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Taiwu Mountain is Crowded with People Participating in the Hiking Event

Taiwu Mountain is Crowded with People Participating in the Hiking Event
Reporter: Dong Sen-Bao/Jinhu

A hiking event was held at Kinmen Stadium on the annual National Sports Day (September 9th) yesterday to invite local people to go hiking on Taiwu Mountain. Thousands of people crowded into Taiwu Mountain to collect the gift voucher and once blocked Yujhang Road. The atmosphere was bustling at the site.
The event took place at Yujhang Road intersection at 7:30 a.m. yesterday. In the beginning of the event, some families hustled along Yujhang Road while some made a detour via the Cian Jhang Bi cliff wall, ending up at the plaza in front of Haiyin Temple to collect a set of blue and white porcelain tableware.
In the speech, Deputy Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean, who also participated in the event, indicated that one could only have everything by staying healthy and that exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Hiking is not only suitable for males and females at all ages, but also the most convenient and readily available physical activity. Deputy Magistrate Wu encouraged people to exercise more in their free time, which can maintain their health and enrich their life. During the hiking event, many participants took pictures of the autumn scenes on Taiwu Mountain and appreciated the beautiful natural scenery along the way. They then enjoyed the wonderful performances presented by numerous groups at the plaza.
The event began with the distribution of gifts, which were 3,000 sets of blue and white porcelain tableware. Before 7:00 yesterday morning, Yujhang Road was crowded with people, causing the traffic jam and danger. An old lady even passed out on her way to Taiwu Mountain and was sent to a hospital. Some people left the scene angrily because they received no gift and complained to the organizer about improper planning. After receiving complaints, the organizer took an emergency measure to register participants by way of signing or seal and promised to reissue the gift.
During the event, an old lady passed out on Yujhang Road on her way to Taiwu Mountain and was sent to a hospital. According to a witness, Mr. Yang, the old lady dodged a car and then fell over to the ravine unconsciously. Later the Fire Bureau clarified that the old lady passed out because of low blood sugar, the overcrowded scene, and eventually low stamina. It also took the Fire Bureau a lot of efforts to arrive at the scene and rescue the old lady.

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  • Date:2017-12-12