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Meeting with Consultants of Kinmen County Government in Northern Taiwan for Their Advice

Meeting with Consultants of Kinmen County Government in Northern Taiwan for Their Advice
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Taipei

After meeting with consultants of Kinmen County Government in southern and central Taiwan, Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai and senior executives of the county government traveled north through the night to host the last meeting with consultants of Kinmen County Government in northern Taiwan in 2016 yesterday (29th). Besides issuing certificates to 5 new consultants of Kinmen County Government, Magistrate Chen sought the advice of consultants that were in attendance.
Professor Yang Yung-Pin, a Kinmenese scholar currently in Taiwan and former president of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, spoke about a bridge of peace between Kinmen and Xiamen and received enthusiastic responses. Yang Yung-Ping said that the Tsai Administration assuming power is as described in the “Tale of Two Cities”: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Kinmen has also been an important bridge for the two sides to meet each other half way, and this is absolutely the moment for planning a Kinmen-Xiamen Bridge; it is the best opportunity for the DPP to turn around its cross-Strait relations, offer an olive branch, and extend its hand of peace and friendliness.
Yang Yung-Pin also said that of the large, medium and small paths to take, there has always been only one path for China, Taiwan and Kinmen, and that is to “see how things unfold” as long as we can continue to fight and go on. Kinmenese people do not need to feel sorrow because there are still many things to do, and should have a broader perspective beyond the island of Kinmen, considering the vast market across the Taiwan Strait.
During his opening speech, Magistrate Chen said: “it’s good to have you” to the over 100 consultants of Kinmen County Government from Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung, Taoyuan, Yilan, and Hualien County for using their holiday to attend the meeting. He said that every consultant has a deep bond with Kinmen, and will definitely not just be a one-day consultant. In the future, he will divided the consultants by their expertise and intentions, such as establishing a cross-Strait affairs office to handle cross-Strait affairs, establishing an overseas community affairs office for receiving overseas community leaders, and a dedicated office for Kinmen Associations, hoping to turn all consultants from passive to active and provide advice for the plethora of things to tackle in the county government. He said that he will give greater thought to the opinions they offer and consider Kinmen’s future paths even more seriously.
The meeting with county government consultants was held at 9:00 A.M. yesterday, and consultants in northern Taiwan arrived at the venue one by one; the meeting continue until 12:30. Attendees include General Hsu Li-Nung, a senior member of the New Party who is respectfully referred to as “papa Hsu,” former commander of Kinmen Defense Command Chu Kai-Sheng, Yang Tien-Hsiao, former governor of Fujian Province Hsueh Cheng-Tai, and former magistrate of Kinmen County Chang Jen-Chun, who all found the time in their busy schedules to attend the meeting, showing their concern for Kinmen’s development and future prospects.
Magistrate Chen was especially grateful to “papa Hsu” who is over 95 years old for attending the meeting. Papa Hsu loves Kinmen more than anyone else, and Magistrate Chen also feels the same love for Kinmen. He said that he has received the support and care of too many Kinmen people over the years and allowed him to fulfill his Kinmen dream. In the future, he can only repay their support and love with more patient administration and constantly thinking of the people.
During the meeting, he reiterated his three principles and five administrative visions “gather talent like the sea contains all rivers; rebuild hope through trustworthiness and friendliness; listen to the people and pragmatically implement internal affairs” and “cross-Strait hinge, LOHAS, cultural wealth, ecological sustainability, and tourism and leisure.” Magistrate Chen said Kinmen must be able to use excellent talents and gather them together like the sea contains all rivers. He hopes that talents will have a Kinmen dream and join hands with him to build a beautiful Kinmen.
The 5 new consultants of Kinmen County Government are Li Cheng-Fang, Chuang Shang-Wei, Chen Tsung-Pao, Chen Kuo-Tseng, and Huang Cheng-Chung. Besides introducing the specialty of each consultant, Magistrate Chen hoped that even more talent will join the ranks of those who love Kinmen, and help Kinmen better play its key role in achieving mutual prosperity and win-win for both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
Consultants that were in attendance spoke enthusiastically during the meeting. Chaiman Li Tai-Shan of Kinmen Associations in Taiwan was concerned about major development projects in Kinmen, especially the establishment of an art museum in Kinmen, which he said many residents were looking forward to. He suggested forming a task force to carry out the project as soon as possible. He believed that slow sales of Kinmen kaoliang liquor is a great worry to Kinmen’s development, since Kinmen kaoliang liquor is the economic lifeline of Kinmen. He suggested focusing on China’s market and building the concept of liquor storage, such as using the advantage of Kinmen’s tunnels for liquor storage as he proposed before to introduce the concept of “Nu Er Hong.”
A consultant addressed the issue of restoring kaoliang liquor quotas for Kinmen Associations during the three holidays, pointing out that the cause of slow sales of Kinmen kaoliang liquor should be clarified, and not just point fingers at the increase in number of Kinmen Associations; this is a blame that Kinmen Associations cannot take and will only draw a backlash from Kinmenese people in Taiwan. Magistrate Chen responded by saying: “new norms cannot be set without eliminating old norms,” this is a long lasting principle and pains are inevitable in the process of change. Prior to this he hoped that Kinmen associations can propose “hometown liquor” and negotiate with Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. to share some benefits, use more wisdom to give Kinmen associations better resources.
Regarding the slow sales of Kinmen kaoliang liquor, he said that he has always been confident in Kinmen kaoliang liquor, and truly believes that there is no need to fear the liquor not selling as long as the quality is good. After assuming office, he repeated demanded that Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. control its liquor quality without fail. Former governor Hsueh Cheng-Tai talked about three issues during the meeting. He believes that if the permanent population of Kinmen cannot reach 200,000, most of the major constructions will be short-lived. Hence, he believes that the government must provide incentives and take more things into consideration for construction projects to become sustainable. On the sustainable development of Kinmen, he believes that Kinmen can develop towards “white tunnel,” “green settlement,” and “blue lake and reservoir,” which are more easily said than done, but he still has hopes for every to use their strengths and not only create a green settlement through renewable energy, but also let Kinmen’s reservoir have water and not have eutrophication. He also thought there is still room for improvement regarding hygiene management of restaurants and inconvenient parking in Kinmen.
When expressing his expectations for the consultants of Kinmen County Government, Magistrate Chen said that we support many things because of our understanding, the county government will follow up and humbly review the opinions of consultants; Kinmen has always been the best place to practice the 1992 consensus, and he will use better communication to face and handle issues for cross-Strait peace and stability, as well as the well-being of Kinmen residents, taking strides forward together with everyone.

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  • Date:2016-12-08