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Magistrate Chen: Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Is the Key to a Better Kinmen

Magistrate Chen: Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Is the Key to a Better Kinmen
Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih/County Government

Having taken charge of county affairs for almost three years, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai said yesterday that his administration accumulated numerous capabilities from directors’ meetings and county administration meetings, which provided the main engine for the widely perceived administrative efforts of the county government. He was grateful to all the township mayors for their support and efforts in developing Kinmen into a place of happiness. He also expressed his gratitude to Chairman Chang Ming-Jen, who held two other positions concurrently, for carrying out the responsibility of recapturing the glory days of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor. Magistrate Chen promised that his administration will create more platforms and resources for each township and be more than happy to serve as the backbone of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor as he believed that Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is the key to a better Kinmen.

The Kinmen County Government convened its eighth county administration meeting of 2017 yesterday. In addition to confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting, four bills were discussed during this meeting. The first bill that was reviewed and amended was the draft Self-Governance Ordinance on Relief for Civilian Casualties Resulting from Civilian-Assisted Arrests in Kinmen County, Fujian Province. The Police Bureau pointed out that the amendment mainly focused on the terms used in the ordinance to match the current organization without increasing or reducing the amount of relief. Magistrate Chen responded that the amount of the relief fund issued in accordance with Article 4 has remained the same since the ordinance was last amended in 2000, and that the Police Bureau should take price fluctuations (indices) into consideration to maintain the desired effects of relief.

The second bill reviewed and amended was the draft Self-Governance Ordinance on the Handling of Unidentified Bodies in Kinmen County, Fujian Province. The terms used in the ordinance were amended to match the current organization. Thus, there should be no controversy.

The third bill reviewed and amended was the partial draft of the Regulations Governing Family Foster Care for Children and Adolescents in Kinmen County. According to the Social Affairs Department, some incentive-related provisions of these regulations had remained unchanged for 11 years. The draft was thus created and amended to respond to social transition and various family issues. Magistrate Chen noted that the contents of these regulations were amended in accordance with the higher laws; therefore, there should be no controversy. However, it is still up to the authority in charge to deliberate on whether members of the foster family have priority to adopt the child they look after or whether other legal amendments or recommendations should be made for each case.

The fourth bill reviewed and enacted was the draft Regulations Governing Incentives for Reporting Violations of the Water Pollution Control Act in Kinmen County. According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, Kinmen was the only one among the 22 cities and counties nationwide that had not enacted regulations for such reporting incentives. To ensure clean water in this county, the Environmental Protection Bureau followed the approach adopted by Hualien County to set 5% of the penalty actually received as the maximum amount of a reward. The bill has been deliberated and adopted, and will be promulgated and enforced according to administrative procedures.

At the meeting, the demolition and on-site reconstruction of the middle administration building of the county government were also discussed. The General Affairs Department stated that the project proposal has been approved in accordance with administrative procedures and will be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for its review on the subsidy plan. A tendering process will also begin to select a PCM contractor. Magistrate Chen added that this project concerns the rights of the government staff and the public to a great environment when they carry out their work and request public services, respectively, in the future; therefore, multifaceted needs should be addressed. He asked the administration to undertake supplementary measures based on the schedule after a final version is determined. In terms of strategic thinking, Magistrate Chen suggested incorporating the concept of transit terminals and making more efforts to apply to the central government for subsidies.

Regarding the project for recreating a land of flowers along Huandao S. Road, Magistrate Chen stated that the previous flower farming project along Huandao N. Road received positive feedback, and now the county government aims to duplicate the experience and surpass the previous achievements. He encouraged Li Guang-Rong, Director of the Agricultural Research Institute, to continue to negotiate and coordinate with landlords, so as to demonstrate the remarkable administrative achievements to local people. As long as the policy is appropriate, the county government will do its utmost to provide all necessary support.

As for the canal problem mentioned by Kinmen County Councilor Tsai Chun-Sheng, the Public Works Department noted that it went to the site together with the president of the Caicuo Community Association and the staff of Jinsha Township Office to verify the location of the canal based on Councilor Tsai’s opinions. According to its investigation, the canal, used for the purpose of agricultural irrigation in early days, is damaged and blocked at present. After deliberations, the canal was included in the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program: Water Environment Project in order to compete for subsidies from the central government. To improve all the drainage facilities within jurisdiction of Kinmen County, information about the canals in need of remediation and related plans has been collected, and relevant agencies were gathered for a meeting a few days ago. A plan will be submitted within the specified deadline to apply to the central government for subsidies.

Magistrate Chen stated frankly that he defined the efforts to obtain funding from the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program as a “competition for money,” or rather an attempt to implement water project funds for the government. The county government focuses its efforts to obtain funding on water environment development. However, the central government usually pays little attention to this aspect unless a disaster occurs or potential risk factors exist. For this reason, he specifically requested each township to focus on the people’s livelihood and disaster prevention while writing a proposal. A proposal that emphasizes significant matters and leaves out less significant matters should be more likely to draw the attention of the central government.

In regard to the funding for building good relationships with local communities for the sake of project implementation, Magistrate Chen suggested giving approval on a special project basis to avoid the general limit of NT$20,000 per year as set forth in the County’s Guidelines for Providing Subsidies (or Grants) to Civil Associations and Individuals. As the saying goes, “There are always countermeasures for every policy.” Magistrate Chen asked the Accounting and Statistics Department to assist the Public Works Department in completing the necessary administrative procedures.

The proposal to install electric meters in the water resource area of Lieyu Township has shown barriers to lateral communication among government agencies and departments at all levels. The response of the Economic Affairs Department to the question regarding installation of electric meters in Sihu and other areas of Lieyu Township for agricultural purposes is that water is property of the nation in accordance with the Water Act and other applicable regulations, and that a person is required to submit an application for the use of surface water or groundwater. Except for those exempt from water right registration as set forth in Article 42 of the Water Act, any person should apply for water rights for drawing water from a river, reservoir, or drainage system or for digging a well. Once the water right issue is settled, the Economic Affairs Department will be able to help with applications for power consumption in agriculture. Moreover, Magistrate Chen specifically requested the competent authorities to communicate with and explain to the people face to face and directly regarding their questions and needs. Any applicable regulations should be observed, and new regulations should be established if there are no applicable regulations. The best strategy is to help the people solve their problems while preventing public servants from violating the law.

With regard to the policy of promoting Kinmen beef exports to China, Magistrate Chen stated that Chinese and Taiwanese share the same blood, and residents of Kinmen and Xiamen are family. As long as the quarantine and inspection process is faultless, there will be no reason for the Chinese authority to ban beef exports from Kinmen. He urged the Mainland China Affairs Office to pay particular attention to its connection with the Chinese authority in hopes of finding more opportunities from small breakthroughs.

When it comes to traffic safety and maintenance problems at the junctions of industrial roads and main roads, Magistrate Chen said that the administration has minimized the impact of construction on traffic and the inconvenience it caused to residents through the improvement of each construction project and a continuous review process. This achievement is worth acknowledging. He will further request relevant units to carry out hierarchical development and management depending on actual needs and establish related standards and SOPs to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the future.

As far as the resident card is concerned, Magistrate Chen believed that the cooperation with different sectors should be improved. He not only asked the staff to share their experience of using the resident card, but also encouraged the public to utilize the card as it benefits local people. He suggested that his administration may consider offering incentives and creating topics by means of a limited amount and grand prizes. Moreover, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor should be able to sponsor the promotion with a large amount of funds, and the resident card may be promoted together with tourism so that it will be easier for tourists to use when they make a purchase.

What is worth mentioning is that Chang Ming-Jen, Chairman of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor with ample experience in marketing, acted as a marketing guru at yesterday’s meeting to share with the attending staff communication skills on the social media. Chang gave an insightful analysis in three dimensions, namely the operating model of new media, communication skills on Facebook, and the consumption from the perspective of China’s economy and the online market from the perspective of consumption. The attending staff learned a lot from his analysis. Lastly, regarding the municipal administration plan proposed by Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu under the scheme titled “Citizen Participation for a Happy Kaohsiung,” Magistrate Chen stated that he has been learning from good examples. In fact, citizen participation should be seen as a normal practice rather than an administrative goal in a democratic country. In this regard, he asked each department to review the administrative procedures for its services and to evaluate and analyze the feasibility of citizen participation in the main public services selected, so as to improve people’s perception of these services.

It is a fact that Kinmen Daily News gives the image of a government-owned newspaper, but Magistrate Chen believed that some changes might still be made. Thus, he asked the publisher to explain policies to local people in an easily understandable manner and take public opinions into account while conducting more interviews on different topics and enriching the content of the public opinion forum. Kinmen Daily News should not be limited to a local newspaper and should embrace external sources so as to strengthen its functions as a medium and protect people’s rights to know.

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