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MCU Promoted Students’ English Proficiency in Two High Schools in Kinmen

MCU Promoted Students’ English Proficiency in Two High Schools in Kinmen

Reporter: Dong Sen-Bao / Summary Report

The Ming Chuan University (MCU) faculty taught English on campus! Under the support of Kinmen County Government, MCU Kinmen Location last week held two seminars in National Kinmen Agricultural and Industrial Vocational Senior High School and National Kinmen Senior High School, respectively. The two seminars, “Practical English for Overseas Travel” and “English Writing for General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT),” ended successfully. Through creative and lively English learning activities, students were motivated to learn English and enhance their English ability, thus raising their international competitiveness. Since 2012, MCU Kinmen Location has been granted funds from the county government as a measure to encourage the establishment and operation of colleges and universities, and has held many English programs and pragmatic activities to improve local students’ English ability. By providing more learning resources, it is hoped that Kinmen students will one day confidently stand on the international stage.

The four-day seminar, “English Writing for General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT),” was delivered by Professor Liu Chih-Yang, chairman of the Department of Applied English at MCU, who was also a committee member for GSAT and Advanced Subjects Test (AST). Professor Liu shared with high school students some tips for answering questions in a short period of time and preparing for the English writing test. Professor Liu also indicated that in the past five years English composition and translation examinations for the Advanced Subjects Test have often focused on the current news. Therefore, in addition to practice based on the textbooks, students also need to browse English media websites for current news in Taiwan. They shall not limit their learning scope. At the end of the seminar, the 12th graders who would take the GSAT within 70 days were given an English workbook to practice their English writing more often.

The seminar “Practical English for Overseas Travel also took place on three consecutive Saturdays in November. This activity focused on introducing Kinmen tourism in English. A series of tourism courses in English was designed for vocational high school students to learn how to introduce their hometown in English. The seminar was delivered by senior English-speaking teachers and foreign students who guided students to carry out various activities. To encourage the students to engage in English conversations with the foreign teachers and assistances with more confidence, the students were asked to speak English all the time—in class or on the dining table. Only by immersing themselves in an English speaking environment can they improve their English ability. The principal and dean of the Office of Student Affairs of the vocational high school also visited students at MCU to encourage them. At the final session of the seminar, the English-speaking teachers took the students to some popular tourist spots such as Mashan, Shanhou, Zhaishan, and Mofan Street to let them practice introducing these places in English. Students have learned a lot and had a deep impression.

Ms. Hung Ching-Hsien, administration chief of the MCU English Language Center, stated that in creating an English learning environment combined with cultural experience activities and etiquette lessons, students from the vocational high school and high school were given valuable English learning opportunities that enabled them to efficiently strengthen their English ability. Through advanced learning seminars and training workshops, the students’ applied English skill has been improved. Their international competiveness has also increased.

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  • Date:2018-01-02