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Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Visits Xiamen, Looking Forward to Faster Traveling with Cross-Strait Cooperation 2017/04/15

Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Visits Xiamen, Looking Forward to Faster Traveling with Cross-Strait Cooperation
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong/Xiamen

Having wound up his visit to Shenzhen, Chen Fu-Hai, Kinmen County Magistrate, visited Wu Hai-Ping, newly appointed head of Xiamen Customs, and Chen Qiou-Xiong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, in Xiamen yesterday. This was the first meeting of Chen Fu-Hai and Wu Hai-Ping. Chen conveyed his congratulations to Wu and thanked Wu for the long-term assistance and services of Xiamen Customs provided to Kinmen and citizens across the Strait. Chen looks forward to closer interchange between the customs authorities of the two sides for providing better services to people traveling between Kinmen and Xiamen.
Chen Fu-Hai led a group of Kinmen officials to visit Shenzhen City on the 12th of June. The officials included Wu Cheng-Dian, Deputy Magistrate; Wong Zih-Bao, Senior Executive Officer of the County Government; Li Bing, Director-General of the Economic Affairs Department; Wang Han-Jhih, Director-General of the Public Health Bureau; Wei Jhih-Cheng, Chief of the Investment and Development Section of the Finance Department; and Cai Bai-Li, Chief of the Mainland Affairs Section of the Tourism Department. The group departed for Shenzhen from Xiamen Airport. The group visited BGI, aquaculture technology developers, and plant processing factories in Shenzhen in the hope that three-way cooperation may lead Kinmen to become a healthy and peaceful island with booming industrial development and an island that can provide international health care for people from other countries.
After winding up the visit in Shenzhen, the group departed at 9:45 am from Shenzhen and arrived in Xiamen by 11:00 am. Immediately after its arrival at Xiamen, the group visited Chen Qiou-Xiong; Wu Hai-Ping; Zhao Zhen-Yun, Director of the Xiamen Customs Office; Wei Ya-Ya, Director of the Customs Control and Clearance Department; Lai Zu-Hui, Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee; and Huang He-Ming, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office in the hope that closer communication and cooperation can be achieved between Kinmen and Xiamen.
Wu Hai-Ping was appointed to his latest position on May 24th. It was the first meeting between Chen Fu-Hai and Wu Hai-Ping. Chen said that Wu is an open-minded and resourceful person with positive actions. In addition to congratulating Wu, Chen urged Wu to help promote vigorous interchange and cooperation between Kinmen and Xiamen.
The Magistrate stated that people across the Strait is of the same family. Though Kinmen and Xiamen were two separate ports in the past, the long-term friendly interchange and cooperation platform between the two ports has actually made the two ports into one "gate" and then "gateless". Since the two ports are complementary to each other, the two ports have formed a living circle.
With the progress towards peaceful development and interchange, people across the Strait have become closer and closer. The Magistrate said that customs control and the exchange of customs management experience are the tasks which will further facilitate the establishment of rapid and convenient customs clearance service. Chen stated that customs inspection and document check should be conducted separately. Since Kinmen and Xiamen are working more closely with each other, better interchange and coordination would make customs inspection and clearance much faster and convenient.
Chen has been making great effort to turn Kinmen into an international medical care island and facilitate its tourism, economy, sport, and health sectors. That's why he visited BGI in Shenzhen. Wu Hai-Ping pointed out that the development of high-end medical care in Kinmen will be a good direction which will attract more investments in Kinmen, induce upgrading of the island's industries, and bring about prosperity.
The first meeting of Chen and Wu was held in a pleasant atmosphere. During the meeting, Chen invited Wu to visit Kinmen to promote cooperation between Kinmen and Xiamen. Chen hoped that through mutual visits and interchange, the customs clearance and control process will be much faster and more convenient so as to enhance the competitiveness of the two ports.
Chen stated that Kinmen and Xiamen can be bundled into one tourism package. Through better communication and planning, the Kinmen-Xiamen tourism package can be expanded to other cities in China. With better promotion, planning of tourist events and activities, and creative tourism exhibitions, more Chinese tourists will visit Kinmen-Xiamen. Such marketing efforts will boost the brand name of Kinmen-Xiamen tourism in various parts of the mainland China. The efforts will boost the number of tourists visiting Kinmen-Xiamen remarkably. With packaging and cooperation, Kinmen and Xiamen will complement each other and create a golden brand name in terms of tourism.
Magistrate Chen stated that in the course of long-term exchange between Kinmen and Xiamen, the two ports have set up a friendly cooperation platform. He stressed that seemingly trivial things across the Strait do matter, and should be treated as important matters, including the cooperation in the development of the tourist industry. Due to the special relationship between Taiwan and the mainland China at present, Kinmen plays an important role in fostering a better cross-Strait relationship.
Though the visit to Shenzhen was conducted with a tight schedule, the group managed to accomplish its missions of visiting BGI and learning about more techniques in agriculture and aquaculture. By presenting facts and stories about Kinmen, Chen let people in China understand more about Kinmen and the development potential of the island. After his visit to Xiamen, Magistrate Chen got on board a passenger vessel at 4:30 pm yesterday at Xiamen Wutong Passenger Wharf, heading back to Kinmen and winding up the three-day visit.

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