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County Government Team Travels to Taiwan to Promote Tour Itineraries and Receives Enthusiastic Response

County Government Team Travels to Taiwan to Promote Tour Itineraries and Receives Enthusiastic Response

Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang / Comprehensive Report

The Kinmen County Government made an attempt to promote tourism in Taiwan by directly facing Taiwan’s travel agencies to introduce Kinmen’s tour itineraries. Following the Taichung Fair, another two Kinmen Tourism Promotion Fairs were held yesterday at Victory Room of Tayih Handis Hotel in Tainan and at the Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung, respectively, and had a full house again. Due to the popular demand, Kinmen’s local travel agents also offered discount itineraries to the travel agencies in Tainan and Kaohsiung.

Led by Chen Mei-Ling, Director of the Tourism Department of Kinmen County Government, the 2nd and 3rd promotion fairs in Tainan and Kaohsiung invited travel agencies in Southern Taiwan which organized domestic tours to attend.

Following the year of 2017—“the year of administrative execution”—to show the execution in tourism promotion, the Tourism Department adopts “Fantasy Kinmen, Welcome You with Four Seasons” as its slogan for the tourism marketing campaign in 2018 and gives an overall introduction of the tourism resources and themed tours currently promoted in Kinmen. The introduction contains the themed travel marketing programs, such as “Don’t Forget Kinmen; Return to the Glory”, “Survival Game: Battle in Kinmen”, “Fun and Happy Family Trips in Kinmen”, “Ancient Trail Hiking in Mt. Taiwu, One of the Minor Peaks in Taiwan” and other themed activities promoted by the department and each township, as well as the information about marathon and biking. Travel agents could include these activities into their upcoming travel itineraries. By providing diverse tour packages, Kinmen aims to develop business opportunities in the tourism industry.

The Tourism Department also gave an advance notice on the key tourism activities which will be promoted next year for travel agencies to include into their travel itineraries beforehand. In addition to the“4 Research Institutes and 1 Garden” family eco-tours and the themed activity of “Ancient Trail Hiking”, which have been promoted this year and will be continually promoted next year, the Tourism Department creates an island hopping itinerary on the mysterious battlefield to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis next year by organizing the battlefield-themed activities of Searching for Forts, Battle Camp and the Biggest Group Call-up. Besides, it announced the news that the ban on Dadan Island tourism will soon be lifted, and that the experience activity of rifle shooting in Houlin Military Camp, Lieyu Township, will soon be launched. Next year, it will also launch the themed travel of “I Love You, Kinmen Marriage Vacation”, which will feature Kinmen’s traditional marriage customs, in May, themed honeymoon tours from June to October, the 2018 QUEMOY International Music Festival (June 30th –August 8th), and the activities related to the Dice Game for Mooncakes (Bo-Bing) for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Kinmen, such as “Bus Tour for Winning the First Prize in Bo-Bing Game”, “Play of Bo-Bing Story in Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty”, “Cosplay Show” and “Bo-Bing Experience for Tourists”.

Assisted by the Travel Quality Assurance Association, Kinmen County Government plans to hold 5 promotion fairs. So far, every fair was enthusiastically attended by tour operators. More than 80 travel agencies—130 people in total—participated in the Tainan Fair, while 116 travel agencies—some 160 people—attended the Kaohsiung Fair. Representatives of the Kinmen natives associations in Tainan and Kaohsiung also joined the fairs to show their care for their hometown. Kinmen’s local tour operators also attended the fairs. Several of Kinmen’s specialty products, such as peanut candy, the Root of Moghania, hand-made egg rolls, sorghum liquor crispy chocolate, pork jerky, sour cabbage pickled with sorghum liquor, etc., were provided by local manufacturers and sellers to be the presents for lucky draws after being displayed in the fairs. After listening to the presentation introducing the travel programs promoted by Kinmen in the Tainan and Kaohsiung Promotion Fairs, the participating travel agencies all showed great interest in developing Kinmen’s tourism market. To respond to their enthusiasm, Kinmen’s tour agencies generously provided many big prizes for lucky draws, such as a free agent tour of 3 days and 2 nights (not including airfare), the “Mini Three Links” pass package, hotel accommodation vouchers, etc.

More than 400 travel agencies and over 500 people have registered for the 5 Kinmen Tourism Promotion Fairs held this year. The Tourism Department welcomes everyone who is interested in Kinmen tourism to attend the fairs, give advice and work with the Kinmen Government to redesign and promote tour itineraries of Kinmen to travelers who can therefore experience Kinmen from different aspects.

The information about the upcoming promotion fairs is as follows:
The 4th Fair: Taoyuan Fair, on November 21st in the Tao Garden Hotel (Audio-visual Center/2nd Floor); address: No.151, Fusing Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City.
The 5th Fair: Taipei Fair, on November 22nd in Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (Lecture Hall/1st Floor); address: 5F., No.9, Sec. 2, Mincyuan E. Rd., Taipei City.

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  • Date:2018-01-02