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Provincial Government Visited Kinmen Centenarians during Double Ninth Festival

Provincial Government Visited Kinmen Centenarians during Double Ninth Festival
Reporter: Jhuang Huan-Ning / Summary Report

On the eve of Double Ninth Festival, the Fujian Provincial government wished the centenarians of Kinmen and Matsu counties longevity and happy festival, and offered each of them a red packet containing NT$3000 to show its care for the seniors. It also represents Provincial Governor Chang Ching-Sen’s care and best wishes.
This year, there are over 50 centenarians in Kinmen County (12 living in Jinsha Township, 13 living in Jincheng Township, 9 living in Jinhu Township, 10 living in Jinning Township, and 6 living in Lieyu Township). Including 2 from Lienchiang County, there are a total of 52 centenarians.
From the 17th to 23rd, the Provincial Government designated Secretary General Wong Ming-Jhih, accompanied by Section Chief Jhang Jin-Cheng and Comissioner Hong Jin-Lu, to visit the centenarians in different townships of Kinmen on Governor Chang’s behalf. They also delivered the longevity red packets and wished the seniors happy festival. Unfortunately, two of Kinmen’s centenarians passed away (one in Jinning Township and another in Jinhu Township), leaving a total 48 centenarians being visited, including one named He Yu-Shuang.
When visiting the centenarians, the Provincial Secretary General not only gave them red packets but also kindly celebrated with them, while wishing them good health and peaceful aging with the care of their children and grandchildren. He also conveyed Provincial Governor Chang’s care and blessing.
Provincial Secretary General Wong chatted with the seniors about their daily lives and showed special care for their physical health. The elderly were also happy about Wong’s visit. It was a heartwarming scene. It is also worth mentioning that a couple in Doumen, Jinsha Township, named Chen Huai-Cong and Chen Jhang-Jhen, both became centenarians this year, attesting to the couple’s health-preserving practice.
The provincial government expressed its gratitude to Kinmen County Government in facilitating this visit, thanking it for providing such detailed information. They also passed on their thanks for the local village and township chiefs and officers for their passionate help in making this trip a complete success. For the two centenarians living in Lienchiang County, the provincial government will remit the money to their personal bank accounts first and make a special trip out to them in a Mazu visit later.

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  • Date:2017-12-19