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Magistrate Visits Central Government to Gain Support for Major Construction Projects

Magistrate Visits Central Government to Gain Support for Major Construction Projects
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Summary Report

To gain assistance from the central government to resolve difficulties faced by Kinmen County Government, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai yesterday (14th) visited Minister without Portfolio (concurrently holds the position of Governor) Chang Ching-Sen at the Executive Yuan, hoping to gain support from the central government for major construction projects of Kinmen. Governor Chang convened a cross-departmental meeting in hopes of carrying out a discussion that will resolve issues that concern Kinmen’s development. The cross-departmental meeting was held in the conference room of the Executive Yuan at noon 12:00 on July 14th. Magistrate Chen led Confidential Secretary Chen Yung-Ming, Director Secretary General Wang Chung-Sheng of the Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee, and Section Chief Tsai Chan-Cheng of the General Affairs Department to the meeting. Governor Chang personally hosted the meeting and invited Kinmen County Council Member Chen Tsang-Chiang to join the discussion. Other attendees included Director General Wang Jui-Te of the Water Resources Agency, Political Deputy Minister Tsai Sen-Tien of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Deputy Director Mao Chen-Tai of the Department of National Spatial Planning and Development of the National Development Council (NDC), Deputy Director Huang Hung-Chi of the Department of Healthcare and Medical Care of the Veterans Affairs Council, and related personnel of the Executive Yuan.
Three proposals were discussed in the meeting, including, planning the blueprint for Kinmen’s next stage of development, restructuring Kinmen Hospital into the Kinmen Branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and request for the central government to allocate a budget for water resource development in Jinsha River Basin.
In the planning of a blueprint for Kinmen’s next stage of development, Magistrate Chen indicated that President Tsai initiated the mini three links, which laid the foundation for cross-Strait cooperation, and proposed the idea of mini three links 2.0 during her campaign, which helped Kinmen plan its vision for cross-Strait relations. When President Tsai visited Kinmen on December 2nd, 2015, she indicated that the vision for Kinmen’s next stage of development will be re-planned, giving Kinmen a systematic and comprehensive blueprint for its industries and development. The NDC was requested to assist with planning the vision for Kinmen’s next stage of developments based on Kinmen’s mid-term and long-term development plans. The NDC indicated that it was willing to provide assistance, and will give full support with respect to funding for Kinmen County Government to make plans. Governor Chang determined that plans should be made for Kinmen’s development strategy, and concrete action plans should be made in the phase five comprehensive development plan of Kinmen.
Regarding the restructuring of Kinmen Hospital into Kinmen Branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Magistrate Chen said that he took over 1,000 flights between Kinmen and Taiwan while he was a legislator, mainly to resolve issues with medical care of Kinmen people. He thanked the DPP for implementing the Kinmen Hospital United Medical Building Project in 2008, allowing Kinmen Hospital to have complete hardware facilities. However, Kinmen Hospital currently lacks in software and human resources, and he hopes to build the brand of Kinmen’s medical care as a branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, so as to protect the health of Kinmen people. Even though Kinmen only has a permanent population of roughly 60-70 thousand, which is not enough to support operations after restructuring, he believes the gap can be filled with medical services provided to Taiwanese businessmen in Fujian Province and Haixi, as well as the development of international medical care under the brand of Taipei Veterans General Hospital. The county government will share the initial loss from operations after restructuring with the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Council Member Chen Tsang-Chiang stressed that he jointly made the campaign promise with President Tsai when he was running for legislator to restructure Kinmen Hospital into a branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital; Vice President Chen also gave his word when he visited Kinmen in January for the restructuring, and Kinmen County Council and Government will jointly support Taipei Veterans General Hospital with respect to the funding requirements after restructuring. Governor Chang said that if the case involves the campaign promises of the president and vice president, it is a matter of credibility and must be carefully evaluated and handled. He thus instructed related departments to provide complete data and will invite the Minister of Health and Welfare and the Minister of the Veterans Affairs Council in the near future to discuss matters.
With regard to the request for the central government to allocate a budget for water resource development in Jinsha River Basin, Magistrate Chen said that there was flooding in Kinmen in May, he was moved that he immediately received a call from Premier Lin Chuan, and he believes that the Tsai Administration is here to “solve problems,” which gives Kinmen hope. Director General Wang of the Water Resources Agency specially thanked Magistrate Chen during the meeting for his assistance in the reconstruction of Jinsha Bridge No.2, and will help add gates to Jinsha Reservoir in the future, which will significantly improve the flooding issue in Jinsha. As for the comprehensive remediation plan for Jinsha River Basin, the Water Resources Agency will assist with resolving Kinmen’s water resource issues after Kinmen County Government completes evaluations.
Furthermore, Magistrate Chen indicated that in all of Taiwan the local governments in Kinmen and Lienchiang Counties are the only ones responsible for water resource affairs, especially the construction in Kinmen for purchasing water from China and the retention pond are partially raised by Kinmen County Government, which also pays in advance for central government subsidies, and the central government reimburses Kinmen County Government over 15 years, putting immense financial pressure on the county government. In response, Governor Chang stated that Kinmen needs “transitional justice,” in which normal government operations were not implemented after battlefield administrative was lifted, and he will continue to assist Kinmen in gradually correcting the distorted system.
After the meeting, Magistrate Chen specially thanked Governor Chang for sacrificing his lunch break to invite related departments to resolve Kinmen’s issues, and he also thanked Council Member Chen Tsang-Chiang for his assistance, hoping to regularly utilize this mechanism to gain assistance from Governor Chang in issues faced by Kinmen. The position of Governor Chang in the Executive Yuan will create a platform for communication and coordination between Kinmen County Government and central government agencies, and he believes that this will allow many issues of Kinmen to be successfully resolved.

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  • Date:2016-12-08