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Liaoluo Bay “Beachhead” Endurance Ocean Swim to be held July 23rd. Deadline for registration, June 10th.

Liaoluo Bay “Beachhead” Endurance Ocean Swim to be held July 23rd. Deadline for registration, June 10th.
Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih / County Government

The 2017 Liaoluo Bay “Beachhead” Endurance Ocean Swim Event will be held on July 23rd at the Liaoluo 82nd Point. The organizers are fully prepared to achieve the goal of "if one person attends, then the whole family comes along," promote tourism and leisure activities, as well as prevent any interruption due to the BRICS Summit in Xiamen and the cancellation of the Kinmen-Xiamen swim. They also sincerely hope this year's installment of the Kinmen ocean swim event can attract the attention of all parties and attract cross-strait swimming enthusiasts to come to Kinmen and join in on the event.
The county government pointed out that the websites for the Map of Kinmen Sports Information Network (http://sport.kinmen.gov.tw/), Masters Swimming Taiwan (http://www.masterswim.org.tw/ann/ann2 .asp), and the Cross-strait Southwest Winter Swimming Federation contain information regarding registration. The deadline for registration is expected to be June 10th. Endurance swimming enthusiasts are welcomed to seize the opportunity to register and participate.
In order to encourage enthusiasts from all walks of life to participate in this endurance swimming event, the Kinmen County Government has also prepared the following rewards: 1. All participants will be presented with a special commemorative swim cap, event-themed wine, swimming certificate and exquisite souvenirs.
2. As a reward for long-term supporters of Kinmen endurance swim events, the General Assembly will award another special prize to those who have participated in Kinmen endurance ocean swim events at least 10 times (certificates of proof must be presented at time of registration).
3. In order to encourage enthusiastic teams from all cities and counties to participate in this event, where groups of 25 people or more register and actually participate in this endurance swim event, team leaders and directors will each be given an additional gift of a long-sleeved tracksuit jacket.
4. Couples whose combined ages total 120, 130 or 140 years of age (inclusive) or more will have commemorative photographs taken by service staff and then made into commemorative certificates.
5. The first six teams with the highest number of participants (must total 25 or more actual participants) will be given an additional special award, so participants can get fit while receiving many benefits. Along with this endurance swim, the General Assembly also commissioned National Quemoy University School of Management to hold the "2017 Cross-strait Waters Recreation and Educational Innovation Symposium." The Jinhu Township Office has also planned a series of clam season activities. It is our pleasure to welcome everyone to join in on the events.

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  • Date:2017-12-01