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Wu Chao-Ying Receives Certificate of Honorary Citizenship for Judicial Contributions

Wu Chao-Ying Receives Certificate of Honorary Citizenship for Judicial Contributions
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Kinmen County Government

Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court President Wu Chao-Ying will retire on September 1st. He visited Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai at the county government yesterday to say good bye. Magistrate Chen approved of his judicial contribution during his term in Kinmen Branch Court and also issued a certificate of honorary citizenship. Magistrate Chen said from now on President Wu is Kinmenese, and all benefits that honorary citizens are eligible for will be given to him by the county government. Everyone will always remember him and hopes that he will often visit and give the local government some advice.
Since Wu Chao-Ying assumed office in September 2010, he has rapidly handled civil and criminal cases, implemented concentrated trial of civil cases, and upheld the law of evidence in criminal cases, strengthening the court’s determination of facts in trials on matters of fact, fully protecting the rights and interests of parties involved in litigation in Kinmen.
During his 6 years of service in Kinmen, Wu Chao-Ying actively handled mediation affairs and utilized social resources to improve the specialized knowledge and mediation skills of mediation committee members, allowing various disputes to be rapidly and peacefully resolved. This has made significant contribution to releasing litigation resources and reducing the time and money spent by parties involved in lawsuits.
Furthermore, in the law promotion event “appointment with residents,” he actively disseminated general knowledge of the law to residents through visits to the court or during various events held in Kinmen, so that residents can fully protect their rights and improve convenient measures and services for residents. He implemented the concept that the judicial system serves the people, and increased residents trust in the judicial system.
Wu Chao-Ying was born in 1947, received his master’s degree from the Graduate Institute of Law of National Chengchi University, passed the special examination for judicial personnel in 1971, graduated from the 15th class of judges, served as the president of Hualien, Chiayi, and Hsinchu District Court, held the position of judge in the Supreme Court, and served as division-chief judge in Taiwan High Court.
Wu Chao-Ying described his six years in Kinmen as the last stop in his judicial career. On the day before retirement, he not only received the judicial personnel excellent service award, but also a certificate of honorary citizenship in his new hometown. Wu Chao-Ying said that he cherishes the recognition and will be proud to be a member of Kinmen wherever he goes in the future.

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  • Date:2016-12-08