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County Council Speaker and Community Members Offer Salutatory Plaque to Dr. Lin Ren-Sin In Recognition of Awards Earned for Service to Local Medical Care

County Council Speaker and Community Members Offer Salutatory Plaque to Dr. Lin Ren-Sin In Recognition of Awards Earned for Service to Local Medical Care
January 25th, 2017
Reporter: Jhuang Huan-Ning/Kinmen County Council

Seasoned Internal Medicine physician Dr. Lin Ren-Sin at Kinmen Hospital is a recipient of the " Senior Exemplary Model Physician" award for 2016 and is also a recipient of the 21st annual Medical Contribution Award . In recognition of his service and achievements, a large plaque confirming these well-deserved awards was presented by Kinmen County Council Speaker Hung Li-Ping, Deputy Speaker Shieh Tung-Long , council members, and local senior citizens in order to thank his dedication to local health care. They also gave thanks to all Kinmen Hospital physicians and nursing staff for providing excellent health care services.
The award-giving ceremony was held at 5 P.M. yesterday in the County Council’s V.I.P. room. The plaque was awarded by Speaker Hung , Deputy Speaker Shieh, former Executive Yuan adviser Chen Bing-Jen, Lieyu Township Mayor Hung Cheng-Fa, Kinmen councilors Lee Cheng-Zhi and Lee Ing-Wen, " Kinmen Old Country" President Tung Shuei-Lun, and KMT Kinmen Office Director Lin Fang-Hsuan . The ceremony was also attended by Superintendent of Kinmen Hospital Twu Nae-Fang, Deputy Superintendent Li Hsi-Hsin and Tung Wen-Ya and others. Discussion on local medical care developments took place at the occasion.
Speaker Hung explained that Dr. Lin, who has dedicated himself to local medical care for 30 years, is well deserving of this hard-earned award. Dr. Lin is a model physician who can encourage and promote medical care improvements, she said. Medical care in Kinmen has significantly improved in recent years. However, constant improvement for better care is always being pursued because it is impossible to reach a standard in which everybody is perfectly satisfied, she said. With the help of the latest information technologies, all comments can be expressed and received easily, and it is realized that room for improvement exists in regional medical care. The county government is appreciative of the hospital's cooperation in addressing concerns and requests from residents’ continual improvements in medical care, as council members receive feedback from the community and convey them rationally. .
The Speaker also expressed her insistence that life is priceless. She emphasized that the County Council never compromises on the portion of budgets relating to medical care, and hopes for the improvement of local hospitals to safeguard the health of local residents. It is hoped that medical breakthroughs can be achieved by making available comprehensive medical facilities and adequately authorized personnel resources and other efforts such as competing for opportunities to host international medical conferences. With those measures, there is a chance to improve the quality of medical care in Kinmen. The County Council would fully support the medical budgets of the hospital in an effort to attract and retain doctor and nursing personnel so they would want to stay in Kinmen.
Deputy Speaker Shieh also indicated that Kinmen Hospital is currently funded by "three government branches", and the council suggests that more than 50% of the medical budget can be provided by the council in order for it to take lead in policy making. As hospital hardware is gradually improving, adjustments should be made in authorized personnel quota to increase physician and nurse positions available at the institution. He believes that this would increase job security and improve staff morale, and the county government should organize reviews and make up any budget shortfalls to ensure even smoother operation of the hospital.
Shieh also mentioned that Kinmen Hospital should set the bigger goal of becoming a regional hospital that is capable of providing service to the Fujian and Minnan area of mainland China. Given the large population of Taiwanese businesspeople in mainland China, to seek medical attention at a hospital where the Taiwan National Health Insurance can be used is very attractive to these traveling Taiwanese businesspeople, he said, and thus the structure of medical equipment and personnel should develop according to this goal. This is because the improvement of medical care quality of the hospital can increase demand for its services, and as overall medical care quality is enhanced, Kinmen residents can benefit in the long run.

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  • Date:2017-11-30