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Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Hopes to Make Use of Dingpuxia’s Neighboring Military Camp

Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Hopes to Make Use of Dingpuxia’s Neighboring Military Camp
April 10th, 2017
Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang/Jinning

The birthday of Baosheng Dadi (the Chinese god of medicine) falls on the 15th day of the third lunar month. Temples in the area which serve the deity perform ritual ceremonies. Yesterday (the 13th day of the third lunar month), rituals to give thanks to the gods were performed at the Baoan Temple located in Dingpuxia, Hupu Village, Jinning Township. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, Deputy Speaker Shieh Tung-Long, and Jinning Township Mayor Chen Cheng-Yong were also there to express their devotion and make offerings, and were warmly welcomed by the villagers.
The rituals performed at Dingpuxia’s Baoan Temple to give thanks to the gods attracted worshipers who currently live elsewhere to return to the village to make offerings and pray for blessings from Baosheng Dadi. The villagers also mobilized to participate in the festivities and the pilgrimage activities.
Yesterday morning at around half past eleven, Magistrate Chen, accompanied by Secretaries Huang Shih-Cheng, Syu Jin-Siang, and Chen Guo-Min, Magistrate’s Office Director Chen Jin-Wun, Director-general of Civil Affairs Department Chen Yong-Ming, and Jinning Township Mayor Chen Cheng-Yong, arrived at Dingpuxia’s Baoan Temple to offer incense to Baosheng Dadi, and to shake hands and interact with the villagers.
At the event, villagers brought up the topic of the military camp neighboring the village, which has been idle for many years. In response, Magistrate Chen stated that he believes that the camp site may be put to use by greening and beautifying the environment and turning it into a community park, and that the Jinning Township Office and Dingpuxia villagers can further explore and discuss how to move forward with plans for the camp site.
Deputy Speaker Shieh Tung-Long, accompanied by the Council’s Director Chen Li-Jhih, Accounting Director Wang Ciou-Ming, Acting General Affairs Director Lou Guo-Liang, and Secretary Jhu Guo-Hua, also visited the Baoan Temple to make offerings yesterday morning.
The birthday of Baosheng Dadi (also called “Dadaogong”) falls on the 15th day of the third lunar month. Baosheng Dadi, surnamed Wu, was born in Baijiao Township, Tongan County, Quanzhou, Fujian, during the Song Dynasty. A well-known doctor, Wu was proficient in medicine and helped cure people of sickness throughout his life, thus receiving the posthumous title of the immortal God of Medicine and having the title of Baosheng Dadi conferred upon him.
Legend has it that the birth of Baosheng Dadi came about when his mother, surnamed Huang, became pregnant after having a dream in which she swallowed a white turtle. Prior to going into labor, she saw White Star God, Big Dipper God, and the Nanling Messenger escorting a child into the room, saying: “this is Purple Star God.” Not long afterwards, Baosheng Dadi was born in a sweet-scented room under a glowing sky with gathering clouds, portents straight out of myth. Baosheng Dadi was a smart child and diligent in his studies. When he was 17 years old, he went on a river journey by boat and was shown the way to Kunlun Mountain where he met the Queen Mother of the West, who taught him medical skills and how to remove evil spirits. He focused on medical science and compassionately practiced medicine since then. He ascended to heaven in 1036 (Jingyou 3rd year during Emperor Song Ren-Zong’s reign.)

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