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Kinmen County Makes Huge Effort to Promote Welfare for Elderly with Fruitful Results

Kinmen County Makes Huge Effort to Promote Welfare for Elderly with Fruitful Results
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong / County Government

According to the latest statistics, the total population of Kinmen County at the end of May this year was about 135,520, and was on the increase; the number of those aged over 65 was more than 16,160, or about 11.93% of the total population. In other words, the aged society is arriving! Taking into account the needs of an aged society, the County Government's Social Affairs Department is promoting daily care for the elderly, community care stations, leisure and recreation for the elderly, elder protection and financial security, and other welfare services. In addition, it will continue to promote the Long-Term Care Plan 2.0, establish the overall community care system and expand care stations actively, in the hope of building a complete caring system as well as maintaining dignity and autonomy of the elderly to enhance their quality of life.

To relieve the burden of care on families, the County has developed a care service support system and increased local employment opportunities. According to the Social Affairs Department, the County Government has signed home care contracts with 38 home caregivers, providing home care services to nearly 180 disabled senior citizens and demonstrating the effectiveness of life care services for the elderly in the form of home care. Also, to show appreciation to the elderly aged over 90 for experiencing the difficulties at every stage of the County’s development, the County Government offers a subsidy that covers the expenses payable for the elderly home care service, to meet the long-term care needs of the disabled elderly. In cases of discrepancy between the location of residence and registered household, the project accepts home care services for the disabled elderly.

In terms of meal delivery for the solitary elderly, it targets those who are 65 or older and registered in the County, tackling the problem of lack of daytime care for solitary elders, to ensure senior citizens in our County can enjoy good meal and visitation services. For the last six months this year, it provided home services to 174 disabled elders, with over 14,380 hours of service; 40 meal deliveries to solitary elders, 428 emergency rescue services for 136 people, and transportation services for disabled elders for a total of 4,747 times.

As for community-based care, the Social Affairs Department stated that it has contracted Sunrise Social Welfare Foundation to run the Lanhu Day Care Center (30 inhabitants) and Lieyu Township Office to run the Sifang Day Care Center (12 inhabitants), providing daycare service to help those disabled elders aged over 65 and the physically and mentally disabled aged 50 or older (who have not received institutional placement or been provided with attendants) to maintain or enhance their self-care ability, improve the quality of their daily life, increase their social adaptability, and relieve the burden on their caregiving family members. Such services have been provided 2,610 times in the last six months. In addition, the Jhushan Community Day Care Center project is currently under implementation and expected to be launched for operation by the end of the year. The County is also actively looking for proper locations in Jinsha and Jinning to build day care centers to provide the communities with accessible services.

To cooperate with the age-friendly city project, the Social Affairs Department announced actively promoted plans such as meal gatherings for the elderly and expansion of sports and education to the community. It also assisted with the coordination of elder meal gatherings between Bishan Dongdian Community and Anlan Primary School at Jinsha Township, Cionglin Community and Kaisyuan Primary School at Jinhu Township, and Siyuan Houheng Community and Shumei Primary School at Jinsha Township, and helped Liaoluo Bay Community, Shangyi Community, Siajhuang Community and Houfonggang Community at Jinhu Township as well as Kinmen County Senior Citizens Association to organize meal gatherings or meal delivery services for the elderly, servicing nearly 30,000 people in the last six months.
The Social Affairs Department stated that setting up community care stations is also part of elderly welfare promotion. It provides counselling to various associations and social welfare organizations in the County to set up community care stations, so as to provide a number of services to the elderly in the community, such as visiting, friendly phone calls, meal services (including providing and delivering meals), health improvement and counselling, and referrals. The goal is to build a diverse community care pattern through autonomous engagement of the community residents. At present, there are 21 stations providing primary preventive care locally.

In addition, in terms of setting up new community care stations, the Kinmen County Sweet Home Care Association was subsidized at the end of last year to set up a community care station; this year, grants were given by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the County Government to the Kinmen County Senior Citizens Association and the Anci Community Development Association to set up community care stations. So far the community care stations have been visiting, calling, organizing meal gatherings and delivery services for the elderly and providing health improvement services.

Furthermore, elders’ recreational activities can promote both learning and exercise to the communities to enhance lifelong education opportunities for the elderly, enriching and cultivating personal interests or related health nurturing skills. According to the Social Affairs Department, the County has contracted out the operation of the 2017 Enhancement Group Project for Long-Term Care Professional Growth, Senior Citizen College – Ancient Southern Music (Nanyin) Course, Tablet and PC Application Courses for Senior Citizens, Starting from Heart – Kinmen Group Project for Elders’ Stress Relief, and promotional play “Dancing with Dementia”, attracting nearly 2,500 participants.

As for financial security for the elderly, the number of applicants for allowances for elders experiencing the battlefield military rule period was 13,089. There were 861 recipients of living allowances for elders with disability cards; 34 recipients of living allowances for mid- or low-income elders; 172 recipients of the elderly denture subsidy; and 43 recipients of 107 assistive devices for disabled elders. Subsidies were offered to 22 senior citizen groups for installing and watching cable TV. Free rides of buses and ferries were offered 827,698 times, and subsidies for Taipei and Kaohsiung MRT fare for elders aged over 65 were provided 45,375 times. 68 senior citizen groups received three major holiday bonuses. The County also organized vocational training for long-term care professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills and to strengthen the quality of long-term care.

In addition, for elder protection services, a professional social worker is employed to be exclusively responsible for reporting of elder protection cases, case management and other services. For the last six months there were a total of 14 elder protection cases and 69 other elderly cases with elderly services provided 209 times. As for the application of heart bracelets for elders with dementia, there have been 72 recipients of the service, which not only helps these elders find their way home when they are lost, but also enables the seasonal survey and maintenance of a senior citizen register every year. The statistical survey of the first quarter registered 284 people in total, which facilitates the integration of social welfare resources to provide care services.

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  • Date:2017-12-12