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Kinmen County Ranks No. 1 in a Nationwide Well-being Survey

Kinmen County Ranks No. 1 in a Nationwide Well-being Survey
Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih / Summary Report

Commissioned by Want Weekly Magazine, Apollo Survey & Research Co. Ltd. conducted in early April a survey on county magistrate / city mayor popularity and people’s sense of well-being, and results were made public yesterday. As seen in the diagram, among all 21 counties / cities in the country people in Kinmen County have shown the most intense feeling of well-being followed by those in Hualien County, Nantou County, Hsinchu City and Taitung County. Such results have been justified by Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai also ranking high (No. 3) in the popularity poll. With a sample size of about 13000, this survey is worth examining.
The well-being section of this survey comprises six dimensions, including overall interpersonal relations (communication competence), overall economic conditions (goodwill), overall wellness (sensibility), overall housing quality (satisfaction), future development (optimism) and current lifestyle (contentment).
The scoring system in terms of levels of satisfaction consists of Very satisfied: 100 points; Satisfied: 75 points; O.K.: 50 points; Dissatisfied: 25 points; Very dissatisfied: 0 point; Unanswered: No score. Scores to questions of the six dimensions will be summed up and averaged to calculate the overall sense of well-being.
One of illiberal viewpoints often seen in analyzing people’s sense of well-being in Kinmen County argues that “given the higher income of the people, the higher sense of well-being, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor business brings in tremendous amount of revenue for Kinmen County Government to provide her residents with welfare benefits far better than those in other counties in Taiwan Island, which explains why Kinmen people have the strongest sense of well-being.” Such an argument only presents facts in part and fails to embody the true feeling of well-being of all Kinmen people.
In fact, the “sense of well-being” derives from residents’ indelible impression and perception of the government’s administrative achievements out of day-to-day life, covering the six dimensions in this survey including overall interpersonal relations (communication competence), overall economic conditions (goodwill), overall wellness (sensibility), overall housing quality (satisfaction), future development (optimism) and current lifestyle (contentment), while which dimension to be valued the most by people varies from county to county.
Among the 21 county magistrates / city mayors nationwide, Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai comes off the third best in the popularity poll. Since his inauguration about two years ago, Chen has always been ranking among the top three in such polls conducted by different media. Magistrate Chen believes that “There’s no secret of success in administering government affairs but working steadily and serving the people with gratefulness, assiduities and attentiveness, reflecting public sentiment and following the common aspiration of people.”
Magistrate Chen further put it this way, “The confidence on fellow citizens of Kinmen is what has guided me through my career in government service. Our fellow citizens are with profound cultural heritage. They are full of vigor and vitality, act with Heaven’s will and take great pride in Kinmen. Such confidence becomes an essential sense of glory. This is what makes Kinmen keep moving forward fearlessly of difficulties and hardships.”
“I’m proud to be a citizen of Kinmen now and hope that in the future our fellow citizens will all be proud of being citizens of Kimen,” said Magistrate Chen and he would love to share such pride that belongs to all Kinmen people. Ciou Yuan-Bao, V.P. of Apollo Survey & Research Co. Ltd., indicated that the results of this survey highlighted the quickly emerging novice magistrates / mayors strenuously surpassing veterans in the political circle. Lin Chih-Chien, Chen Fu-Hai, Cheng Wen-Tsan and Lin Ming-Chen are all in their first term of service. Lin Chih-Chien and Cheng Wen-Tsan of the Democratic Progressive Party not only conquered the poll with high rankings among top five but squeezed out Lai Ching-Te and Chen Chu. It is indeed not an easy task for green hands to achieve nearly 70% popularity.
Conducted with telephone interviews by staff workers in April 2017, this survey targeted adults above 20 years of age in 21 counties / cities of the Taiwan area. Based on Chunghwa Telecom residential telephone directory for each county / city as the sampling frame, telephone numbers were picked by using a stratified random sampling method with the last two digits replaced by random numbers. A total of 12410 adults in 21 counties/cities of the Taiwan area were successfully interviewed. Among the survey, the effective sample sizes in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, the six special municipalities, were all above 800 while in other counties / cities, above 500. To be in agreement with the demographic structure of each county and city, goodness of fit test and weighing were performed on results of the survey in terms of gender, age and district of the interviewees in each county and city. Under the 95% confidence level, the overall sampling error is +/- 0.9%.

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