativity of each district shall be taken into consideration in terms of landscape remediation and planting.
With respect to the landscape remediation and planting in each district, Kinmen Forestry Bureau shall consider the local characteristics to develop each district’s personality with creativity and avoid rigidness and inflexibility.
7. The renovation of tourist attractions’ highlights shall take interactivity into account and include well-rounded perspectives.
During the renovation of the highlights of Guningtou, an emphasis shall be put on software setups and the design of interactive scenarios. For example, the electric tourist bus is not simply a means of transport, which shall not only be symbolic of environmental protection (green), but also include the concept of environmental education in the design. Similarly, Guningtou features an old battlefield, so the success of the renovation depends on the addition of battlefield experience and interactive sessions into its highlights.
8. Culverts and manhole covers can be adorned with characteristic color painting or decorations.
With respect to the renovation of culverts and manhole covers, being neat and smooth is only a basic requirement. If they can be adorned with necessary color painting or decorations that match the landscape and environmental characteristics, another kind of attractions can be created to bring about a knowing smile. As to the land expropriation for public works, if the public is against the idea or the owners are reluctant to sell their land, leasing can temporarily solve this urgent problem and lessen financial burden. Once a scheme is established, its wider adoption can be considered.
9. The key to the development of social housing projects at military bases lies in the understanding of actual needs and problem solving.
To use military bases for developing social housing projects, one or two demonstration sites shall be constructed first in the short term. It’s fine to have a small number of houses; the point is to understand the actual needs and solve problems. We ask Senior Executive Officer Wong to continue to follow this matter up.
10. In order to guarantee the medical care quality of Lieyu, the resources provided by Kinmen Hospital and Veterans General Hospital shall be coordinated and employed.
Seeking external solutions for Lieyu’s medical care needs will not solve the urgent problems timely. In the short term, Lieyu will still be dependent on the coordination and employment of resources provided by Kinmen Hospital and Veterans General Hospital. We ask the Public Health Bureau to collaborate with Kinmen Hospital and put forward an improvement proposal in accordance with the annual demand for medical fund.
11. The priority of establishing Lieyu as a low-emission island is to prepare the environment. The government’s role is to navigate instead of pulling on the oars.
Though it is an established policy that Lieyu becomes a demonstrative low-emission or zero-emission island, we encounter bottlenecks even in the popularization of electric motorbikes. The solution shall be clarifying and overcoming the true problem. However, the government can only navigate rather pulling on the oars. As long as the environment is prepared, “the best things come to those who are ready,” and we shouldn’t worry too much about technical aspects.
12. The outsourcing of Liouying and Sihong Military Bases should emphasize the satisfaction of market demands.
The outsourcing of Liouying and Sihong Military Bases should consider the practical needs of the market, and cannot be carried out only inside the office. We ask the Tourism Department to first look into the needs, and then evaluate and plan the entire project to avoid wasting time and effort.
13. Public land or leased land should be the first choice for the water diversion from China and the underground installation of aqueducts.
The installation of aqueducts for the water diversion from China shall make use of public land as much as possible. When there is no other alternative, leasing private land shall be considered first. Exchanging the lands or transferring the plot will lead to more uncertainties, which might delay the construction schedule. We ask the Jinsha Township Office and Township Representative Council to collaborate on this matter.
14. The Public Works Department is asked to designate the contact window in charge of instructing the reconstruction of dangerous school buildings.
The reconstruction plan for all the old and dangerous classrooms of each school is decided to start simultaneously. The required professional positions shall be filled in as soon as possible and we ask the Public Works Department to designate the contact window in charge of providing guidance. The selection of PCM contractors is particularly crucial. We ask the Public Works Department to cooperate and invite quality contractors to join the project actively.
15. Candidate sites for the earthwork of the water diversion project shall be added to avoid uncertainties and control the construction schedule.
Regarding the sites for the backfill of the water diversion project’s receiving reservoir, no matter which sites are selected, they all have to comply with environmental protection regulations. We ask the Public Works Department to increase candidate sites so that uncertainties can be reduced and the construction schedule well controlled.
16. Separating elementary schools from junior high schools has become a trend. Comprehensive procedures shall be prepared immediately.
Currently, Jinning Junior High School is the only school that combines primary education and secondary education in Kinmen. According to experience and long-term planning, it is better to separate the two levels of educational programs. Yet, we respect local people’s opinions and ask that comprehensive procedures be prepared immediately in order to facilitate the subsequent planning and execution.
17. The three major administrative tasks have been reviewed and proposed. We shall have confidence and keep pushing ourselves to do better.
Each unit has reviewed and proposed major challenges and three major administrative tasks. Yet, many proposals miss the point, and I cannot figure out those that did not make any proposal. We ask all units to determine their own goals and progresses, and the General Affairs Department will hold a special meeting for discussing and monitoring. Be confident and keep pushing ourselves to do even better.

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